“Over ten thousand,And kill Saito、The primordial Taoist of the blood killing the building and the Wushengtianjiao!”

Saito,Is the enemy of the Bai clan,Blood Killing Tower and Wushengtianjiao are the enemies of the Winter Journey Immortal Palace,But Winter Tour Fairy Palace will not deal with it personally,But to sharpen other forces and their own disciples。
“Then give me the list!”Li Ming said,“I have to choose~”
Baishi,Naturally, all the three hostile forces of the Xuxu Dixian and Yuanshen Taoist were registered.。
but,Bai’s can lock specific information,The possibility of killing is only part of it。
For example, the Yuanshen Taoist of Saito stayed in the clan,Who can kill?
same,The Lair of No Shengjiao also has a big array,The large array support can even resist the attacks of the two top powers outside the Winter Journey Immortal Palace,Who can kill in this big formation?
Blood kills the building hidden,And the identities of most of them are unknown,Only a handful of people in this killer organization are exposed,And once exposed, it will soon usher in the hunt,Either escape from Oxwei County or fall。
And most killers,Are actually from other forces‘part time’,Only a few direct killers。No one can find,This is called,How to kill!
and so,Hope to be killed,Only a few。
“With definite news,Only five people。”Fairy Bai Yuan raised her brow and said。
“Take it to see,Ming Keqing!”
Li Ming doesn’t care about the other party’s attitude,Take the intelligence and glance。
There are indeed only five Yuanshen Taoists。
“Three Yuanshen Taoists of Saito,Two Yuanshen Taoists who are Wushengtianjiao。”
“Saitosan,Monk,Participate in the practice of gods and demons to achieve perfection in Vientiane,Comprehend the mountain domain,Good at using a pair of mid-tier celestial hammers and magic weapons for close combat,Worth 8,000。”
“Saitokai,Yuanshen perfect monk,Comprehend a kind of water course,Shots often fight with spells,Strange methods,Worth 13,000 great merits。”
“Yuan Yeyi,Disciple of the Saito clan,Yuanshen perfect monk,Good at night、Way of Thunder,Way of the Void,And reach the realm of Tao,Unknown skills。I only know that I have killed three Yuanshen Taoists。Worth 20,000。”