Sleeping is a disaster caused by light pollution

Sleeping is a disaster caused by light pollution

During the day when the sun is empty, the night lights are on the first day – you will have different fun and surprises every day living in the metropolis.

But usually at the same time, excessive UV in the sun, rays in the specularly reflected light, and rays from various artificial light sources can make your health too much.

at this time.

Look at the glamorous scenery around you.

You can’t help but start lamenting!


hzh {display: none; }  美国科学家说:“全世界有2/3的人生活在光污染里!”This is not an alarmist, because sunlight, refracted light, and artificial light sources are everywhere. The ultraviolet radiation, visible light and infrared rays (IR) contained in them are harmful to the body, causing endocrine disorders in women, resonance of the biological clock, and depression.Many symptoms such as irregular menstruation, severe cases will increase the risk of cancer.

to this end.

In the short June of the night, let us have a difficult light pollution!

  What tells the story of light pollution is that light pollution is an alternative pollution that causes great harm to the human body without feeling.

In fact, radiation generated by light having a wavelength between 100 nm and 1 mm has an adverse effect on the eyes, skin and body organs.

And deformation occurred.

  Light pollution is not only harmful to physical health, but also mental health.

According to the “spectral light chromaticity effect” measurement, the psychological impact of white light is 100, the blue light is 152, the red light is 158, and the black light is 187. Numerical simulation has an effect on the psychological impact.

It can be seen that the illumination of the continuously transmitted light.

It will make people feel very annoyed.

Extreme depression is the result of this.

As a result, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, irregular menstruation, insomnia, neurasthenia and other symptoms appear.

  Among them, the “shadow” light pollution of light pollution is found everywhere, and it is like a shadow.

As Russell Reiter, an endocrinologist at the Texas Health Science Center in the United States, said: Light is a drug, and excessive exposure will endanger health!

“And, the “patent” of the light twice, the white light reflected by the building, the artificial illumination light, the color light can bring no small threat to health.

  It is here: strong sunlight is properly exposed to ultraviolet light (in June, the sun is softest at around 6 am every day, when sun is more suitable), it can be detoxified to prevent skin diseases.

However, when the sun is too strong, the daily exposure to strong light for more than 3 hours, the ultraviolet level will exceed the normal standard, once the protection is not right, the health hazard is really not small!

  The first thing that suffers is the skin. A lot of ultraviolet rays are in direct contact with the skin, which can lead to metabolic disorders of the skin and make the skin cancer “organic.”

Moreover, strong sunlight can cause a sharp drop in hormone levels in the human body and a significant loss of memory.

After a long time, the body’s immune system will also be affected, increasing the incidence of diseases such as tuberculosis and pleurisy.

  It’s here: Building reflections This is a continuous light pollution, and today there are more and more mirrored buildings.

Polished marble is becoming more and more popular, and the color of the paint is more and more bright. However, when the sun shines on it, there will be strong white light refracting, which will have a very bad influence on human physiology.

  Eyes are the most direct “victims” because of the intense, inevitable transmission of intense light to the retina and iris to varying degrees of harm, giving cataracts a chance to “take advantage of the virtual.”


White light is not very “gentle” and can cause fluctuations in blood circulation.

Living in such an environment for a long time.

Very easy to cause dizziness upset, insomnia.

Loss of appetite, depression, physical weakness and other symptoms like neurasthenia give a feeling of “sickness”.

  It’s here: lighting, of course, we can’t do without lighting, but this kind of bright lighting tool that gives us a bright night makes our sleep time greatly postponed, causing the body’s biological clock to be disordered, seriously affecting our health.

  This is because there is a creature called the pineal gland in the brain that secretes a large amount of melatonin after night or the surrounding environment becomes dark, causing a decrease in excitability, an increase in blood pressure, and thus going to sleep and improving sleep quality.
The hormone is secreted most vigorously from 11 o’clock in the middle of the night to the early morning of the next day. After dawn, the light source enters and stops secreting.If you are a night cat, the lights in the house, the TV is always on, the pineal gland will stop working immediately, and melatonin is forced to stop secreting, so that we can at least sleep in bed, turn to the side, can not sleep, the bodyImmunity will also be affected.

  It is here: the nightclub color light nightclub is very exciting, cooperating with the rhythm of music, clinking glasses with friends, coupled with the passionate dance steps, the pressure during the day is immediately absent.

But at the same time, the black light, the rotating light, the fluorescent light, and the flashing color light source are even more powerful than the excessive ultraviolet light.

  Experiments by researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom have shown that the various lights in nightclubs can dazzle the brain’s nerve center at the same time, making people feel dizzy, even nausea, neurasthenia, decreased sexual ability, nosebleeds. the most seriousIt can also cause leukemia and other cancers.

The influence of these lights on mental health can not be underestimated. The happiness here is a short-lived one. When the music stops, there is no rhythm support, psychological emptiness, panic feeling is gradually enhanced, and it is prone to extreme behavior, so it is unimaginable.
  how about it.

hzh {display: none; }  摆脱光污染的“出口”   当然,想要摆脱光污染不是说把自己放进地洞,终年不见天日就oK了,还要通过饮食、生活细节等方法来让自身的“折射”The ability is constantly increasing!
  Drinking water, slowing down light absorption and drinking water can slow down the body’s absorption of light?

Of course, if you regularly take acidic drinks such as juice, your body’s pH will gradually become acidic, causing the body to age faster.

Antioxidant capacity will also gradually weaken.

At this time, if the strong light continues to illuminate, the body has no resistance, and it will “take all the orders”!

Therefore, please replace the hardness of the appropriate, low pH alkaline water to replace, which will not only help the body detoxification, promote internal visceral circulation, and accelerate the body’s anti-aging ability, have their own resistance to light hazardsRoyal ability to resist its pollution to the body from the body.

