The national first provincial marine procuratorate theme rule of law education base is opened in Pingtan, Fujian

Recently, Fujian Provincial People’s Procuratorate held Fujian Ocean Procuratorates in Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone.

Secretary of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate, the Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Party Work Committee Secretary Lai Jun, member of the Party Group of Fujian Provincial Procuratorate, Deputy Examination Chang Luhui, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental District Party Working Committee Committee, Chen Yunkun, Fuzhou Procuratorate, Fu Jianfei, the procurator of the Experimental District Procuratorate, some representatives of the National People’s Congress, representatives of the Taiwan Procuratorate and the Representative of the Coastal Seven Municipal Procuratorate Base enabled ceremony. This is the seventh special procuratorate platform established by the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate in recent years, as well as the first provincial marine procuratorate theme rule of law education base.

The base is divided into the "Prosecutor Blue Guardian Blue" as the theme, divided into "Millennium Eight-Jian Fu, the Sea Sangtian" "" The six chapters of "" Smart Service, Guardian Ocean ", etc. Technical, multi-angle, stereo, all-in-law development of marine ecological environmental protection.

Luo Dongchuan, one visited the construction of the base, understanding the typical cases and advanced experience of the special supervision activities of the marine prosecution charity litigation, and on the spot, the "Fujian Coastal Seven Lands", the Coordination Guidance Center of the Coordination Guidance Center, which is located in the Base. Platform "operation scheduling condition.

The platform sets large data clues collected, intelligent aided analysts and judges, realizing public welfare litigation clues, management, and distribution intelligence, providing decision-making reference for prosecutors to conduct marine ecological public welfare litigation cases. Since the establishment of the platform, the total screening found that there were 323 valuable clues. After the research and initial investigation, 72 collations were transferred to the relevant land procuratorate, and the effective role in enhancing the enhancement of marine ecological cases. Roverchuan is fully affirmed by the completion of the completion of the base.

He pointed out that Fujian procuratorates took the lead in establishing the first provincial-level marine procuratorate theme of the country in Pingtan, highlighting the comprehensive experimental effect of first trial and reform and innovation, reflecting the high attention and activeness of Fujian procuratorate on marine protection explore. The construction of smart management and the rule of law education base in Fujian Province, helping to coordinate the marine procuratorate along the sea city, form a synergy, linkage law enforcement, new situation.

Fujian Procuratorate and Experimental Zone should further play the base advantage to raise the base as an open tourism resources, improve the role of the rule of law of the base, and further strengthen the marine ecological procuratorial protection and publicity work, and promote high-quality development to all-round high-quality development. The Construction of New Fujian Construction Contributed to the New Development Stage.

It is understood that in order to further promote the prosecutive function, improve communication. In recent years, the Fujian Provincial People’s Procuratorate has continued to build an ecological prosecution and minor procuratorate, in Nanping Wuyishan, Fuzhou Drum Tower, Changle, Quanzhou Jinjiang, Xiamen and Longyan. , Public welfare litigation procuratorate, service non-public economy, station-related prosecution, red prosecution gene inheritance and other six special prosecutions and other six special prosecutations and the rule of law education base and the social opening, concentrated on Fujian procuratorates with high-quality development service economy and society New productive development.

The Fujian Ocean Procuratorates, which was put into use, is the seventh special procuratorate platform in the province, further enriched and improved the publicity of prosecutive function and the construction of the rule of law education base. It is another construction results of the rule of law Fujian. (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.