The national first provincial marine procuratorate theme rule of law education base is opened in Pingtan, Fujian

Recently, Fujian Provincial People’s Procuratorate held Fujian Ocean Procuratorates in Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone.

Secretary of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate, the Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Party Work Committee Secretary Lai Jun, member of the Party Group of Fujian Provincial Procuratorate, Deputy Examination Chang Luhui, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental District Party Working Committee Committee, Chen Yunkun, Fuzhou Procuratorate, Fu Jianfei, the procurator of the Experimental District Procuratorate, some representatives of the National People’s Congress, representatives of the Taiwan Procuratorate and the Representative of the Coastal Seven Municipal Procuratorate Base enabled ceremony. This is the seventh special procuratorate platform established by the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate in recent years, as well as the first provincial marine procuratorate theme rule of law education base.

The base is divided into the "Prosecutor Blue Guardian Blue" as the theme, divided into "Millennium Eight-Jian Fu, the Sea Sangtian" "" The six chapters of "" Smart Service, Guardian Ocean ", etc. Technical, multi-angle, stereo, all-in-law development of marine ecological environmental protection.

Luo Dongchuan, one visited the construction of the base, understanding the typical cases and advanced experience of the special supervision activities of the marine prosecution charity litigation, and on the spot, the "Fujian Coastal Seven Lands", the Coordination Guidance Center of the Coordination Guidance Center, which is located in the Base. Platform "operation scheduling condition.

The platform sets large data clues collected, intelligent aided analysts and judges, realizing public welfare litigation clues, management, and distribution intelligence, providing decision-making reference for prosecutors to conduct marine ecological public welfare litigation cases. Since the establishment of the platform, the total screening found that there were 323 valuable clues. After the research and initial investigation, 72 collations were transferred to the relevant land procuratorate, and the effective role in enhancing the enhancement of marine ecological cases. Roverchuan is fully affirmed by the completion of the completion of the base.

He pointed out that Fujian procuratorates took the lead in establishing the first provincial-level marine procuratorate theme of the country in Pingtan, highlighting the comprehensive experimental effect of first trial and reform and innovation, reflecting the high attention and activeness of Fujian procuratorate on marine protection explore. The construction of smart management and the rule of law education base in Fujian Province, helping to coordinate the marine procuratorate along the sea city, form a synergy, linkage law enforcement, new situation.

Fujian Procuratorate and Experimental Zone should further play the base advantage to raise the base as an open tourism resources, improve the role of the rule of law of the base, and further strengthen the marine ecological procuratorial protection and publicity work, and promote high-quality development to all-round high-quality development. The Construction of New Fujian Construction Contributed to the New Development Stage.

It is understood that in order to further promote the prosecutive function, improve communication. In recent years, the Fujian Provincial People’s Procuratorate has continued to build an ecological prosecution and minor procuratorate, in Nanping Wuyishan, Fuzhou Drum Tower, Changle, Quanzhou Jinjiang, Xiamen and Longyan. , Public welfare litigation procuratorate, service non-public economy, station-related prosecution, red prosecution gene inheritance and other six special prosecutions and other six special prosecutations and the rule of law education base and the social opening, concentrated on Fujian procuratorates with high-quality development service economy and society New productive development.

The Fujian Ocean Procuratorates, which was put into use, is the seventh special procuratorate platform in the province, further enriched and improved the publicity of prosecutive function and the construction of the rule of law education base. It is another construction results of the rule of law Fujian. (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Tianjin’s third country’s main data results announced the significant increase in ecological land and other ecological land, etc.

  Tianjin Northern Network News: Today, Tianjin Third Land Survey Leading Group Office (referred to as the Municipal Standard Office), Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Statistics, jointly announced the "Main Data Bulletin of Tianjin Third Land Survey" ( Referred to as "Bench").

The "Online" shows that the city strictly implements farming responsibility, complete the target of cultivated land protection, and the area of ??ecological land and other ecological land, etc. are significantly increased. The third land survey is a major national effort investigation. Since the deployment of the State Council in 2017, the municipal party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the high starting point deployment, and in November in November in November, the investigation in the country in the country. Municipal Planning Resources Bureau adheres to high-precision and high standard investigation, strict responsibility and results of the high, double strict requirements, innovation of the city-level unified survey, the district-level review confirmation mode, experience the initial investigation and unification point update two stages After 3 years, more than 5,000 people in the peak, the municipal level held 320 docking coordinates, measures to strengthen quality control, strengthen safety production, and carry out six optional actions based on the national regulations, the accumulated investigation of 2.34 million The on-site survey of 310,000, shooting 1.93 million, forming 1260,000 types of graphic, 22 separate layers, 15 million property information, and high standards of investigation And reporting the country on time, it has passed many verification inspections at all levels. The first province of the initial results, the only province through the national verification, the city’s initial results error rate, the country is the best, full experience clear the city’s land resources .

  The third national investigation results show that the city’s cultivated land is more than the "National Land Plan (2016 2030)" determined to have a cultivated land in our city, firmly hold the red line of cultivated land. Wan mu, increased by 1.37 million mu, mainly in 2009, mainly in recent years, in depth, in depth, in depth, the city has continued to promote the process of land and green, the city’s forest area has increased significantly, and the green level is continuously improved. The ecological environment is continuously improved, and the capacity of regional carbon exchange and water resources has been steadily improved, providing an important ecological support for the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

  Wetland is a new level of the third-level research. In 2013, the state launched a national second wetland resource survey. There were great differences in the scope of investigation, standards and connotations, and the third national research results Show up, since the national second wetland resource survey, the city’s wetland area has increased significantly.

(Jin Yun news editor Sun Chang).

The world’s 500th settling Shenzhen Yantian’s highest award 30 million yuan

Original title: World 500 strong settlement Yantian’s highest award 30 million November 4th, Shenzhen Yantian District held the 3rd "Shenzhen Entrepreneurship Day" Yantian Interpol. District leaders and related units and entrepreneurs face-to-face exchange dialogue, listen to entrepreneurs ‘development proposals in Yantian District, collect entrepreneurs’ "gold some".

  It is reported that in the past three years, Yantian District has identified the development strategy of "industrial rise" "innovation", and the economic and social development has entered the "highway".

In 2020, the GDP growth in the jurisdiction has increased in the city for the first time in the past 17 years; the first three quarters of this year, the regional GDP growth%, the social resumption of zero growth%, the growth rate of the city, the city’s first, the industrial growth%, growth rate The city’s second, all-caliper tax income billion yuan, growth%, is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan throughout the year.

  It is understood that the future Yantian District will promote the focus of helping the funds to meet the industrial guidance and layout of the jurisdiction, and it is more targeted and more grateful policy benefits. In the investment promotion policy, high-quality enterprises such as "Top 500" have settled in the Yantian District to give a one-time 30 million yuan. For companies that have been listed on the Shanghai-Shenzhen motherboard, small and medium-sized board, GEM, and Bookmaking board, registration, tax registration, to the Yantian District, one-time giving a reward of 5 million yuan. In the headquarters corporate policy, Yantian District Headquarters, which is more than 30 million yuan, has formed a total of 50% of the total contribution of the regional fiscal contribution according to the year, and gives a one-to-one non-exceeding 60 million yuan. In addition, from the identification of the year, the increase of financial contributions have been given for three consecutive years, with a maximum of 10 million yuan per year.

  In addition to policy support, industrial space, Yantian District uses the best space to match the best enterprises: "Financial + Technology + Professional Services" Technology Financial City. Building "Innovative R & D + Collaboration Manufacturing + Application Services + Business Trade" urban industrial complex, builds 1 square kilometer "Lingang Science and Technology City". Accelerate 26 update projects such as the Town of the Town of the Town, realize the land supply of 400,000 square meters, built a concentrated high-quality industrial space 3 million square meters, constructs production, life, ecological space layout that adapts to high quality development needs.

  In the case of the symposium, the Yantian District is held, and the representatives of all units of the residential service enterprise and the "direct contact service enterprise mechanism" in the area of ??the regional industry and commerce are distributed.

(Reporter fifth Yan Yan Hu Wei Wuhekun) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhuang) Sharing let more people see.

