“I go,Your big array is really complicated,Just know the route to get in。”

“Uncle Five!”
“Grandpa Five!”
Comer,Is a Yuanshen Taoist of the Bai family,Seniority is not high,He is the youngest Taoist of the Bai family。
he,Good wine,Good formation,Like to drink wine,Self-named sommelier。
Li Ming is not good,But also like the formation,As the formation improves,He has also improved his understanding of other aspects of Tao,This is the characteristic of formation,Any Tao can be transformed into formation。
Delve into the formation,Can’t do it behind closed doors,To communicate with other monks。
The wine master,Is a Taoist friend Li Ming often talks about。
“Haha,Brother Ming Dao,This time I got a broken image of the formation from a monk traveling outside,I’m not asking you to help me check it out。”
“Oh,Array residual figure!Then come on,You little guys don’t run,Let’s take a look。”Li Ming still takes good care of these young monks。
If it’s another way,These realms are at most the little guys who feel the true meaning of Tao,There is basically no hope for understanding high-level methods,But in terms of formation, you can comprehend。
After deduction with this Yuanshen Taoist,It’s time for lunch—There is no need for a Yuanshen Taoist like Li Ming,But those weak monks are necessary。
Five little guys ran to have lunch,But Li Ming is inferior to Bai’s Tibetan Taoist Pavilion。
The Bai Family,Although the current strength is not strong。But there was a fairy,Background,Especially the Taoist background is not much worse than the other two top powers outside the Winter Youxian Palace。

“The last sentence is the point,Take precautions?,This is an inertial thinking,Don’t go around such a big circle,Wait for him back,Just grab it directly。”

“What’s the matter with you today?Serious discussion,No constructive opinions at all,But I’m arguing with Laozi everywhere?”
“What you just said,Tell me if you have a problem,This is what i really think。”
“You are so old……”
“Two,Two,Talking,Why is it choking??All calm down。”Li Shaobo can’t stand it anymore,Kindly persuade。
“you shut up!This guy,His grandma’s,Wrong thinking,I have to correct him,Don’t interrupt!”Gu Changfeng angrily lit another cigarette,“I never give people a random character,I also admit,At least until now,The position of the walker is no problem,But it doesn’t mean it’s okay in the future,Do you understand the word expansion……”
at this time,Outside the window,Under the bright moonlight,A pair of big invisible eyes are quietly watching every move in the meeting room,That’s Li Tianzhu’s spiritual knowledge,He also listened to the content of the meeting.,But it’s strange that I don’t have any anger,There may be a little wronged,But I can’t talk about being more concerned,It seems to have expected such a result very early。
Gu Changfeng is still talking,He talks a lot today,All aspects,Treat these big bosses in field work as administrative clerks,Li Tianzhen realized that Gu Changfeng should have heard something against him or‘Sharp’Action group news,I’m afraid the base can’t stay any longer。
No need to listen to the following content,Li Tianzhen took back his spiritual consciousness,He appeared in Quan Xingguo’s ward the next moment,The other party is lying quietly,Like falling asleep,Pity,Brothers of life and death。
Li Tianzhen sighed,He is now unable to retrieve the lost soul of the other party,I can only try my best to extend his life,Qi Yun refined some pills for life extension,Enough for one year,After leaving these pills,Li Tianzhen left silently,Both the instructor and Gu Changfeng know what to do when they see the weird medicine on the bedside。
Subsequently,Li Tianzheng appeared in the instructor’s room again,Thought for a while,Still left a note,Only eight words,leave temporarily,Never forget the original intention。
Li Tianzhen did not take away the black gold puppet and the two war puppets,In the days to come,‘Sharp’We will face extremely vicious supernatural beings,A little life-saving means may not be enough,But he can only do this,These things do not belong to this world,If the storm passes,The puppet fluke survived,He will take away or destroy。
“This kid is gone。”The instructor handed Li Tianzhen’s note to Lan Ling。
“Make this,Won’t hurt people too much?”
“will not,He has a thick skin,I believe in character。”The instructor looked up at the deep night sky outside the window。
Night sky,A faint trend slowly swept southeast,Li Tianzhen riding on Lihuo,Looking down at the mortal lights of Canruo Xinghe,With emotion in my heart,He didn’t mean to blame anyone,Just thinking about the past,Like a picture scroll that automatically turns pages,One by one,Scenes。
Chapter Eighty Four Regret a few years ago
This tumult lasted for more than ten minutes before it gradually calmed down,layer102The nurses in the room are all panting from exhaustion,Feeling weak,You can fall asleep as soon as you lean anywhere。
But the patient who is bound by the restraint is still struggling,Although I don’t scream,But it makes a bang on the bed board,Make people feel irritable。