  Penetrating the light source and choosing the right lamp into the night, although there is no “hunting” of strong sunlight, the light in the home is also likely to hurt your health.

Therefore, choosing the right lighting is a problem you must consider.

It is best to choose an environmentally friendly light source with low pollution and moderate color temperature, and use warm color light as the best, so as to alleviate the degree of “light radiation” in the home.

  Now the health light has entered the life of OL. The electric light technology combined with plasma technology and energy saving allows the free electrons released by the electric lamp to combine with the oxygen molecules in the air to generate negative ions, and can effectively spread the light radiation and influence the effect.Further activates the activity of oxygen ions.

It not only reduces the harm of direct light to the human body, but also sterilizes and eliminates the effect of indoor carbon dioxide.

Lighting, reducing light pollution, promoting health, and doing three things.

  Choose a film, wear “sunglasses” for the family when you are outdoors. If you encounter strong light, you will immediately take out the glasses to defend it and make your eyes comfortable.

Sometimes, the sun in the home is also very strong, you always think, if you can bring “sunglasses” to the room, how good it is to resist the light pollution effect.

  Therefore, clever scientists have developed a glass building adhesive film, which is a tough PET polyester film, which seems to constitute an “invisible tough barrier” on the glass, but it can effectively block excessive glare and minimize radiation replacement., and also have a good insulation effect, let yourself cool in the summer.

  Prompt light pollution only loves her light pollution also has its own “love the crowd”, when the light pollution “eyes”, health hazards will emerge endlessly.

Immediately reveal the “blacklist” in the hands of light pollution for you. I wonder if you are in it?

  She is a guide for outdoor work for a long time, especially in the early summer of the tourist season, excessive sunlight, building refracted light is absorbed, the index of light pollution is not small!

Always use sun umbrellas to refract harmful light, apply sunscreen every hour, and minimize the chance of light pollution.

  She is a night cat family often working overtime to contact the lighting, the radiation of computer light will not be less, greatly affecting the body’s hormone levels, endocrine diseases will be unsolicited.

If you often work overtime, it is best to add a meal to your own “lightproof” staying up late, let the nutrients in nuts and fruits do your best to block light pollution.

Eye drops are also a must, among which the mint formula is rich in vitamins and nutrients, allowing the eyes to comfortably win PK with light pollution.

  She is an otaku.

hzh {display: none; }  一有时间就呆在家里,其实并不是最安全的,因为灯光、地砖的反射光同样会让身体遭受光污染。Moreover, without the supply of fresh air, the pollution of the body will be more serious!

In the morning, in the middle and in the evening, the doors and windows of all the rooms are opened, so that the air is convected, the turbidity in the home is discharged, and the fresh air is settled. It is also an effective way to reduce the health damage caused by light pollution.

  Natural remedies resist light pollution: the body is not sensitized, the food is to help. In fact, our body has the ability to refract harmful light, but it needs to be activated.

Food has played an important role in the whole process.

They have a very comprehensive energy of the human body, which increases the body’s immunity, antioxidant capacity, sun protection, and absorption capacity, and can fully resist the light pollution.

Now, what are you waiting for, let us eat it – 1 soybean – improve antioxidant capacity and improve antioxidant capacity is very useful for resisting light pollution.

Only when the body slows down the oxidation rate, the self-protection consciousness of the skin surface layer is stronger, preventing light from entering the body through the skin and causing adverse effects.

  Soy is the first choice at this time.

In itself, the lovely soybeans are rich in soy isoflavones, which have strong antioxidant capacity. When too much intense light is irradiated, it can reduce the photoaging of the skin caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation.

The best way to eat is to add a small spoon of soy to the porridge for breakfast. After cooking and boiled, the nutrients in the soybeans will be mixed with the porridge without any waste.Delicious, nutritious, giving you the power to resist the pollution of the light in the early morning.

  2 kinds of nuts – increase body immunity “immunity, good body!

“This sentence is equally useful for resisting light pollution.

Even if the outside sun is high, all kinds of light pollution has entered the body. If the body has strong resistance, the power of light pollution can only be regarded as “nine cattle and one hair”!

  Then eat more nuts.

Because nut snacks are rich in vitamin E, eliminating the free radicals produced in the body after harmful light exposure will be the lowest replacement for cancer.

The body grows stronger in the nourishment of nutrients, and light pollution naturally has no effect.

However, it should be noted that the production of nuts is very high, do not eat before going to bed, and easily cause indigestion.

The best time to enjoy is three o’clock in the afternoon, when the gastrointestinal absorption capacity is stronger, the effect is especially good!

  3 Kiwifruit – Improve the “refraction” of the human body When excessive sunlight is shining on the body, the body should activate a powerful self-protection function to “disregard” harmful light.

However, this ability of many women has not been stimulated, because the amount of trace elements is still insufficient!

  Perhaps, kiwi can help you solve the problem: a kiwi contains a lot of nutrients, vitamin C, folic acid, fiber replacement, and the advantages of low sodium and high potassium, effectively promote the body’s ability to heal, so that harmful light has no chance to enterbody.

  4 Green plum – improve the absorption capacity of calcium to improve the absorption capacity of calcium can create a good environment for the body, increase the hardness of the bones, accelerate the metabolism of light pollution.

But in fact, due to the “forced” bad habits, the body’s ability to absorb calcium is greatly reduced. It seems that it is time to eat something to restore it.

  At this time, the green plum is grandly released, its rich tannic acid content, so that the solubility of calcium is improved, it is easy to be absorbed by the intestinal tract – you can achieve this effect by eating 2 capsules every morning.

Or drink a small cup of green plum wine at dinner, which can also enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium.