However, the Chu Deirers said it is the big truth.,Forever、After、Nanyan is built in the north and south,Former Yan is Murong, defeating the inner competitors in Xianbei、Break up、After the victory,A north chart in the country,During the period, I still worship the Non-Dynasty.,Although the most developed,It also occupies the entire Central Plains and North,But in less than 20 years……

After the swallow is more than ten years,Murong is defeated in the former Qin,Self-reliable portal is established,Persist for a long time,But less than 30 years!
Nanyan is behind Murong,Murongde is in Shandong,苟 残 残 残,Twelve years of national。
certainly,There is also a West Yan in theory,However, this thing Murongbo did not speak with Murong complex.,I don’t think about Xian Yan Murong rushed this ancestor.——Western Yan is weak、Never say,And the emperor Murong is a male pet in Qinqian……
the most important is,Murong is too serious,Not only have to be in terms of cruel,Scourge,Nothing good reputation,And also to the rock,A attack with Yao Wei。
Compared to below,Murong Dragon as a prince,Get the retention,High level of weight in front of Qin,Later, although it was again,But it is behind the soldiers,I have taken the tension first.,Escort him back to Luoyang,After I ran to the north to set up the flag of Yan Guo……
This must be a lot of,Be considered,Moreover, Murong, my own civilian martial arts is also considered.。
Today, Mu Rong’s recognition,Before Yan Yan、After、Nan Yan,No Western Yan。
But in Chu Deiren,Counting the chaos in seven or eight hundred years ago,Ports of the country,What can I call in the private?,Mu Rong’s also wants to have a heart。
Chapter 341 You should call“cousin”
“you、Why do you know??”Murong Fu first is anger,Actually dared to see your life,Then I will follow my heart.,I thought of this matter why the Chu Deiren will know?。
Some people who have already stared at themselves in the rivers and lakes.?
There is also a secret force,Oblast?
No wonder what I do, I don’t feel smooth.,This must have a conspiracy!
“Your door is not a written‘Join’Stone monument??Your Mu Rong’s home pass fingering method,Also called‘Join finger’……Battle of Give Walk!Northern Wei’s battle,Plus Murong this surname,Still very well guess?”Chu Deirers have just said。
Murong’s out,On the one hand, it is indeed bullied in the middle of the rivers and lakes.,On the other hand, it is also because of the Yanguo hundred years ago.,I have long forgotten everyone.,Nothing existent……
If you take it out,Good use“Giant deer”,That everyone can react——Are you a heat of the emperor??
Murong Jiu Wen,The face is a blue white,Fortunately, now I’m nine just“sleep”Shortly,Don’t worry, she woke up.。
Chu Deirers also wasted:“But you don’t have to worry,Most people have long forget this code.,Even if you call Yanzhuang,Will not come to the end to find trouble……Just don’t have a prosperous old department to invest。”I still don’t forget to make up one sentence.。
This is the truth,Don’t even say,Even now really in the world,Going back to the troops are the age of the grass,You are also against Yan Guo flag.。
After all, I will even have a fresh polar.,Now it has been integrated into the Han people.、A small number of integrates into Tubo,Complete disappearance,You will make a fortified banner,In addition to people of the world, they are different,What else can you have any effect??
Xianbei is indeed a horizontal,But don’t say that it is Murong Xiangbei.,Even the Northern Wei Xianbei nobles,I have no trace now.,The first thing in Pu Liu Rujian is to change back to Hanjia.“Yang”surname,Who gives you Murong confident,After hundreds of years,To strengthen the banner of Zhu Yan?
Can there be a resurrection of Xianbei??
Directly when the peasant uprising leader,Also than this negative value“Yan Yan”Big flag is easy to use?
Murong Record,More plugging in my heart——indeed,Really really true,The current Murong is also a Han,Because there is no prosperous。
The others did not come from the participants、Mu Rong’s two keywords,What is doubting,It has already explained itself.,Yan Guo has no contest.。
Just just a family of Murong,One party Da Yan’s jade,What use?
“Humph……Humph!Vanfei,What do you know?”Murong recruited,But but can’t say anything。
“Van?There is still a better than the world、Reuching needs more‘Vulgar’Do things??This is elegant,What is the climate??”Chu Dee people continue to stimulate Murongjiu。
“you give meg……”Murong Jiu Ying Festival spit out halfway,Suddenly reacting:“Are you very hoping?,I don’t want to entangle you.?”
“nor,I still like it.……Dull。”The Chu Deiren called his name.。
Murong Jiupin’s horizontal eyebrows,But just at this time,Just listen to a roof outside,I saw Wang Yizhen.、Mu Yiquan and small fish、Four people, etc.,just……Put Chu Deirers and Murong Fu,Blocking in the hill。