However, the Chu Deirers said it is the big truth.,Forever、After、Nanyan is built in the north and south,Former Yan is Murong, defeating the inner competitors in Xianbei、Break up、After the victory,A north chart in the country,During the period, I still worship the Non-Dynasty.,Although the most developed,It also occupies the entire Central Plains and North,But in less than 20 years……

After the swallow is more than ten years,Murong is defeated in the former Qin,Self-reliable portal is established,Persist for a long time,But less than 30 years!
Nanyan is behind Murong,Murongde is in Shandong,苟 残 残 残,Twelve years of national。
certainly,There is also a West Yan in theory,However, this thing Murongbo did not speak with Murong complex.,I don’t think about Xian Yan Murong rushed this ancestor.——Western Yan is weak、Never say,And the emperor Murong is a male pet in Qinqian……
the most important is,Murong is too serious,Not only have to be in terms of cruel,Scourge,Nothing good reputation,And also to the rock,A attack with Yao Wei。
Compared to below,Murong Dragon as a prince,Get the retention,High level of weight in front of Qin,Later, although it was again,But it is behind the soldiers,I have taken the tension first.,Escort him back to Luoyang,After I ran to the north to set up the flag of Yan Guo……
This must be a lot of,Be considered,Moreover, Murong, my own civilian martial arts is also considered.。
Today, Mu Rong’s recognition,Before Yan Yan、After、Nan Yan,No Western Yan。
But in Chu Deiren,Counting the chaos in seven or eight hundred years ago,Ports of the country,What can I call in the private?,Mu Rong’s also wants to have a heart。
Chapter 341 You should call“cousin”
“you、Why do you know??”Murong Fu first is anger,Actually dared to see your life,Then I will follow my heart.,I thought of this matter why the Chu Deiren will know?。
Some people who have already stared at themselves in the rivers and lakes.?
There is also a secret force,Oblast?
No wonder what I do, I don’t feel smooth.,This must have a conspiracy!
“Your door is not a written‘Join’Stone monument??Your Mu Rong’s home pass fingering method,Also called‘Join finger’……Battle of Give Walk!Northern Wei’s battle,Plus Murong this surname,Still very well guess?”Chu Deirers have just said。
Murong’s out,On the one hand, it is indeed bullied in the middle of the rivers and lakes.,On the other hand, it is also because of the Yanguo hundred years ago.,I have long forgotten everyone.,Nothing existent……
If you take it out,Good use“Giant deer”,That everyone can react——Are you a heat of the emperor??
Murong Jiu Wen,The face is a blue white,Fortunately, now I’m nine just“sleep”Shortly,Don’t worry, she woke up.。
Chu Deirers also wasted:“But you don’t have to worry,Most people have long forget this code.,Even if you call Yanzhuang,Will not come to the end to find trouble……Just don’t have a prosperous old department to invest。”I still don’t forget to make up one sentence.。
This is the truth,Don’t even say,Even now really in the world,Going back to the troops are the age of the grass,You are also against Yan Guo flag.。
After all, I will even have a fresh polar.,Now it has been integrated into the Han people.、A small number of integrates into Tubo,Complete disappearance,You will make a fortified banner,In addition to people of the world, they are different,What else can you have any effect??
Xianbei is indeed a horizontal,But don’t say that it is Murong Xiangbei.,Even the Northern Wei Xianbei nobles,I have no trace now.,The first thing in Pu Liu Rujian is to change back to Hanjia.“Yang”surname,Who gives you Murong confident,After hundreds of years,To strengthen the banner of Zhu Yan?
Can there be a resurrection of Xianbei??
Directly when the peasant uprising leader,Also than this negative value“Yan Yan”Big flag is easy to use?
Murong Record,More plugging in my heart——indeed,Really really true,The current Murong is also a Han,Because there is no prosperous。
The others did not come from the participants、Mu Rong’s two keywords,What is doubting,It has already explained itself.,Yan Guo has no contest.。
Just just a family of Murong,One party Da Yan’s jade,What use?
“Humph……Humph!Vanfei,What do you know?”Murong recruited,But but can’t say anything。
“Van?There is still a better than the world、Reuching needs more‘Vulgar’Do things??This is elegant,What is the climate??”Chu Dee people continue to stimulate Murongjiu。
“you give meg……”Murong Jiu Ying Festival spit out halfway,Suddenly reacting:“Are you very hoping?,I don’t want to entangle you.?”
“nor,I still like it.……Dull。”The Chu Deiren called his name.。
Murong Jiupin’s horizontal eyebrows,But just at this time,Just listen to a roof outside,I saw Wang Yizhen.、Mu Yiquan and small fish、Four people, etc.,just……Put Chu Deirers and Murong Fu,Blocking in the hill。