Venezuela Recibe 2,5 Millones de Vacunas Contra La Covid

CARACAS, 13nov (Xinhua) -. ElministrodeSaludvenezolano, CarlosAlvarado, informóhoyquellegóasupaísunlotede2,5millonesdevacunascontralaCOVID-19correspondientesalmecanismoCOVAX, parafortalecerelplannacionaldevacunación "Hoyrecibimoseltercerenvíode2,5millonesdevacunascontralaCOVID-19atravésdelmecanismoCOVAX, paracontinuaravanzandoenlavacunacióásMaduro, continuamosprotegiendolasaludyvidadetodasytodos", aadió.Ensuportalweb, laONUenVenezuelatambiénreportóelarribodelasdosisydetallóque "(…) adquiridasporelFondoRotatoriodelaOrganizaciónPanamericanadelaSalud" "Conestearribo ,,. enelmarcodelacuerdofirmadoentreelpaísyelmecanismo ", indicóóenelaeropuertointernacional" SimónBolívar "deMaiquetía (litoralcentral), enpresenciadelasautoridadesdelMinisteriodeSaludvenezolano, delaOrganizaciónPanamericanadelaSalud / OrganizaciónMundialdelaSalud (OPS / OMS) srespectoaladistribucióndelasvacunasyprocuraquetodoslospaísesdelmundo, independientementedesusituacióninterna, puedanteneraccesoalosfármacos ..

Pinggu Wen Trade Industry issued a preferential measures for new crown vaccination

People’s Network Beijing March 26th, for encouraging tourists to vaccinate new crown vaccines. On March 25th, Beijing Pinggu District Culture and Tourism Bureau mobilized the text tour industry provides a discount for tourists who have completed new crown vaccines to obtain a positive response from the majority of industry units. People can use the "Beijing Health Bao" to present the screenshot of the vaccination to the staff to enjoy the preferential policies of the following units.

1. Pinggu District Xinhua Bookstore gives a 10% discount on vaccination staff before July 1.

2. Some boutique guests in Pinggu District take the following preferential measures before June 1st, the following preferential measures: Jin Tama Valley, Pear Flower Cloth, Feng Ming Four Seasons, the small courtyard of the family, peach blossom, happiness Zhai, Quanshui Tribute, Small Reunion B & B: Room 10% discount. 3. Pinggu District Scenic Spots and Star Hotel adopts the following preferential measures before May 1: Tianyun Mountain Scenic Area: Ticket discount 20 yuan; Jingdong University Cave Scenic Area: Ticket discount 10 yuan; Jingdong Grand Canyon, Yushan, Changshou Mountain, Old Eagha Peak Scenic Area: 10% discount on tickets; Pinggu Dongxin Yue Hotel: Room 10% discount; Pinggu Yuyanlou Hotel: Free 40 yuan breakfast, food and drink enjoy member fold (excluding Star food, drink, seafood).

Note: The united home, scenic spots and hotels do not participate in this event. (Editor: Yin Xingyun, Gao Xing).

But now I have said that Li speaks along with the wind.,She is also surprised。

I didn’t expect that Li Hui’s medical skills actually just looked at her.。
“breeze,You’re right,Just a sister curious,I really have to drink this tea this tea.?”
“Um,Not only can it be good,And Yunjie will be more beautiful than it is now,I can’t set up the man who will be fascinated by the next morning.。”
“Gill you mean, my sister is not beautiful now.?”
Praising by Li Hui Feng,Xu Ruzhen is also a happy smile that does not cover up.。
“No,Yunjie is now closed moon shame,But drinking this cup of tea back to sleep, the next day, will go home。”
Li Hui’s own, I don’t know how big is Xianquan.,But he feels the most basic skin should be very good.。
“You are so confident to your cup.?”
“Correct,As long as Yunjie believes,So tomorrow, Yunjie will be shocked.,I have a very scarce Chinese herbal medicine in this formula.,I have a few drops in my hands.,And the cup of tea, which is drinking today, there is a drop.。”
Xu Ruzhen did not taste the tea?,If you say the most, you are sweet.,What is really really found?。
If it is not the performance of Li Hui,And her side attack,I will only think that Li Hui is a liar.。
After all, an apple wants to sell one hundred pieces,A cup of tea can make people become beautiful,These words are simply like the heavens。
“Ok,Ok,Sister, I believe you.。”
Say,Xu Ruzhen slowly took the rest of the tea cup slowly drunk.。
Drink this cup of tea,She feels really having a feeling that I want to sleep.,At the same time, I feel that my warm feelings are getting stronger.。
This moment,Xu Ruzhen even suspected that Li took her medicine to give her medicine.。
“breeze,What is the Chinese medicine ingredients in you??
How do I feel hot??”
Yunjie, you can notice it so soon.?”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Xu Ru 芸 misunderstood。
“breeze,You give your sister.?”
Xu Ruzhen is strange that she is fever,But it doesn’t want to have the urge to follow Li.。
“姐,Don’t think so much,How can I give you a medicine?,You hurry now and go back to bubble a warm bath.,Or rinse,Then beautiful sleep,If you have any questions about the next day, please call me.。”
“breeze,I feel that my body is hot.,Don’t I don’t show anything like this??
Do you want to rinse your family??”
Xu Ruzhen felt that his skin has a burning feeling.,Immediately pay attention,Directly propose your own ideas。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Xu Ru will want to flush directly in his house.。
At the same time, he didn’t expect to have such a big response to people.。
“Yunjie,Then you go to the shed.,Then I will give you the door,You have to hurry.,At noon, my parents will come back to eat.。”
Xu Ruzhen forgot a place where Li Rong Feng refers to。
Actually just a small grasshouse,The environment inside is imagined。
If this is the weekday,I will not choose to go in.。
But feel that the feeling of the body is already in the hot feelings.,She also can’t take care of others.,Directly drill into。
“breeze,Give your sister to the water.。”
Li Hui said this,Also hurriedly played a large barrel who sent it directly。

