Waiting posture can reveal workplace psychology

12 Jan

Waiting posture can reveal workplace psychology

Waiting posture can reveal workplace psychology

Translation: When you have been waiting for a long time, you have not seen the shadow of the bus you are waiting for.

At this time, which of the following postures will you take?

  1. Put your hands behind your back, or keep looking at your watch.

  2. Put your hands in your pockets.

  3. Stand with your legs crossed.

  4. Find a wall against it.

  Test result: Choose 1, it is not suitable to be mindful. You are a person with a strong intention, and you do not hide it.

You are very focused on efficiency and effectiveness. When you think of something, you must do it immediately.

Such a personality is manifested in your whole body, so you are also a person who is not suitable for scheming.

Some “bloody” struggles, in fact, you don’t like it, but because you are afraid of other people’s gossip, you are doing it falsely.

In the office, you are not a smooth person. If you don’t, you will offend others and make enemies everywhere.

  Choose 2, be careful and smart, but be misunderstood. You are a person with a city government. Anything you do will go through detailed and thoughtful planning. However, the person who does not “make cards” according to common sense is you.

Behind your smiley face, there may be some major conspiracy hidden.

Because you put all your cleverness on your interpersonal relationships, but you have less concern about your work, so be careful and clever instead of being clever.

You have a very good interpersonal foundation in the office, but it always feels uneasy. That’s because the software conditions are in place, and the hardware conditions need to be strengthened, so you should work harder. Don’t think that you are a person who can only talk.
  Pick 3, lacking self-confidence in your role in the office, a bit like a little poor worm.

Although everything is hard work, but it is lack of self-confidence in oneself.

Other people yell at you casually, no matter if you are rational or not, you will always be scared to death. You are too indifferent and gratifying to cater to others. There is no principle of tolerance, and let others think you are just like this and ignore you.Little universe.

Although you are determined to be an assertive strongman every day, it always goes awry, so please try to turn your fantasy into reality.

  Choose 4, people who are not good at managing their emotions, usually their minds are not really mature.

EQ for emotion management is relatively poor. Uncertain expressions often hang on wooden boards, and most of the things are childish.

It seems that the behavior is also casual. The boss is unhappy and stays there with a bitter gourd face. This disposition is relatively unpopular in the office. Over time, he becomes a boss to give him opinions, and even colleagues may not like it.
So first of all, change your thinking and ideas, and become a truly mature and reliable office family.