Remove tax rebate to account fast, relieve strong performance

[] "The recent corporate turnover has a great pressure. When we are preparing to find ways to financing, he received the tax return reminder information sent by the Tax Department.

We immediately apply for a tax rebate, and I didn’t expect to have received the tax return so soon.

The tax department is very good, and it is anxious to save us. Zhang Wei, "Lianyungang, Shengao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., said. Located in Xu Wei Petrochemical Industrial Park, Lianyungang Shengao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the four petrochemical project sections of China International, Lianyungang Circular Economic Industry Park. Mainly engaged in chemical reagents and additive manufactures and sales of chemical raw materials, chemical equipment and accessories, main product anti-aging agents are in the leading position in the world.

  Affected by the epidemic, the company’s recent turnover funds are very nervous. Lianyungang City Lianyun District Taxation Bureau is in the first time to contact the corporate finance person in charge, inform enterprises to enjoy the tax concession of the tax increase, and Counseling companies have prepared for tax refund in advance. In the tax refund process, a pair of one-line counseling enterprises submit an application, instant review, instant billing, instant recession, straight through, and handle the tax refund process for half an hour. "6.34 million yuan to pay, the company’s current second phase is about to put into production, this tax rebate is really snow charcoal, we increase the capacity of capacity, and the online taxation and efficient tax rebate service launched by the tax department makes us feel very warm.

"The person in charge of the company Hu Changfa is full.

  It is understood that since the introduction of the tax rebate policy, Lianyun District Taxation Bureau has provided accurate counseling to ensure that enterprises have rapid tax rebate.

In addition to organizing the special team to verify the amount of enterprise increments and tax rebates, provide full "one-to-one" service, and clearly review the design and handling time limit in the business process, to implement account management, The whole process of specialization, and the "last kilometer" in the policy.

  Since this year, Lianyun District Taxation Bureau has taken the opportunity of party history and education, in-depth promotion of "I have practical practice" for the masses ", actively play the role of tax function, and a total of 98 retreats, tax refund billions, for enterprises Go to "timely rain", inject new kinetic energy for local economic health.

  "We must further combat the taxpayer and the payment of the tax point, block points and difficulties, and comprehensively improve the tax payment method, realize the service to refine, intelligent, personalized transformation, and effectively do tax preferential policies. Bring more new experiences for taxpayers paying people.

"The relevant person in charge of Lianyungang City Lianyun District Taxation Bureau said.

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