Gan Yifan put the phone back in the bag,Say:“I have enough,I bought this phone for my uncle。”

“That way,I keep it first,Your uncle can’t get used to him,Such a good phone for him,Get used to him。”
Xu Wen is not happy anymore,“Mom, why are you doing this?,I always say I’ll spoil Dad。Dad’s phone has been used for five or six years,Soaked in water last year,Sometimes the call comes in without showing。Don’t buy a new one for dad,Brother buys new ones for dad,You don’t plan to use it for dad,I strongly protest。”
“What do kids know,You are not clear about your father’s virtue,This matter is the master,You are not allowed to tell your dad。”
“Do not,I will say,I will call dad now。”
Mother and daughter bicker everyday,Gan Yifan was watching the excitement,For him,Is a rare comfort。
Xu Wen made a call,Not long after,Xu Mingliang is here。
Driving Gan Yifan’s old modelA4,Wearing a woolen coat,Wearing a round hat。Don’t say,I really don’t look like a warehouseman,It’s like……Old school turtles。
“dad,Where do you get this woolen coat,I didn’t even see you through。”
Wang Lan brought out the soup,Tease:“Your dad is stinky when driving a car,Some time ago I kept asking me to buy him a woolen coat,I am too cold and did not agree,Bought him a down jacket。He is good,Said driving down jacket wearing bloated,Just like your dad,Maybe it was pulled from one of his fishermen。Hurry up and eat,Not fit at all,Not ashamed。”
“I think it’s good,Just a bit smaller。”Xu Wen is happy。
Xu Mingliang doesn’t care about his wife and daughter making him amused,Smiled and expressed concern for Gan Yifan,But those eyes looked straight on the phone pocket。
Wang Lan knows him too much,Can’t laugh or cry:“Look at you,Rat-eyed,Take it,Yifan bought you,I also have one,Change quickly,Come over for dinner after a change,I have to go to Ganjiazhuang。”
“okay。”Xu Mingliang suddenly became happy,Start playing phone。
“Don’t even know how to say thanks……”Wang Lan muttered,Add a bowl of rice to Gan Yifan:“Your uncle is such a person,I haven’t had a great future in this life,Let’s eat and leave him alone。”
Xu Wen holds injustice for her father,“My dad is not like my mom said,Brother you don’t know,Now my dad is this among his group of fishing friends……”Thumbs up while talking,Go on:“They look for my dad when they go fishing in Dongming Lake,Go fishing with my dad at no cost,The old stubborn uncle picks up all the way,And let me tell you,No one charged my dad for dinner at Ganjiazhuang,Old cow。”
“That’s what your dad can do?That’s because people give Yifan face,No one is like your dad,Say everywhere‘I am Uncle Yifan’,I’m worried that others don’t know,I have no face to go with him。”
“Dad is my uncle,What can’t be said about this,Uncle Jiabao even insisted Dad go to his restaurant for dinner,Dad paid back,But gave a 10% discount……”Talking and giggling。