After a night of endless toss,When the phone screams at the bedside,Xia Jian just opened his eyes,Zhao Hong by his side has long since disappeared,Xia Jian picked up the phone a little annoyed:“Hey!what’s up?”

“Mr. Xia, where are you??I’m at the intersection of Jinshui Road“Fang Fang’s beautiful voice came from the phone。
Xia Jianyi listen,Sat up in a hurry,It was only then that the light of the sun had come in from under the curtain,It seems it’s really late,He was busy and Fang Fang said:“You go to Agricultural Bank,Find President Su,What information does she have for me,You go back to the company directly,I take a taxi back“
Fang Fang responded,Hung up the phone。Talk about Su-Man,Xia Jian is really sorry,He helped him a lot,But get busy,Don’t talk about asking someone out for a meal or something,Even a phone,He can’t remember hitting。
finish dressing,Washed up,When Xia Jian was about to leave the hotel,Only then did he find a note under his pillow,He hurriedly picked it up and took a look,Zhao Hong left it to him,This woman,He was complaining in his heart why she left without saying goodbye。
The note reads“build!Wanted to wake you up,See you sleeping so sweetly,I can’t bear。This time to Bucheon,Makes me very happy,Not only did a few things,And also saw you。I went back,There are many things in Xiping Village,Looking forward to your coming back soon,I’m waiting for you in Xiping Village,red“
A sense of loss immediately struck Xia Jian’s heart,He finished packing,I left the room and took a taxi back to the company。
Ass just dropped,Wang Lin knocked on the door and walked in,She asked with a smile:“President Xia,Friend is gone?“There seems to be something in Wang Lin’s words。
“gone,Are you looking for me?“Xia Jian asked readily,He just split the topic。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“President Xia,Didn’t you say that you are going to Dongping Mining for a surprise inspection today??“
Xia Jian pats his thigh“Oh“With a,He just remembered,I have already arranged this matter,Why forgot。Since Yan Zhengsen entered Dongping Mining,Is hosted by the woman Guo Meili,Listen to Jin Yimei’s reflection,Steady business transactions,No big problem,But Xia Jian is still a little worried,He was afraid that Yan Zhengsen’s matter would happen to Guo Meili again。
“You let Heiwa drive to the snowy mountain intersection and wait for me,Remember not to drive a BMW,Which Volkswagen will do”Xia Jian helplessly shook his head and said,Too many things,Fortunately, Wang Lin reminded,Otherwise, this matter would have been forgotten outside Jiuxiaoyun.。
Wang Lin thought for a while and said:“You only take Heiwa alone,Something wrong,Bring two more people!Let Fang Fang and Zhang Sangui go with you”
“No need to,This is not pleasant,Call Heiwa right away,I will go down“Xia Jian said,He packed his bag。
Wang Lin saw Xia Jian very determined,Not much to say,Turned out of the office。
Zhang Sangui who is bragging in the security room,Seeing Xia Jian walk out of the elevator,He stood up immediately,This time,He is very embarrassed in this class,When the boss is out,Sometimes call him,Sometimes don’t call him,His situation,The security guard in the security room said he was beaten into the cold palace。
“Zhang Sangui,Go out with me“Xia Jianyi beckoned,Shout loudly。
Zhang Sangui pricked up his ears and listened,Ran over in a hurry,In a while,Drove the BMW to the door of the hall,Xia Jian said as soon as he sat up:“Snow mountain intersection,Where did you go,You stop,Waiting for me to get into Heiwa’s car,You drove there right awayaTurn around,Understand?“
“Understand Mr. Xia“Zhang Sangui nodded hurriedly。

