Yoga as an adjunct to minor discomfort

13 Jan

Yoga as an adjunct to minor discomfort

Yoga as an adjunct to minor discomfort

Here are some yoga exercises that are conducive to the treatment of some minor illnesses. The following are not absolutely complete. Therefore, some exercises that are suitable for the treatment of certain illnesses may not yet be included.

  People with some serious illness should consult a doctor before practicing any of the yoga positions listed in the table.

Close up, fit or adjust interest rate and other methods.

  Moreover, if you have a serious illness on your body, you must not take it lightly and do not seek serious medical treatment.

It is important to realize that we do not need to regard yoga as a measure that completely replaces (traditional or modern) medical treatment, but as a means to complement medical treatment.

  Gastrointestinal diseases: Diabetic leg rotation type, deflation type, ostrich type, half moon type, warrior three type, leg bending type, snake type, spot bug type, forward bending type, big deed law.

  Diabetes: snake type, upper wheel type, semi-ship type, fish type, lying hero type, bow type, skyscraper type, plow type, inverted arrow type, abdomen and beam method.

  Respiratory diseases: heroic, salute to the sun, camel, crocodile, shoulder stand, single leg swap, cat extension, fish, lotus seat, bellows type.

  Relieve stress: boat type, crane zen type, double angle type, salute to the sun type, triangular squeeze type, plow type, cool and breathable.

  Mental Illness: In the first week, lying posture victory victory method, praying, supine, rest; second, third week, increase forward flexion, snake, triangle, rest; fourth week, increase wormWorm, fish, reverse bow, plow.

  Suffering from illness: Do tree type, triangle type, snake type in the first week, increase bull’s mouth type, heroic type from the second week.

  Spine disease: the first week, leg flexion, cobra, total spinal cord, supine, rest; the second week, leg flexion (recumbent), snake (moderate exercise, do not be overly nervous), whole spinal cordWorm type (each time one leg is lifted), supine type (each time one leg is lifted), one side supine type, the method of income and income gas control, rest.