The most special emblem is a red beacon,This should represent the lighthouse,Also polyline and digital label,The teenager can’t figure it out for a while,For the time being, the polyline is part of the channel,I can only figure out while watching。

Actually the boy himself is in the void,And the starry world in the picture is a part or a slice of the whole void,He almost effortlessly found an unremarkable white light at the end of the northeast corner of the picture,Then the mysterious place,It’s also the chaotic land that the old palace owner said。
Obvious,Chaos Land is the farthest place the Old Palace Master can reach through countless explorations of the void,The teenager is eagerly looking for a place in the world of freedom,Only found this location,He can determine the specific location of the mainland ruins。
The teenager kept looking around to compare with the starry sky map,And carefully recall the trajectory of bubbles,Found the general direction,But unfortunately,Back in the direction,Stars are dense along the way,Meteorological,Don’t say meticulous,It’s hard to find the place where the free world once existed。
really,Finding a point in the vast void is hundreds of thousands of times more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack,So the boy reduced the flight speed of the cocoon,Facing the starry sky map,The whole person is quickly integrated into the picture。
Inadvertently,Fingertip touched the screen,A faint fluorescent emission,It is the star touched under the fingertips,As if suddenly lit up。
The boy noticed an extremely dim red dot in the center of the faint light,Even if he has an extremely powerful vision, he needs to distinguish carefully,To see the outline,The red dot seems to be a red lamp,Consistent with the logo,This is the legendary lighthouse!
Since the boy heard the word lighthouse from Big Eyeball and Qiu Kejian,This is the first time I have seen,Although only in the picture,That is also the mark left by the old palace owner himself,Youth believe,This little lighthouse actually exists in the real void。
Look carefully along this star,The teenager never let go of any detail,Unknowingly, the divine consciousness was integrated into the picture。
Suddenly,Refreshing young,It’s like passing through a barrier like a tulle,It seems to have come to another void world,The surrounding stars are zooming in,And my body is gradually shrinking。
Seeing the body keep growing,Like an inflating balloon,Several times I was about to hit a meteorite that came quickly,The teenager is a little flustered,I can’t stop calling in my consciousness,Strange,Regardless of perfusion with consciousness,The swelling of the body was finally contained,But the boy has grown to a size like a mountain。
It seems,Even in the sky chart,The body shape transformed by one’s own consciousness can still be controlled by consciousness,It’s just that this control is weak at first,Need to repeatedly strengthen the indoctrination to be effective。
Figured out this layer,Teenagers make themselves smaller consciously,No response at first,But gradually became more aware,The body is really shrinking。
So repeated experiments,The boy finally mastered some tricks,Also discovered the beauty of this starry sky map,Divine consciousness enters it to swim,It can be strengthened repeatedly,The young man had to admire the amazing talent of the old palace owner of the Yishui Palace。
One thousand two hundred and sixty-four chapters Master and apprentice reunion
at the moment,The boy’s actions in the picture are still clumsy,Time is too late,He simply dispersed the body of the condensed spirit,Instead, the tentacles quickly extend in all directions,It didn’t take long to find another lighthouse next to a bright star,The dim swaying lamp and the faint breath of the old palace lord,Just southwest of the first lighthouse。
The boy connects the two lighthouses,Got the simplest channel,It’s a pity that he can’t determine his position temporarily,I can only jump out of the starry sky map and join the research again。
At first there was no way,After the young man had a hard time,Divine consciousness simply entered the starry sky map again,Then come out again,Repeat several times,He was surprised to find that every time he appeared on the starry sky map, there was a very slight difference.,Prove that he is on the move。
Connect these tiny points into a short line,Finally got a reference,The boy discovered that this line, which was almost a small dot, was located to the northeast of the line connecting the two lighthouses,His trajectory is only slightly off,So immediately adjusted and started to accelerate。