so,Although he is a long,But the Lord is to tears。

Liao Jie took the face,Construction site looking to the end of the mountain road,I can’t help but turn over a white eye.,When I worship God later,Is he worship or not worship?。
Originally standing in the mountain,Because of hell invasion collapsed into slope,These days,The ruins of the old site of the Exor Magist Family League Headquarters are cleaned up,The construction of the shrine has just begun。
But because of the internal guessing mystery,The high level is the importance of this shrink,Appropriation additional subsidies human material,Designed to built,Everything is subject to the highest specifications of craftsmen。
In turn, in turn,How much is spent?,Be sure to comfort the gods。
And because there are too many power to visit,I can’t let God blow the sun every day.,White jade image is moved to the armjet,Waiting for the main hall to repair,Will pick a Huangdao Ji-day。
Front,Come and tears take out the pass from your handbag,Deliver a witch who guards the door。
The latter looks at Liao Jie’s face,The brain floated a series of question marks,I feel that this face seems to have seen.,But I can’t think of it.,After the passing pass,A slotted facing home running。
“Among unity,Today, there is an visitor to board the pass.。”
backyard,Witch,In front of you are training new people’s shallow,The shrine has not been completed,The number of witches is over.,This is a headache。
Just like Liao Jie said that,Pretty girls with beautiful girls,The unfair god will turn the Zhengqi Sopement into the Unreasonable Society。
“Who is?”
“A male three women。”
“What happened to,If you don’t work,Needless to manage who they are,It’s just。”
Among the shallow sigh,The door of hell is open,God of Devil,White jade image seal hell,Message spread too fast,Too many people who want to see God,Waiting for her reaction,The general trend has become no way to stop。
Since you can’t stop,That is limited,She picks up my own relationship,Number of time limit,There is no saying that a lucky one is drawn every day.,Want to see God,Various things。
“no,They have no rules,Just only the man is so mastered,I mean,I have seen a portrait of the adults before.,The men and portraits have some similar。”
“impossible,real or fake,Are you a mistake??!”
Construction Site,The yard has opened a brick-paved trail.,Guide to visit the Dhetin。
Liao Jie left hand to tears,The right hand is coming to give birth to love,The latter also followed one to life,Life winner,A pace of pace that is not recognized。
“Recently,What are you busy with?,Fall early,I can’t see people all day.。”Come to tears, eye sister,Directly select ignore,Anyway, not the first time,Go with her.。
“Check the case,What can I do?,Is there anyone outside??”
“I don’t say this.”
Come and tear and smile,Be right,She is thinking so much.。
What I want to ask again?,Front,Shallow witch from the arm,Seeing Liao Jie, right away,Slight,Accelerate your footsteps。
“Mr. Kurosaki,How did you come?”She respects,Nothing to get angry,Ignore three beautiful women yourself。
Come to the corner of tears,Means a deep and watching their own men,I want to hear his explanation。
In addition to false names,She is more interested in shallow attitude,Have a respectful,Full doubt。
Liao Jie looks at the mind of tears,Be there being:“Nothing to explain,Away from home,It is also a neon such dangerous country,And I have no law enforcement right here.,Certainly you can’t use this name。”
“That witch”
“See,Have a cooperation,Be an acquaintance。”
Liao Jie shrugged,He and shallow cooperation,Team to defeat the hell king,And seal hell。
“Mr. Kurosaki,These three Guests are?”
The relocation of Liao Jie said,It seems that I am not just playing.,Three sisters who are looking forward to home,Especially the long-haired big waves,Eye people can see,The relationship between the two is very uncommon。
“This is my girlfriend,Her call”
“Tear,Be a farewet wife!”
“alright,Be a farewet wife。”