“Thank you!Is your wife about to give birth??“Ma Hongfang suddenly averted the topic。

Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Two more months,How is your relationship with your husband now?“
“Ah!No passion,The rest is all family。Because there is a daughter in the middle,So we can only go down like this,Anyway, we are free,I also figured it out,Actually this is good too“When Ma Hongfang said this,A smile。
Wang Youcai nodded,Then turned and walked downstairs。Ma Hongfang said softly:“Come when you have time,I usually stay here“
Wang Youcai walking on the street,Feel a sense of loss。After every passion,He has this feeling,Maybe it’s the reason why the feeling is too strong!
He walks,While thinking,Why do men and women have to get married,Bind the two people tightly together?Thus,No one is free,The rest is endless troubles。
Two days ago,She was called back by her family,It turned out that the parents wanted to share the money for the house construction among the three brothers.,He can say no。In fact, smart people can tell at a glance,The cost of this house is definitely more than 100,000 yuan。He can only pretend to be deaf and dumb。Accepted 80,000 yuan from the eldest brother and the second brother,Among them, 20,000 yuan is used to buy furniture。
arrive home,When Ni Xiaoli learned about this,,And had a big fight with him。He really hates this greedy woman,If she didn’t have her own baby in her belly,,He wanted to divorce her a long time ago。
Thinking about these questions,Wang Youcai had arrived at his door unconsciously。Thinking of Ni Xiaoli,He felt his scalp numb。
First1221chapter Pub fights
Home should be a haven。
Wang Youcai has never felt it before。He took out the key and opened the door,Walked in gently。Lights in the living room,Ni Xiaoli is sitting on the sofa watching TV。
“How about these two days?“To ease the atmosphere, Wang Youcai,Take the initiative to please。
Ni Xiaoli fixed her eyes on TV,Did not look at him。Just said coldly:“that’s it,Thanks for caring。I figured it out too,When the child is born,We divorced“
When Wang Youcai heard Ni Xiaoli say this,I couldn’t help but feel angry,But he still pressed it down。Smile,Walk to Ni Xiaoli’s side,Said to her tall belly:“child!Listen to what your mother is saying!“Wang Youcai said,And sat next to Ni Xiaoli。
Ni Xiaoli sat up abruptly,The nose smelled messy on Wang Youcai’s body,Suddenly,She lifted her right foot,Slammed a foot on Wang Youcai’s waist:“Get out,A nasty taste“
Wang Youcai was unpreparedly stepped on by Ni Xiaoli,Almost stepped on the ground。The anger came out instantly,He shouted:“You are looking for death!“