Rush into a few big bends,Liu Lingcun appeared in the night。Bright lights all over the village,Looks very dazzling in the night。Xia Jian is the most familiar here,I want to build an Apple base,He and Liu Gui in this village have no less wits and courage。

Xia Jian thought of this person,So he hurriedly asked Chen Erniu:“There is a great man in Liuling Village,What is his situation now?”
“Oh!You mean Liu Gui!Passed away years ago。I heard that his son who was a high official came back,The funeral is very beautiful,Gu heard that not many people went there”
Chen Erniu said and smiled,There are many meanings in his smile。
Xia Sanhu sitting in the back said:“This old man was too domineering when he was alive。I have to deal with everything in the village,Take oneself too high,Actually offended a lot of people。You say that a person like him,Who will attend his funeral after death”
Talking room,The car has been in Zhangbao Village。Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,He drives the car intently,Looking at these familiar places,He can’t help but think of a lot。
To Shuijing Village,Xia Jian drove the car directly to the gate of Chen Haiping’s house。Under the light of car lights,The original courtyard wall made of mud,Now replaced by red brick。Just took a look,Xia Jian knew that Shuijing Village had changed quietly。
Heard the sound of cars at the gate,Chen Haiping ran out wearing his clothes。He stood at the gate and asked with a smile:“Whose house are you going to?Don’t know you can ask me”
“Go to your house!”
Xia Jian laughed and pushed the car door and jumped down。
When Chen Haiping saw that the person was Xia Jian,This honest old farmer,Threw over excitedly,He clasped Xia Jian’s hand and said:“Oh, Mr. Xia!I really never dreamed that you would come。This place you should grow up,You have to see the changes in our village”
“Hey!Lao Chen,You can’t just have Mr. Xia in your eyes,Those of us who are not the general ones, just ignore it?”
Chen Erniu playing haha,Came over with a gift。Xia Sanhu followed behind him。