Ruikang Hospital Rehabilitation Medicine: Establishing a new type of rehabilitation model in Chinese and Western, for patients

Branch team.

Ruikang Hospital for Graphic Building and Talent Team Upgrading Rehabilitation Medicine, 92 beds, spacious and bright treatment halls are set separately with independent physiotherapy rooms, work treatment room, language treatment room, Swallow treatment room, cognitive perceptual function treatment room, lung function treatment room, traditional Chinese medicine special treatment room, functional assessment room, daily life activities, outpatient rehabilitation area, etc.

And configure a three-dimensional step analyzer, balance training instrument, upper extremity robot, lower extremity robot, electric displacement (tailor), biofedback neuromuscular stimulation, intelligent OT table, digital meridian flat treatment instrument, brain circulation electric stimulation Advanced rehabilitation equipment such as instrument, pneumatic hand rehabilitation device, diaphragmatic stimulator, electronic bronchoscope to meet the needs of various diseases and dysfunction patients.

There are 79 medical staff in the department, including 18 physicians, 3 nursing staff, 27 rehabilitation therapists; 1 senior title, 5 deputy senior titles, 33 intermediate titles; 12 Master; Innovative Rehabilitation Medicine Talent Teams of Supported Age and Professional Structure and Sustainable Development. Medical technology advantages adhere to the development concept of "Dancing".

The department introduced Japanese new Bobath rehabilitation technology, inviting the new Bobath Rehabilitation Association for the New Bobath Rehabilitation Association for the President New Bao, currently the new Bobath Rehabilitation Conference, Teacher, the teacher, visited the hospital to hold a national rehabilitation class.

The department team also systematically learned the basic theory knowledge of neurophysiology, neurological, biomechanics, and sports development, and rehabilitation therapy under the guidance of rehabilitation therapy, especially the new Bobath concept, and found the essence of various rehabilitation theories and rehabilitation technology. After continuous summary and sublimation, the team took the lead in proposing the rehabilitation system under the guidance of nerve and skeletal muscle anatomical guidance in the national rehabilitation industry, and continued to improve the department system in continuous clinical practice and research. Under the guidance of this system, a stroke patient rehabiliter therapy, and the rehabilitation training of patients with stroke is performed in accordance with the ladder. And combined with the local muscle injection of botulinum toxin under B-ultrasound.

The effectiveness of the rehabilitation of patients with the patient after stroke is remarkable, and it has formed a good reputation in Guangxi.

Rehabilitation of swallowing dysphagia as the advantages and focus of the department.

In the original swallowing-based swallowing functional assessment, the department introduced the domestic advanced swallowing angiography digital analysis technique and fiber endoscope, more systematic and accurate assessment of patient swallowing function, and fully mastered Based on the expansion technology of cyclic muscle balloon, an indwelling duplex cyclic cyclic pulpolactive device is developed, and a practical new patent is successfully obtained.

The rehabilitation technology of the department’s swallowing disorder has been widely recognized inside and outside the district. In 2019, the Guangxi Rehabilitation Medical Association’s Swallowing Observatory Rehabilitation Professional Committee, the director Chen Xiaofeng, director of the Director of the Extension of the Rehabilitation Professional Committee, held a swallowing in the same period at the establishment meeting. Seminar and Chinese and Western Medicine Complex Seminar and Chinese and Western Medicine Combined New Technology New Concept Workshop.

It has promoted the development and progress of the rehabilitation technology of the district.

Aiming at severe rehabilitation in tracheal cuts, using systematic assessment and treatment system, make full use of modern medicine, carrying out B-ultrasound-guided meat toxin-saliva gland injection to the treatment of hustle, electronic bronchoscopy, diaphragmatic stimulator, body seizure shock row Speed, speech valve technology, respiratory training, etc. Accelerate the process of extracting the gas cutting tube, reducing hospitalization time and medical expenses of severe patients. Patients with paraplegic paraplegic paraplegia, and the treatment of recovered paraplegia, which were treated with the emergency paraplegia. In response to the central nervous system damage, especially after spinal cord injury, patients with urinary retention, intermittent urinary technology, solve the problem of patients’ long-term indwelling urete.

Give full play to the advantages of Chinese and Western medicine, combine Chinese and Western medicine as a specialist development. On the basis of continuous improvement of their modern medical technology, the department has also been committed to improving the level of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the case of the continuous learning research theory, after long-term clinical practice, the classic ward has established a Chinese medicine classic ward. Hu Shifu Feng Shilun’s economical system is the main academic guidance thinking. He has blended a hundred houses, with five organs, Zhongjing Qin’an The medicine Fuyang French, the Yellow Emperor, the abdominal needle is a wing, needle drugs, and the law and the whole method, the lottery, inherit the essence, and the innovation, in order to relieve the people’s hardship and inherit the development of Chinese medicine. The director of the Department and the discipline took the leader. Professor Chen Xiaofang was invited to participate in the roadbar of the health of CCTV, taught the national audience combined with the concept of connotation, and the response was strong.

Since its establishment, the Science and Education Achievements Department has trained more than 20 master’s degree. It has also been standardized by the Guangxi Community Rehabilitation Treators hosted by the Autonomous Region Health Committee, which has delivered a large number of high-quality rehabilitation medical talents in Guangxi grassroots medical institutions.

In the department, the department has more than 30 scientific research projects, with a total of more than 100,000 yuan. A total of 70 papers were published in the professional magazine, including more than 20 core journals.

Wen three prizes for Guangxi Medical and Health Suitable Technology Promotion Awards. In terms of technical transformation, 4 new patented technology is obtained in the past three years. In the future, the department will adhere to people-oriented, according to the "independent innovation, key leap, support development, lead the future" work policy, and make full use of modern science and technology, explain the connotation of Chinese and Western medicine connotation, people’s health, and social needs Guide, continuously improve the level of traditional Chinese and Western medicine combined with rehabilitation, and give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese and Western medicine to combine rehabilitation, easy, efficient, and honesty, for the majority of rehabilitation patients. (Ruikang Hospital) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.