“Come and drink!I watch you in the work unit on weekdays.,How come you feel like a different person when you go out,Dumb,I get angry when I think about what happened last night”That’s it for Guo Meiliyi,I lowered my head embarrassedly。

Xia Jian smiled,He understands the meaning of Guo Meili’s words,But I blame her for nodding,Both times are the most critical moment。Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t help but asked with a smile:“When did the upper bunk come?Why i don’t know at all?”
“You sleep so soundly,How can i know,It was morning when she came。She is also a sexy big beauty,The mini skirt can’t even cover the ass,It’s a pity you fell asleep and didn’t see anything“Guo Meili drinking beer,While deliberately teasing Xia Jian。
This person is so weird,When there is no relationship between two people,There seems to be a wall between the two,Whether it’s doing things or talking,Everyone will worry about each other,But only one involves the relationship between men and women,The barrier between them disappeared instantly。
“All right,I don’t think you woke up at all,Go back to sleep after drinking this cup“Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian in a daze,Lifted the bottle,Divided the last half bottle of wine。
When the two return,Which beauty in the upper bunk also got up,She is wearing shoes in the lower bunk。The first thing Xia Jian sees is two big, evenly white legs。What Guo Meili said is good,Where does this woman sit,Her red panties are exposed under the skirt。
“You are back?How are the dishes in the dining car fried?“Woman talking,Put on shoes and stood up。
A few meters tall,Impeccable body。But her face is actually not pretty,It can be said to be ordinary in ordinary,But her face is also very white,This is confirming a saying,One white cover one hundred ugly。
“Oh!so so“Guo Meili responded。Xia Jian just recovered,He didn’t say a word,But walked in,Sat on his shop。The moment I rubbed shoulders with this woman,He can see clearly,Although this woman is young,But the actual age should be 35 years old。
“True and common,I thought President Xia was different,Actually you are no different from other men,I can’t turn my eyes when I see a beautiful woman“Guo Meili just waited for this woman to leave,Xia Jian began to count down。
Xia Jianzheng wanted to go back to Guo Meili’s two sentences,I didn’t expect this woman to return,She said:“Beautiful and delicious,Food color!“Guo Meili looks at Xia Jian,Dumbfounded for a while。She never expected,This woman will come back。
First0759chapter Sexy and charming female thief
Sunshine over four o’clock in the afternoon,Penetrated under the curtain of the car window。
Xia Jian and Guo Meili are sitting opposite each other,The two were talking,While watching the great rivers and mountains outside the car window。The strange thing is that this sexy woman ate a meal for hours,I haven’t seen her figure until now。Xia Jian still looks forward to something,This may be the ambition of a man。
The train arrived at a big station,Stopped,Xia Jian stood up,Stretched。Then smiled and said to Guo Meili:“Sitting too boring,Stop here for ten minutes,Let’s go down and walk?“
Guo Meili,Hurriedly packed up the valuables,And followed Xia Jian out of the train。They sit in a soft sleeper,So there are not many people getting off or on the bus。
Xia Jian and Guo Meili easily arrived on the platform。Big station is different,There are still many people who buy various snacks。Xia Jian glanced at Guo Meili and said:“Take whatever you want,I treat“Guo Meili shook his head,A manifestation of lack of appetite。
Two people walked along the platform towards the front of the car,When I walked to the door of the hard ride,Where are so many people getting on the bus,Almost every door is very crowded。Although the flight attendant shouted loudly,But the migrant workers carrying salutes are afraid that they will be late and there is no place to put their salutes,So everyone squeezed up desperately。
Thus,On the contrary, it slowed down the speed of getting on the car。Suddenly Guo Meili hit Xia Jian,She lowered her voice and said:“Look at the door”Xia Jian was taken aback,Isn’t it just squeezing into the car??It’s not that he has not experienced this situation。

“senior,Thank you for your help。”

