Ahead,Clear water,When it seems quiet and flowing,But suddenly fell down at the embankment,The floating fog drops and the sunlight spots are intertwined to form a beautiful rainbow。

Fenglin、Green Lake、Waterfall、Wuxia,Nature paints endless romance in such a relaxed and comfortable way。
Zhu Minglang is located very close to the waterfall,This beautiful scenery is also a panoramic view。
“You want to swim,Don’t go far,There is a waterfall,It’s gone,Understand。”Zhu Minglang told the little crocodile spirit on his shoulder。
“Oooo~~~”Little Crocodile Ling opened his mouth wide,Screamed honestly,I agree。
Arrived by the river and lake where countless pebbles were piled up,Zhu Minglang put the crocodile spirit down,The crocodile spirit immediately chased the groupers in the shallow water,Amazingly fast,Zhu Minglang can only see the shadow of this little black guy。
“Good skill!”
Zhu Minglang was a little surprised,Little crocodile spirit is a great fisherman,It didn’t take long to pick up three or four groupers,Fat and big,It must be delicious when grilled。
quickly,Zhu Minglang discovered that Xiao Crocodile Ling doesn’t eat grouper at all,It just uses these flexible groupers to practice hunting。
Grouper is very difficult to catch in river fish,They are not as slow as grass carp,Can often swim quickly against those smooth river pebbles,Sudden change,No matter how bad it is, you can hide in the cracks……
As a young crocodile species,I usually stare at the little water-drinking stupid deer and sheep,Pretend to approach in the mud,Then bite。
There are indeed not many crocodiles that can catch grouper like Xiao Crocodile Spirit!
Caught grouper for a while,Little Crocodile Spirit seems to feel nothing challenging anymore,So I started to swim far away。
I wish Minglang careless,The little crocodile spirit has swam deep。
“Come back soon!”
Near the waterfall is quite dangerous,The surface of the river water will look gentle,But there will be a terrible dark vortex underwater,This dark vortex will throw everything in the water fiercely below the waterfall fault!
Little Crocodile Spirit obviously has no survival experience,I wanted to rely on the rapids of the river to exercise my limbs and body strength,And also deliberately farther away from the waterfall,But I don’t know there is a dark swirl near the waterfall,Is rolling its small body in!!
The little crocodile spirit wiggled its body and tail regularly at the beginning,Flat speed with countercurrent……