“Small snow,Don’t listen to him,Our women insist on doing themselves.,You like it yourself.,Don’t care about others,But, do you like a small wind in Snow??”

Chapter 815 Ancient pub
Willow sweet can clearly see that Miao Xiaoxue is full of worship.,Full of the girl’s friendship。
But she also knows,Which girl does not,Which girl doesn’t make a dream,Just see people who can encounter that pair.。
But most of them can’t encounter。
At least she didn’t encounter,Even if you feel the right person,But people will change。
Miao Xiaoxue did not expect Liu Xu’s will suddenly asked such a problem.,Let her eat again,It is also fear,Some worry。
After all, she observed.,Feeling that Li Hui Rong and Liu Xiang are absolutely not very ordinary relationship.,Even the relationship between lovers is likely。
“No,I just want to repay the big brother to save me with my scorpion.,I don’t know how to thank you.”Ier,Miao Xiaoxue is, the more it feels a little panic.。
“Gigbling,fine,If you like to say directly to my sister,My sister will not stop you.,After all, I like someone very normal.,See you to scare you。”
Although the willow sweet is so saying,But my heart is still a bit no.。
I haven’t found my boyfriend yet.,Sweet sister, let’s talk first.。”
Say,Miao Xiaoxue will hurry again.。
See this scene,Li Hui Feng and Liu Xu are all loose。
Li Hui is also afraid that there is another girl who likes him.,If it directly refuses to always feel too hurting self-respect,But not directly reject,Time is a long time is unclear,It is even more uncomfortable。
I heard people, don’t like you.,disappointed?”
“Forehead,no,Sweet sister, your day, what is the day??
But I am still a little thoughts today.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said a little thoughts.,I saw Li Hui’s smile.,Willow sweet could not help but feel that the opponent also brought her body。
“screw you,The idea of the big day is also given me.,I will open the door here at night.,How about it?”
Li Hui has just sowing, there is no time to get the tea,Directly by Liu Xu’s words。
Cough“Sweet sister,Can you don’t think what I think so??
I have no so many ideas.,I think your hotel should go to our village.。”
Be said by Li Hui,Willow sweet is also shameful。
She didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng said that there is another thing.。
“Then you don’t say it directly.,Let my sister misunderstood,Go to your village sister thought,But there is no passenger traffic in your village.,I don’t make money,I went to you, let my sister died.?
Of course, your kid let your sister go to the water building?”
“Cough and cough, sweet sister,That’s right to talk to you?,I am not going to make you past now.,I am letting you first build,Or I invest,Then officially operate in May June.。”
Li Hui Feng this idea is not a day two days.,Originally he intended to let his father and mother go to get,I thought it was unlikely.。
Just encountered Liu Xujian again,And willow sweet actually turned into the boss of the hotel.。
sometimes,Things are such coincidence,Coincidental is incredible。
“The May June is,But you want to invest?”