Seven contradictions of attention

Seven contradictions of attention

In health care, it is important to deal with the dialectical relationship of the following issues for health and longevity.

  Being full and hungry can hurt your body and inadequate nutrition also harms your health.

“Baopuzi” said: “Health depends on diet, but drunk and strong wine, full and strong food, no one does not hurt the body.

“The Tang Dynasty poet Sheng Du Fu died because of a full meal of roast beef from Liyang County Order.

During the Shunkang period of the Qing Dynasty, the family minister Shang Maqi enjoyed a long life for four generations since his grandfather. Among them, five were 100 years old, and Ma Qi himself was 88 years old.

According to rumors, the Ma family is mainly good at eating and shooting, insisting that “the breakfast is light and the lunch is thick and full, and the dinner needs to be small.”

However, some people are eager to lose weight and eat too little to seriously harm their health.

The health motto says: “Eat full after eating and living old without illness.

“A moderate diet can alleviate the burden of high blood pressure and internal organs, improve the body’s immunity, reduce disease, and prolong life.

  Yusu cannot be absolutely vegetarian or eaten, and should be matched reasonably.

Only light vegetarian food is good for health.

The first of the four cornerstones of health is “reasonable expectations.”

The elderly are mainly right with a vegetarian light diet. Pregnant women and obesity in food can effectively prevent or slow down the occurrence and development of common diseases such as hypertension, hypertension and even diabetes, and para-liver.

But you must not absolutely refuse to eat.

Because mascots and plasma are also non-transmissible nutrients for the human body, such as a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, both brain and heart protection, and anti-cancer function.

It can be seen that the three meals with vegetarian food are mainly vegetarian and supplemented with vegetarian food.

  Dynamic and Static “Health Quotes” said: “People who are sedentary and easy to hurt their blood will be cautious; those who have experienced the script and are vulnerable to internal organs should abstain from it.

Therefore, it is said that there is no disease and pain when there is movement and stillness.

NASA scientists have confirmed that a person is inactive for three days and loses one-fifth of his muscle’s maximum strength.

According to a report in Zhejiang Province, the immune function of people who exercise has significantly improved, and the incidence is only 1.

9%, while the incidence of people with lack of exercise reaches 11.


However, exercise must be moderate. Overloaded exercise will accelerate the “wear” of some organs in the body and some physiological functions will cause diseases and prolong life.

  Sleeping more and younger in ancient times, the ancient health practitioners believed that “younger is a serious problem for the elderly”.

Some people have put forward the theory of “sleep health”, saying that good sleep can prolong life, but not the more you sleep, the better.

A study by the American College of Cardiology found that people who slept 10 hours a night were twice as likely to die from a heart attack and three and a half times more likely to die from a stroke than those who slept only 7 hours.

The folk saying that “get up early and get up early, and you won’t be ill with you” makes sense.

Insufficient sleep is harmful to the body. It affects both work and study, as well as physical health, and causes various diseases.

But too much sleep is also harmful.

Excessive sleep, stagnation of various body functions, will cause illness over time.

This shows that sleep is indispensable but not greedy.

  Indulgence and abstinence of the emperors of many years did not last long, and it was related to indulgence.

A famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, said: “If you have the passion, you will be the same as Zhaoluo.

When you are less refined, you are sick, and when you are exhausted, you are dead.

“In the Ming Dynasty” Eight Health Prescriptions “said:” Yin and Yang are in good harmony, and you can extend the year if you have the degree. ”

“A survey of 600 people by American researchers found that older people maintain an active sex life and help maintain their vitality and alternative memory for a long time.

If old people give up sexual relations, their intelligence will quickly decline.
Obviously, abstinence is harmful, and abstinence is also harmful to your health. Abstinence is definitely the best choice.
  After retirement, the elderly in joy and sorrow are unhappy because of their mental suspense, and often feel depressed and unhappy, which is extremely detrimental to their health.

“Lingshu” said: “Sadness and sorrow are heartbeats, and heartbeats are shaken.

“If you can participate in social interaction through various forms, such as playing poker, playing chess and other entertainment games, it will help eliminate loneliness and increase the joy of life.

However, some people spend a lot of time in it, leading to mental imbalance and even sudden death under the Mahjong table, which is even more tragic.

As the “health motto” says: “Entertainment is controlled, and uncontrolled is exhausted; happiness is moderate, and loss is extremely sad.

“Cold and hot cold water baths are a great way to keep fit.

The low-temperature stimulation of cold water can increase the excitability of the human nervous system, enhance material metabolism and activities of various organ systems, gradually increase breathing, strengthen heartbeat, accelerate blood circulation, increase blood pressure, strengthen gastrointestinal motility, and regulate the body’s body temperature.Will be strengthened.

At the same time, under the mechanical effects of water on the skin and the chemical effects of some minerals on the human body, it can also increase the skin’s resistance and greatly reduce the incidence of skin diseases.

The hot water bath and sauna bath can expand the skin pores and capillaries under the action of high temperature, effectively emit the transformation in the body, and take away some dirt and toxic substances existing on the surface of the skin. The health effect is also very good.
Whether it is good to take a cold bath or a hot bath depends on the individual and depends on the constitution and habits, but the most basic daily water should be a folk proverb: cold water, beauty and health, warm water, brushing teeth like, hot waterWash your feet like taking a tonic.