“Thank you senior~”About 30 meters beside Li Ming,An empty space suddenly distorted,Was previously‘Old man with white hair’Where did the two purple mansion monks who attacked and killed their heads appear alive?。
“Master Xie!”Compared to the man in the armband, he was a little staggered because of the influence of the magic,These two practitioners know this better‘senior’Strength。
Formation,Very mysterious,Easily forged the illusion that they were killed,The senses of the three-headed zombies are distorted,Even more covert his breath and easily fooled a real Vientiane person。
Personal strength,It’s even a direct fight against the Tianxi City Lord in the Vientiane Realm,How dare you not fear this terrible strength。
Don’t mention,He was indeed saved by the other party。
“This is not a place to talk,Don’t resist~”
Li Ming waved his hand,The body of Tianxi City Lord and many treasures around him were put away,At the same time, the divine sense seeps into the treasure,Keep destroying the possible spiritual imprint。
Then a white cloud condensed by starlight appeared,Bring these three Zifu monks,There is also a blood hoof package lying on the side,Fly directly to the northeast。
A few minutes later,A robe,The old man of Xianfeng Dao Bone appeared in Tianxi City。
The monks of the Long clan flew out one after another,Meet the supreme existence of the Long clan。
Even Saito,Will not completely offend the strong,Yuanshen Taoist,Long’s ancestor,Longzong Valley,Gu Daoren!
“You all come in,Tell me how Elder Tianxi died!”This Yuanshen Taoist flew into the mansion of the city lord of Tianxi City。

so,Although he is a long,But the Lord is to tears。

Liao Jie took the face,Construction site looking to the end of the mountain road,I can’t help but turn over a white eye.,When I worship God later,Is he worship or not worship?。
Originally standing in the mountain,Because of hell invasion collapsed into slope,These days,The ruins of the old site of the Exor Magist Family League Headquarters are cleaned up,The construction of the shrine has just begun。
But because of the internal guessing mystery,The high level is the importance of this shrink,Appropriation additional subsidies human material,Designed to built,Everything is subject to the highest specifications of craftsmen。
In turn, in turn,How much is spent?,Be sure to comfort the gods。
And because there are too many power to visit,I can’t let God blow the sun every day.,White jade image is moved to the armjet,Waiting for the main hall to repair,Will pick a Huangdao Ji-day。
Front,Come and tears take out the pass from your handbag,Deliver a witch who guards the door。
The latter looks at Liao Jie’s face,The brain floated a series of question marks,I feel that this face seems to have seen.,But I can’t think of it.,After the passing pass,A slotted facing home running。
“Among unity,Today, there is an visitor to board the pass.。”
backyard,Witch,In front of you are training new people’s shallow,The shrine has not been completed,The number of witches is over.,This is a headache。
Just like Liao Jie said that,Pretty girls with beautiful girls,The unfair god will turn the Zhengqi Sopement into the Unreasonable Society。
“Who is?”
“A male three women。”
“What happened to,If you don’t work,Needless to manage who they are,It’s just。”
Among the shallow sigh,The door of hell is open,God of Devil,White jade image seal hell,Message spread too fast,Too many people who want to see God,Waiting for her reaction,The general trend has become no way to stop。
Since you can’t stop,That is limited,She picks up my own relationship,Number of time limit,There is no saying that a lucky one is drawn every day.,Want to see God,Various things。
“no,They have no rules,Just only the man is so mastered,I mean,I have seen a portrait of the adults before.,The men and portraits have some similar。”
“impossible,real or fake,Are you a mistake??!”
Construction Site,The yard has opened a brick-paved trail.,Guide to visit the Dhetin。
Liao Jie left hand to tears,The right hand is coming to give birth to love,The latter also followed one to life,Life winner,A pace of pace that is not recognized。
“Recently,What are you busy with?,Fall early,I can’t see people all day.。”Come to tears, eye sister,Directly select ignore,Anyway, not the first time,Go with her.。
“Check the case,What can I do?,Is there anyone outside??”
“I don’t say this.”
Come and tear and smile,Be right,She is thinking so much.。
What I want to ask again?,Front,Shallow witch from the arm,Seeing Liao Jie, right away,Slight,Accelerate your footsteps。
“Mr. Kurosaki,How did you come?”She respects,Nothing to get angry,Ignore three beautiful women yourself。
Come to the corner of tears,Means a deep and watching their own men,I want to hear his explanation。
In addition to false names,She is more interested in shallow attitude,Have a respectful,Full doubt。
Liao Jie looks at the mind of tears,Be there being:“Nothing to explain,Away from home,It is also a neon such dangerous country,And I have no law enforcement right here.,Certainly you can’t use this name。”
“That witch”
“See,Have a cooperation,Be an acquaintance。”
Liao Jie shrugged,He and shallow cooperation,Team to defeat the hell king,And seal hell。
“Mr. Kurosaki,These three Guests are?”
The relocation of Liao Jie said,It seems that I am not just playing.,Three sisters who are looking forward to home,Especially the long-haired big waves,Eye people can see,The relationship between the two is very uncommon。
“This is my girlfriend,Her call”
“Tear,Be a farewet wife!”
“alright,Be a farewet wife。”