“Come and drink!I watch you in the work unit on weekdays.,How come you feel like a different person when you go out,Dumb,I get angry when I think about what happened last night”That’s it for Guo Meiliyi,I lowered my head embarrassedly。

Xia Jian smiled,He understands the meaning of Guo Meili’s words,But I blame her for nodding,Both times are the most critical moment。Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t help but asked with a smile:“When did the upper bunk come?Why i don’t know at all?”
“You sleep so soundly,How can i know,It was morning when she came。She is also a sexy big beauty,The mini skirt can’t even cover the ass,It’s a pity you fell asleep and didn’t see anything“Guo Meili drinking beer,While deliberately teasing Xia Jian。
This person is so weird,When there is no relationship between two people,There seems to be a wall between the two,Whether it’s doing things or talking,Everyone will worry about each other,But only one involves the relationship between men and women,The barrier between them disappeared instantly。
“All right,I don’t think you woke up at all,Go back to sleep after drinking this cup“Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian in a daze,Lifted the bottle,Divided the last half bottle of wine。
When the two return,Which beauty in the upper bunk also got up,She is wearing shoes in the lower bunk。The first thing Xia Jian sees is two big, evenly white legs。What Guo Meili said is good,Where does this woman sit,Her red panties are exposed under the skirt。
“You are back?How are the dishes in the dining car fried?“Woman talking,Put on shoes and stood up。
A few meters tall,Impeccable body。But her face is actually not pretty,It can be said to be ordinary in ordinary,But her face is also very white,This is confirming a saying,One white cover one hundred ugly。
“Oh!so so“Guo Meili responded。Xia Jian just recovered,He didn’t say a word,But walked in,Sat on his shop。The moment I rubbed shoulders with this woman,He can see clearly,Although this woman is young,But the actual age should be 35 years old。
“True and common,I thought President Xia was different,Actually you are no different from other men,I can’t turn my eyes when I see a beautiful woman“Guo Meili just waited for this woman to leave,Xia Jian began to count down。
Xia Jianzheng wanted to go back to Guo Meili’s two sentences,I didn’t expect this woman to return,She said:“Beautiful and delicious,Food color!“Guo Meili looks at Xia Jian,Dumbfounded for a while。She never expected,This woman will come back。
First0759chapter Sexy and charming female thief
Sunshine over four o’clock in the afternoon,Penetrated under the curtain of the car window。
Xia Jian and Guo Meili are sitting opposite each other,The two were talking,While watching the great rivers and mountains outside the car window。The strange thing is that this sexy woman ate a meal for hours,I haven’t seen her figure until now。Xia Jian still looks forward to something,This may be the ambition of a man。
The train arrived at a big station,Stopped,Xia Jian stood up,Stretched。Then smiled and said to Guo Meili:“Sitting too boring,Stop here for ten minutes,Let’s go down and walk?“
Guo Meili,Hurriedly packed up the valuables,And followed Xia Jian out of the train。They sit in a soft sleeper,So there are not many people getting off or on the bus。
Xia Jian and Guo Meili easily arrived on the platform。Big station is different,There are still many people who buy various snacks。Xia Jian glanced at Guo Meili and said:“Take whatever you want,I treat“Guo Meili shook his head,A manifestation of lack of appetite。
Two people walked along the platform towards the front of the car,When I walked to the door of the hard ride,Where are so many people getting on the bus,Almost every door is very crowded。Although the flight attendant shouted loudly,But the migrant workers carrying salutes are afraid that they will be late and there is no place to put their salutes,So everyone squeezed up desperately。
Thus,On the contrary, it slowed down the speed of getting on the car。Suddenly Guo Meili hit Xia Jian,She lowered her voice and said:“Look at the door”Xia Jian was taken aback,Isn’t it just squeezing into the car??It’s not that he has not experienced this situation。