Pinggu Wen Trade Industry issued a preferential measures for new crown vaccination

People’s Network Beijing March 26th, for encouraging tourists to vaccinate new crown vaccines. On March 25th, Beijing Pinggu District Culture and Tourism Bureau mobilized the text tour industry provides a discount for tourists who have completed new crown vaccines to obtain a positive response from the majority of industry units. People can use the "Beijing Health Bao" to present the screenshot of the vaccination to the staff to enjoy the preferential policies of the following units.

1. Pinggu District Xinhua Bookstore gives a 10% discount on vaccination staff before July 1.

2. Some boutique guests in Pinggu District take the following preferential measures before June 1st, the following preferential measures: Jin Tama Valley, Pear Flower Cloth, Feng Ming Four Seasons, the small courtyard of the family, peach blossom, happiness Zhai, Quanshui Tribute, Small Reunion B & B: Room 10% discount. 3. Pinggu District Scenic Spots and Star Hotel adopts the following preferential measures before May 1: Tianyun Mountain Scenic Area: Ticket discount 20 yuan; Jingdong University Cave Scenic Area: Ticket discount 10 yuan; Jingdong Grand Canyon, Yushan, Changshou Mountain, Old Eagha Peak Scenic Area: 10% discount on tickets; Pinggu Dongxin Yue Hotel: Room 10% discount; Pinggu Yuyanlou Hotel: Free 40 yuan breakfast, food and drink enjoy member fold (excluding Star food, drink, seafood).

Note: The united home, scenic spots and hotels do not participate in this event. (Editor: Yin Xingyun, Gao Xing).