“Thank you!Is your wife about to give birth??“Ma Hongfang suddenly averted the topic。

Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Two more months,How is your relationship with your husband now?“
“Ah!No passion,The rest is all family。Because there is a daughter in the middle,So we can only go down like this,Anyway, we are free,I also figured it out,Actually this is good too“When Ma Hongfang said this,A smile。
Wang Youcai nodded,Then turned and walked downstairs。Ma Hongfang said softly:“Come when you have time,I usually stay here“
Wang Youcai walking on the street,Feel a sense of loss。After every passion,He has this feeling,Maybe it’s the reason why the feeling is too strong!
He walks,While thinking,Why do men and women have to get married,Bind the two people tightly together?Thus,No one is free,The rest is endless troubles。
Two days ago,She was called back by her family,It turned out that the parents wanted to share the money for the house construction among the three brothers.,He can say no。In fact, smart people can tell at a glance,The cost of this house is definitely more than 100,000 yuan。He can only pretend to be deaf and dumb。Accepted 80,000 yuan from the eldest brother and the second brother,Among them, 20,000 yuan is used to buy furniture。
arrive home,When Ni Xiaoli learned about this,,And had a big fight with him。He really hates this greedy woman,If she didn’t have her own baby in her belly,,He wanted to divorce her a long time ago。
Thinking about these questions,Wang Youcai had arrived at his door unconsciously。Thinking of Ni Xiaoli,He felt his scalp numb。
First1221chapter Pub fights
Home should be a haven。
Wang Youcai has never felt it before。He took out the key and opened the door,Walked in gently。Lights in the living room,Ni Xiaoli is sitting on the sofa watching TV。
“How about these two days?“To ease the atmosphere, Wang Youcai,Take the initiative to please。
Ni Xiaoli fixed her eyes on TV,Did not look at him。Just said coldly:“that’s it,Thanks for caring。I figured it out too,When the child is born,We divorced“
When Wang Youcai heard Ni Xiaoli say this,I couldn’t help but feel angry,But he still pressed it down。Smile,Walk to Ni Xiaoli’s side,Said to her tall belly:“child!Listen to what your mother is saying!“Wang Youcai said,And sat next to Ni Xiaoli。
Ni Xiaoli sat up abruptly,The nose smelled messy on Wang Youcai’s body,Suddenly,She lifted her right foot,Slammed a foot on Wang Youcai’s waist:“Get out,A nasty taste“
Wang Youcai was unpreparedly stepped on by Ni Xiaoli,Almost stepped on the ground。The anger came out instantly,He shouted:“You are looking for death!“

“Is not,My dad alone,Must be very tired……”Fang Yu replied。

“This is……”
Jiang Yiyun nodded。
“Mr. Fang,I have notified your father。He now knows you are okay……and so,You don’t have to rush back!Furthermore,Those people are all for you……So your father will not be too busy!”
Hu Yongchang slowly said。
While they waited for Fang Yu to answer。
Fang Yu’s belly,Rang untimely。
“The food is coming!Mr. Fang please……”
At this moment,The meals are arranged。
“If you are okay, go back first……I’m really okay!Compared to this,Miss Jiang,I have to go over and see the specific situation later!”
Fang Yu made sure。
“that……Let’s not disturb you, Mr. Fang!”
After they withdrew。
Fang Yu eats with peace of mind。
Otherwise they are here,Fang Yu feels a little strange!
Wait for Fang Yu to eat and drink enough,Shipped《Ao Yuan Jue》。
This time the consumption is very serious,But Fang Yu also,Broke through the original pubic restrictions。
The inner energy in the current pubic area,Become more pure。

