How to do a lot of white-collar pressure?

How to do a lot of white-collar pressure?

Ensure enough sleep.

The most effective decompression during sleep is a good night’s sleep energy protection, sleep well and improve work efficiency, but also maintain good mood and have a sense of well-being.

Therefore, until staying up late to work overtime, you should also sleep for the whole day on the next day, do not insist on not sleeping or continue to work or even go out to play.

Everyone may think that I am talking about it here, and time is precious, how can I waste my sleep? In fact, this is a very wrong idea. Look at those people who are greedy and sleepy, and they always look happy.There are few troubles.

Even if you can’t do “greedy and snooze”, ensuring enough sleep is the number one magic weapon to slow down stress.

Ensuring a good diet The energy of the human body’s life-sustaining activities is almost completely normal. A good diet and eating habits are especially important for improving people’s health.

White-collar workers, as brain power workers, consume huge amounts of energy every day, and scientists have shown that the source of energy that supplies the brain with continuous energy is glucose.

In other words, when you consume a lot of brain power, you should eat more starchy foods to provide energy to the brain.

Starchy foods, which we often call staple foods, include rice, flour, sweet potatoes, corn, and miscellaneous grains.

Usually climbing the mountain or going to the countryside to stretch the body, the air pollution is serious, the lights are green, the sound and light pollution is also very serious.

Long-term living in the city’s high-rise buildings, monotonous life, lack of some “earth” is also easy to make people feel unhappy.

If you can rest on holidays, in addition to making up your sleep, the other best choice is to climb the mountain or the countryside, and feel very comfortable when you are close to nature.

The atmosphere of the civilian soil is refreshing, picking vegetables and fruits, eating farmhouse meals, and sweeping the depressed mood.

Why not add a refreshing drink such as coffee?

That is to mobilize the energy stored by the human body, the stock of a national treasury.

Occasionally called once, maybe no feeling, but long-term call, when the treasury is empty, the human body will have many sub-health symptoms (such as insomnia, chest tightness, heart loss, irregular menstruation, etc.) and even chronic diseases.

Coffee contains a lot of caffeine, which has long been addictive. If you can’t stop the coffee at once, it is recommended to change the coffee into tea, and the adverse effects on the human body will be much reduced.

Occasionally, I have to eat some supplements to make up the variety of supplements on the market. Here I will promote ginseng to you.

The ginseng is shaped like a doll and grows in the mountains. It continuously extracts the essence of the heavens and earth, and is most suitable for mental workers.

You can slice ginseng chicken soup, or you can assemble ginseng tablets, nothing to contain one or two.

If you have a stomachache, stomach bloating and other white-collar discomfort, it is recommended to eat Codonopsis pilosula, Huangqi chicken soup, very stomach, and both nutritious and delicious.