Cangxue Kingdom,It’s a relatively short-lived force,It was only established after the rise of the Lord Cangxue。

But the existence time is short,The strength is not weak,The Lord Cangxue even used some special treasures to transform the chaotic world of Cangxue,No more normal birth and destruction of the chaos era。
In a huge palace at the core of the Cangxue Chaos World,Lord Cangxue opened his eyes。
“Got caught。。Humph,What a waste,Nothing more。。。After all my son,But I refining the magic weapon of Tao is inseparable。”
“Lu Ge!”A sound of mind passed。
After half a breath,A chaotic fairy with sharp antlers appeared in front of him。
“Country lord,Is there something to summon Lu Ge?”
obviously,This Chaos Immortal is very surrendered to the Lord Cangxue。
But this is also normal,Lu Ge fairy is just a chaotic fairy who breaks through the third-class ancestor fairy,Although there is no gold core level after stepping into the world,But there is still a gap in the background。
The Lord Cangxue sheltered the Immortal Lu Ge who was weak in the world at that time,Lu Ge Xianren naturally return loyalty。
What’s more, the Lord Cangxue can be called the world perfection,And Lu Ge fairy is just a very ordinary Chaos fairy。
“My five sons,Cangjin was arrested during the training,That person is just an ancestor。”
“This is the jade pendant that resonates with Cangjin’s token!”A light blue jade pendant flies towards the deer fairy,Caught by him。
“Lu Ge,You help me save that kid!”
“As long as I can save my life,The rest should be polished。”
“Rest assured,I will bring the five princes back safely。”Fairy Lu Ge nodded respectfully,Ride a flying boat,Speed easily surpasses the limit of heaven,Sense the direction in jade pendant,Flew over quickly。
Lan Yi Xingzhong,In a shop surrounded by blossoming clouds。
An evil man in a white robe asked casually,“This fellow,Are you here to buy magic weapons or sell。”