Causes of psychological disorders in young children

Causes of psychological disorders in young children

The survey found that there are three main causes of psychological disorders in young children.

The first occurs in the perinatal period, during which the mother suffers from infectious diseases, poisoning, malnutrition, abdominal trauma, asphyxia and hypoxia at birth, dystocia or childbirth; the second is kindergarten education, where children at home are excessiveToo shy, afraid to see people, difficult to adapt in strange environments; the third is the family environment.

  Among these reasons, the impact of unhealthy family environments and incorrect education methods on children is particularly important.

First of all: family disharmony or divorced parents make children overwhelmed or lose their due caress, which can easily lead to abnormalities such as inferiority, depression, strange personality, and irritability.

First of all, education methods are inappropriate.

One is to cope with the child’s covetousness, to make children feel bad, such as pride, selfishness, and willfulness; the other is to use beating, scolding, scaring, and other education to make children timid and depressed.

In addition, the parenting methods, requirements, and attitudes of both parents make young children fearless or confused.