Chapter Eighty Hundred and Twelve Kill God Liwei

The magma in the hall no longer rolls,The temperature gradually dropped,Li Tianzhen stretched his hand to open the door,A fresh breath hits the face,The entire Huoyan Temple is no longer too hot。
Venerable Palm Print and others saw Li Tianzhen appear,Suddenly fell to his knees,I don’t know who took the lead first,Howl,The other gods also burst into tears,Li Tianzhen knows that these guys are not kneeling,But the flame palace owner Yuwen who has completely left this world asks for sympathy,So stepped sideways and let go,Stand quietly。
Wait until the crying stops,The gate of the Temple of Heaven closed itself with a bang,The last trace representing the Lord of the Flame Palace also disappeared,It’s not just Yuwen’s past that closes the door,I also closed all the past and glory of the Huoyan Temple,It’s all over。
More than a hundred gods belonging to the heavenly palace, including Venerable Palm Print,Do not depend on whether they are true gods or half gods,Unattainable one by one,In fact, at this moment they have become unrooted creatures,Their fate has been handed over to the young mortal in front of him by the Fire Palace Master,No one will be convinced,But no one dared to object openly,This is fate,From the moment I asked Yuwen for the same,All this is their fate。
“Uh,Everyone。”Li Tianqi looked at these unruly guys in front of him,Suddenly headache,On true strength,Any one of them can make him vomit blood,Without the slightest prestige,It’s hard to control these gods,I still have a shit,The road to awakening is still long,I really don’t know how to face the responsibilities imposed on him by Yuwen’s seeking common ground。
But then think about it,Goddess Luoying must have her reason for this arrangement,Otherwise, based on Yuwen’s unruly character,How can I be wronged,All mysteries have to be solved in the future,I can only do it now,It seems that this is also his own destiny。
“Brother Yuwen Dao entrusted everyone to me……”
“What qualifications do you have to be a brother to my lord?”Immediately a guy started to vent his dissatisfaction。
“To shut up!”Venerable Palmprint yelled,“Lord God died, What qualifications do you have to talk nonsense here?The Lord has a legacy,Do you still want to resist?”
“Not follow me to meet the new master?”Seeing the gods are silent,Venerable Palm Print yells again。
“Not necessary。”Li Tianzhen stretched out his hand to stop Venerable Palmprint, who was about to worship,Cold road,“I have no intention of being a new master,Let’s be a fellow Taoist for now,Right now my body is still in crisis,Inconvenience to stay long,I think everyone is unstable,This Zhen Shen Drum and Xing Shen Dan will be kept by Brother Dao,In the future, I will find a way to work with everyone to find a solution to the crisis。”
Talking,Li Tianzhen took out a small drum and a small pill bottle from the scroll and handed it to Venerable Palm Print,In a flash,Everyone was staring at the two black and inconspicuous scrolls in Li Tianzhen’s hands,That’s a treasure that Palace Master Huoyan carried with him,It was originally a pair of black crystals,With many changes,Because it has a trace of chaos,So it is called the best of the space artifacts,Even this thing fell into Li Tianzhi’s hands,Needless to say,Many of the furniture in the Huoyan Temple also fell together。
Venerable Palm Print holding two treasures in his hand is in a complicated mood,Shenshen Drum is a treasure used to resist the suppression of world barriers and the laws of other worlds,Gods with insufficient cultivation base travel through other worlds,This thing is very useful,Can save his life in times of crisis。Have this in hand,Everyone will not fall to the point of lingering,It was always in the hands of the master of Ubun Palace,Ring every once in a while,The soul used to stabilize everyone,Needless to say Xing Shen Dan,It is the top grade that nourishes the soul,Also a life-saving thing,Unfortunately there is only a small bottle left。
Without saying a word, Li Tianchou handed over two treasures that could control the gods.,Is this heartless or a kind of trust?Or maybe it’s a trick?
“Farewell!”Li Tianzhen is not wordy,From the expressions of the palm prints and the gods, I hope these guys immediately convince themselves,That is impossible,Only get along slowly,Being together is fate,Can not be together,He also tried his best to find a place for these guys,I won’t think about more extravagant demands,Can’t delay time,I don’t know how my body is going。
“Wait a minute!”Suddenly a god yelled,“Why not hand in the Tiangong seal?”


