Li Wei hurriedly said:“Yes!It seems you know him too,No wonder the shot is so ruthless”

“Humph!Wu Wu and Tian Baby are my horses,You say i don’t recognize him?”Wang Youcai’s spirit suddenly came,He proudly said。
Li Wei is dumbfounded again,He stammered after a long while:“Boss!I don’t know Taishan。I didn’t expect that I met you today,I used to hear everyone say that we still have a real boss,But no chance to see,did not expect…”
“All right,Don’t sigh。Wu Wu came out soon,Then follow him and do well。Baishui Town is a small town,You better be honest,Don’t arouse public anger,When Wu Wu came out, you went in”Wang Youcai looked cold,Say word by word。
These years have been mixed in Pingdu,Wang Youcai already knows what this boss should do。Especially for the bottom gangsters,He has to be colder,This will make you feel a little majestic。
“listen,Don’t mess around in town,The police station won’t arrest you,It’s not that people are afraid of you,I just think you committed too little,Wait to accumulate to a certain level,Then you are really over”Wang Youcai thinks that Li Wei might still be able to use him in the future,So I said a few more words。
Li Wei hurriedly nodded and said:“understood,Thanks for your advice。starting today,I’ll do things in the town honestly,Waiting for Brother Wu to come out”
“Hey!Have you seen Niu Xiaohu as a bastard recently?“Wang Youcai asked,I just want to tell Li Wei that he is really their boss。Otherwise this guy hasn’t seen him,Inevitably suspicious。
Li Weiyi listen,A smile suddenly appeared on his face,He whispered:“After Brother Wu went in,He wants to do it himself,It’s a pity that Chen Feng’s people were beaten away“
“Ok!I know,But I tell you,Chen Feng counts root hair,When Laozi was in the city, he did his city management。I play the rest and he picks it up to play again,Sooner or later he will have an accident“That’s it for Wang Youcai,Suddenly strode forward。He thinks he has too much,Shouldn’t say this to Li Wei。
Where did Li Wei stand stupidly,I forgot what I was here for。
In the ward,Li Lanxiang is better than when he first came in,He gasped and said:“Boss Wang,I’m so sorry,Our old Chen family owes you too much,I don’t know how to repay“
“Repay a fart,Let Chunni prepare the meal for me“Wang Youcai said with a smile。In fact, he was saying in his heart,Your daughter-in-law has repaid,Don’t worry about it, you immortal。
Just talking,Yao Chunni came in carrying a thermos,She said apologetically:“It’s past five o’clock,You haven’t eaten yet,There is nothing in this town“