The first cup of water in the morning, the hidden university asked

24 Nov

The first cup of water in the morning, the hidden university asked

The first cup of water in the morning, the hidden university asked

How to drink the first cup of water in the morning is also a great knowledge, facing boiled water, light salt water, honey water, lemonade, juice, milk. Who should you choose?

  The first cup of water in the morning can drink boiled water. Warm boiled water is the best drink. It excludes calories. It can be directly absorbed and utilized by the body without digesting. It is generally recommended to drink the same warm water as in the room.

  Honey water in the morning on an empty stomach with a cup of honey water, can not only add water, but also increase nutrition, for the elderly and constipation, it can also promote the role of defecation.

  Lemonade drinks a glass of lemonade on an empty stomach every morning. It has a good effect on constipation caused by physical weakness and helps digestion and whitening.

But be sure to remember that you should gargle after drinking, or you will hurt your teeth.

  The first cup of water in the morning can’t drink fruit and vegetable juice. Many people like to wake up to drink fruit and vegetable juice in the morning. They think that they can directly absorb nutrients and remove body waste.

In fact, this is a wrong area. It is best to choose the warmest food in the first morning, and let the injection work in the absence of water, which is not conducive to good health.

  Drinking light salt water after getting up the salt water will increase the salt in the body and increase the dehydration phenomenon, which makes it more dry.

In addition, the morning is the first peak of the body’s blood pressure rise, the higher blood pressure of drinking salt water is higher, it is more dangerous for the elderly with high blood pressure.

  Coke and other beverages such as soda and cola mainly contain citric acid, which accelerates the excretion of calcium in metabolism and lowers the calcium content in the blood, which leads to a lack of calcium and nutrient imbalance in the long run.

  Many people like milk to drink milk.

The milk in the morning can’t be used as the first cup, so the function of the body is still dormant, and the nutritional value of the protein cannot be fully utilized.

In addition, many people will have symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.