“Lin Ye,What is the matter??”
Lin Ye:“Continental,Gu Anan’s share of the group,Her family doesn’t seem to know。”
Lu Haoge’s look,How can Gu Anan?“Lin Ye,Check Land Haokai。”
Lin Ye:“it is good,Continental。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Secret examination,Don’t let Lu Hao Kai。”
Lin Ye:“Continental,I see,do not worry。”
After hung up the phone,Lu Haocheng smiled coldly,Lu Haokai has always wanted to get Lu Yun Group。
Lu Yizhen Group has his mother’s pain,He wants to open gloves white wolf,dream,As long as he Lu Hao,He can’t get Lu Yizheng Group。
Some of the shares,that person,He has not found it,One but find,He will immediately acquire Lu Yi Group。
Blue Xin opens the door,Wipe the hair while walking,Just after bathing,Her skin is slightly rosy,It is like a baby’s general water。
Lu Haoheng got up to take a hair dryer,Help Blue Xin blowing hair。
Blue Xin sat on the stool waiting for him。
Lu Haozheng plugged in electricity,Help her blowing soft hair。
Looking at her appearance with hair,More than youthful。
“Blue,You are getting more beautiful.。”
Blue Xin looks at the mirror,Laugh:“Your mouth is getting more sweet.。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Blue,I only say this to you.。”
Blue Xin:“Should I feel very honored??”
Lu Haocheng’s deep scorpion was gentle to watch her in the mirror.,“Blue,What I want is that you feel happiness,with me,You are the happiest,I think you think like this.,Not the happiness that I bring to you.,But the happiness brought to you from your mind。”
Blue Xin listened to his words,Smile,no matter what happens,She is quiet and happily accepts life,bravely、Boldly,And always smile forever。
so,Facing his pet,He is confused。
Blue Xin sent a smile from the bottom of the heart:“Lu Hao Cheng,I know,I have always feel your good.。
I would also like,Children also like it very much。”
Lu Haocheng listened to this,The bottom is incomparable。
For Xiao Jun brothers and sisters,He lied to her forgive himself.,He has always guilty。
Lu Hao Cheng blows her hair.,He went to the desk,Pull out drawers,Take out the eternal heart。
The eternal heart was bought by him,This time,I have been talking about this matter,Who is guessing his favorite person?。
sometimes,It is necessary to dare to be super expensive burdens.,Really hard,Will discover,It’s going to be in front of yourself.。
He opened a delicate box,Take out the eternal heart,The ice blue gem,Shine in the light。
He is gentle to help the blue tribute。
Blue Xin, I feel somewhat familiar.,Look down,She is shocked,Looking back at Lu Hao Cheng ,“This is the heart of eternal?”
She remembers,That day,She looked at the appearance of the eternal heart on the plate.,Remember some。
Lu Haocheng laughed:“Um!Blue,Dedicated to your eternal heart。”
Blue Xin immediately took out the mobile phone to find it.,one look,Shocking,The phone almost falls on the ground。
Online,Lu Haocheng bought nearly 300 million eternal hearts,A person who gives beloved。

Bald head rolled his eyes,Finally woke up,He touched the back of his head with his hand,Scolded:“I’m going to uncle,It’s more ruthless than Lao Tzu”Saying he stood up。

Zhang Sangui laughed and said:“Take your people and get out early!Even at this level of rolling eyes”
Bald head shook his head,Moved my bones,Waved both hands and said:“Let’s go together,Killing does not pay for life,Brother is responsible”
Hey!Still so cowhide,It seems that this time we need to start a little bit more,Xia Jian thought,An eye gestured to Zhang Sangui,The two quickly moved closer,This facilitates mutual cooperation。
It seems that the small drama is singing tonight,So many people,But I dare not care,Xia Jian thought this way,Clenched his fists。
Seven or eight people with bald heads leading him,Step by step pressing up,Seeing a fierce battle is about to happen,Suddenly squeak…The sound of the car’s sudden brake came。
A black Mercedes car stopped next to Xia Jian’s BMW car,The door opens,Came down again with a bald head,Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,Could it be that Brother Xiao’s brother is here?。
Brother Xiao’s face also changed obviously,He couldn’t help taking a step back。
Wait to see clearly,Bald head getting off the car,Not someone else,Xiongji,I saw him laughing:“President Xia!What are you doing?”
Xia Jian helplessly shook his head and said:“There are too many flies in Bucheon,Let me run into a few”
When Brother Xiao saw Xiongji,Hurriedly lowered his head,He whispered:“Male brother!”
Xiongji’s eyes stared,Shouted coldly:“Get out,Don’t let me see you again”
Brother Xiao,Hurriedly turned around,With whom he disappeared instantly without a trace,It seems that they are really familiar with the alleys here。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but take a look at Xiongji,Why is Brother Xiao so afraid of him?,It seems that their relationship is extraordinary,He can’t figure it out,Why does this Xiongji know such a person?。
Xiongji walked to Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“We just passed by here,I came here when I saw your car,I didn’t expect these guys”
“Mr. Xiong knows them?”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。

