Fruit Mask DIY

7 Jan

Fruit Mask DIY


Fruit Mask DIY

In addition to eating fruits, do you know what effect they have?

By the way, it’s a homemade fruit mask for beauty.

Different fruits have different effects on beauty.

Hurry up, pick up the fruit in your hand, and make a fruit mask for you with Xiaobian!

  1. Cucumber soothing and moisturizing beauty effect: Cucumber is rich in vitamin C, amino acids and mucopolysaccharides. It has sedative, soothing, astringent pores, moisturizing and whitening effects.

The sliced cucumbers can be directly applied to the skin and eyes after freezing, which can shrink the large pores, soothe allergies, and skin that is injured and acne after sun exposure. The cucumbers are squeezed on the face to make the skin more easily penetrate into the skin.

  Material: One piece of cucumber and one sheet of masking paper. Method: Grind the cucumber into mud, separate the juice from the residue, and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate; apply the paper mask to the face for 15 minutes, or use the cucumber as makeupWater is effective in soothing sensitive skin.

  2, apple oil absorption beauty effect: the fruit acid component in apple can absorb excess oil.

  Material: Two apples. Make-up amount of cotton pads. Method: Squeeze frozen apples, apply cotton pads and apply on areas with strong oil secretion, such as T position, nose, chin, and wash after 10 minutes.

  3, grape anti-aging beauty effect: grapes have antioxidant effects, not only can purify the skin, but also soften the skin, increase elasticity and gloss.

  Material: 20 green grapes. Practice: mash the refrigerated green grapes, apply directly to the surface, and wash after 10 minutes.

  4, bitter gourd anti-inflammatory beauty effect: bitter gourd, also known as cold gourd, has the effect of preventing inflammation, whitening and moisturizing.

  Material: A method of bitter gourd: Freeze the bitter gourd, grind it into mud, apply it to the surface for 15 minutes, and wash it with water.

  6. Pear cheese deep cleansing and beauty effect: Pear contains vitamin Capos, which has the function of deep cleansing and balancing oil secretion. It is especially suitable for oily and normal skin.

  Ingredients: One pear, two tablespoons of yogurt. Method: Add mashed iced pears to the yogurt and mix to form a paste. Spread it on the surface for 15 minutes and rinse with water.

  7, watermelon moisturizing and toning beauty effect: watermelon is rich in a lot of water and fiber, the surface of the transitional skin is refreshing and comfortable, play a role in moisturizing and narrowing pores.

  Material: Half a watermelon.

  Method: First refrigerate the watermelon, peel the meat and peel it, apply the peel on the face for 5 minutes, and then wash it with water.

  These fruits are easy to find in daily life. Hurry up and be a fruit princess this summer!