Shenfu Demonstration Zone: "Tomorrow Lecture Hall" has special people’s participation in heat

The tempering demonstration zone is known. The pilot of the "Building Hall" was officially launched this summer.

Xincheng Community moved the classroom into the community, park square, moved to the people. Put a table, take a few stools, then drink, then let go, pull the distance between the dry group.

Since the "Building Hall", the community staff has been in the people thinking, thinking, what is expected, let the party members, industry experts, advanced typical participation, to speak theoretical policies, lectures, and tell the typical deeds, The change in the exemplary area. From "I want to serve", "I want to serve", actively solve problems for the masses, guide the masses to liberate ideas, transform the concept, and constantly improve their ideological understanding and spiritual appearance.

The residents were excited: "I have participated in 8 hiking lecture halls, there are many gains every time, the teaching is close to life, getting the ground, through learning, I deeply understand the government’s concern and care for our people. I also made me more firm confidence in the future of hometown.

"Since the" Building Hall ", the interaction between community cadres and residents has increased, and the disputes between neighbors have been reduced. It is not only a resident learning knowledge, reflecting the school’s school, but also a platform between residents.

Liang Min, secretary, Xincheng Community, Li Shi Street, Shenfu Demon, said: "After receiving the pilot task, I have been thinking about how to let these theory ‘landed’, for this, I have developed a lecture plan, and the teachers have developed a lecture plan. Collect, organize a lot of cases and integrate them into theoretical lecture.

Now this kind of lecture model is very popular, it is shouting, I’m going to come, now I have become a person-time to listen to the class, which is firmly confident that we continue to do this event. (Editor: Wang Swin, Danglong).