Wang Youcai finished,Head drooping,Holding the wall with a hand。Julan standing in the bathroom is a bit at a loss,She doesn’t know why Wang Youcai looks like this。

To avoid embarrassment,Julan opened the door gently and walked out。She decided not to make breakfast,She will come back when she cooks lunch。
Her decision is wise。Feng Yan opened her eyes in a pang of hunger,I saw that Wang Youcai, who was like a fat pig, was lying beside her and was asleep。This woman Could not help being furious,Just lift your foot。
The sleeping Wang Youcai turned over,I don’t know what I muttered in my mouth,Then fell asleep again。Feng Yan remembered the crazy behavior last night,I just feel feverish。She sat up with a little difficulty,Take a look at the horseshoe watch on the head of the bed,She couldn’t help but widen her eyes。It turned out that it was eleven o’clock noon,No wonder she feels a little hungry。
Found a dress to wear,When she first opened the bedroom door,Julan just came back from outside。Julan pretended to ask calmly:“Got up?Are you hungry?”
“Ok!Panicked,You quickly make some noodles!”Feng Yan said,Went into the bathroom。She is playing with teeth,While thinking。She and Wang Youcai’s crazy behavior last night,Julan should know everything,In this case,She has nothing to hide。
She is a single woman,Sometimes I do need a man by my side。Although Wang Youcai is a womanizer,But it’s pretty good to her。Especially in some businesses in Chenzhuang,Actually, Wang Youcai can do it alone,But he is not like this,But give her part。
Just analyze from this matter,Wang Youcai still has her in his heart。But Feng Yan knew,People like Wang Youcai,She can’t have a public relationship with him,First, she can’t live up to her face,Because Wang Youcai is really ugly。This is to prevent Hu Huiru。
Hu Huiru is a smart and powerful woman。She absolutely does not allow her two capable men to be lovers。I think Hu Huiru made her look.Lure Wang Youcai,I knew she wouldn’t get along with Wang Youcai,That’s why there was another cooperation between Chen Zhuang and the others。
After brushing your teeth,Feng Yan went to the bedroom and picked Wang Youcai from her ear。May be almost sleeping,Wang Youcai didn’t sleep in bed again this time,But quickly put on clothes and went to the bathroom。
Until Julan brought the cooked rice to the table,Wang Youcai came out amidst Feng Yan’s loud scolding。May be the reason why he is also hungry,As soon as he sat down,Pick up a bowl and eat wildly。
Ate two bowls in a row,He just raised his head and said with a smile:“Really hungry。I’m going back to the mountains after eating,Does the leader have any arrangements?”
“Oh!Didn’t you say you have something to discuss with me last night??how?Not ready to talk?”Feng Yan fixed her eyes on Wang Youcai,He didn’t think about it until now。
Wang Youcai glanced at the kitchen,Lower your voice and say:“Didn’t talk about it all night last night,Do you think it hasn’t been discussed yet?”

Li Ming with a sharp gun,Holding this heavy treasure,The power of the body and the power of the world surge,One shot through the Nightmare Shrine。

“Who dare to attack my palace!”Nightmare Candle King is like a madman,Beatles,The terrible immortal power radiates,Facing the sudden blow just now,He almost tried his best to intercept。
A figure suddenly appeared behind him,No words,Stab!
“Teleport?Fengwang Peak?”
Nightmare Candle King was not too surprised,If the other party is not even named Dianfeng,How dare you do it to yourself?
not to mention,If you use that treasure perfectly,He dare to fight even at the limit。
Nightmare Candle King waved his hand,The same sharp gun appeared in his hands,But this sharp gun has not reached the level of a treasure,And at the same time,He also madly sent a message to his father and the Lord of the Blue Cave。
“Interracial,Dare you to assassinate me~”Nightmare Candle King sneered,“Waiting for the father or the lord to arrive,Is your death date。”
Li Ming is too lazy to talk to him,The secret pattern of gold and blue appears on the jade spear in hand,Instilled by the power of the world,Transformed into an extremely sharp force。
A shot pierced the nightmare candle king’s throat。
Nightmare King sneered in his heart,Feng Wang Dianfeng didn’t burn his divine power to deal with him?Although the spear pierced his divine body,But it won’t really harm him。。。
“Ah ah ah~”
Nightmare King’s horrified discovery,That seemingly powerful marksmanship,Actually contains a destructive force,Easily destroyed more than one percent of his body。