Creating together, multi-wissal enlargement

The residents of the 6th Jiefang Road, Zhenjiang City were used to install elevator editors. According to December 15, 2020, there were a 6th unit, "welcome", newly installed elevator, 1 unit, No. 6 Jiefang Road, Zhenjiang, 20 years. Steady and steady, let the residents of the top floor Zhang Chunfa are very excited.

This is also the first elevator installed in the old community of Zhenjiang City. When the Zhenjiang Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau Party Construction Alliance has made public opinion investigations in the installed elevator in the development of the old community, and found that residents have a high voice of the elevator.

The elderly aged an average age of 72 years old, 3 households in the long-term bed, they have to live in hospitals or nursing homes due to inconvenience of legs and feet.

To this end, the Party Construction Alliance is the "tailor-made" service plan of the community, actively promotes the relevant policies of the old community’s installation elevators. On the basis of soliciting the owners, quickly advance this work, and promotes this elevator "run" out "Acceleration". Zhang Chunfa, who was 69 years old, was made to go upstairs. Since I used the elevator, I said: "I don’t have to worry about climbing the building, I don’t want to live in the nursing home. Now I can pension, the Housing and Construction Bureau is really real. It is a good thing to have a good thing in the country. "The first elevator in the old residential area of ??Jiefang Road, Zhenjiang City, is the overall idea of" party construction leadership, joint creating, multi-party participation, long-term governance ", expand One of the successful people’s livelihood of the party building alliance service. In Zhenjiang, revisiting the old community, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau Party Organization has taken the establishment of party building alliances, fully integrates the integration system, local street, and participate in the strengths of the parties, surrounding the residential area Long-lasting management Service, innovation launched the "Party Construction Alliance + Multicultural Representation" management model.

By regularly convening the old community renovation site observation, organize the whole process management of the Party Construction Alliance in the Project, promote the regulation of the renovation work, and the people. On June 22, 2020, Zhenjiang Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau held a "first-pointer residents, Huidongwan", held at No. 16, Canal Road, was "green 1 + 1" party building alliance volunteer service activities. The first "model room" of the old community in Zhenjiang City also appeared in the same period.

Strict standard, high-quality template immediately attracted the eyes of residents, while road surface paving, drainage and other construction process template and rain network management, fiber mesh cloth and other material samples and red leaven, Phnom Penhmood and other communities The display area makes the residents to linger.

"This is the standard life of urban residents, and we finally retrieve the city fan!". Residents said.

"The people’s livelihood is both the ‘face’ of the city, and the people of the people will affect the ‘Mizi’. We live in building the concept of" people-centered ", whether it is the old-China community transformation or urban trunks, all must put the masses. At the moment, put in the heart, inspiring the internal motivation of the people’s practical things, with the party building to lead the construction of people’s livelihood projects, let the temperature benefits of the pioneering, thousands of households, to the Zhenjiang accelerate ‘Running’ to plug in the wings of ‘people’s livelihood’.

"The Director of the Party Committee, Director of Zhenjiang City Housing and Construction Bureau, and the director of the Zhenjiang City Civil Defense Office.

Now in the Zhenjiang Housing and Construction System, based on the advantages and functional advantages of the housing construction industry, promote the improvement of people’s livelihood and grassroots governance, so that the party building alliance people’s livelihood content has been infiltrated into each work link, the party building alliance participates in the breadth and depth of grassroots governance It is increasingly strengthened.

Create the first old community "model room" "model room" "model room", the old community renovation party building; promotes the "Huimin Road, Lianxin Bridge", which promotes the first old community elevator installed land; "The initial heart to the party, all the horses" party building alliance to carry out Chongyang to send blessing activities; "Blue Flame into Wanjia" Party Construction Alliance "Blue Flame Rescue Association" provides residents with home security inspection, replacement of hose services; "Private +" The Party Building Alliance launched the "Qingquan Run Wanjia" theme activity; Yongan + Party Construction Alliance launched a legal publicity to the public; "Zhen Chang · Lutong · Heart Service" Party Building Alliance launched "civilized transportation to build intersection" … through the party building alliance, Zhenjiang The Party Organization Party Organization has been involved in the whole process management of the work coverage of the work, and realizes the party flag inserted in the first line.

At the same time, we will focus on the concerns of infrastructure, environmental sanitation, community property and other masses, and build the long-term management mechanism of "Party Construction Alliance + Resident Autonomous + Fine Grid", guide functional units, street office communities, and residents to participate in autonomous management. In-depth development of "Red Property" creation activities, form the party building alliance volunteer service team, actively actively actively serve as a green management, termites prevention, pipeline dredging, etc.

In 2020, the 12 old communities in Zhenjiang City were new, and the residential conditions of 6300 households were significantly improved, and the happiness of the masses was significantly improved (Fang Jun Xu Xu Xi Hui). (Editor: Tang Wei, Zhang Wei).