But now I have said that Li speaks along with the wind.,She is also surprised。

I didn’t expect that Li Hui’s medical skills actually just looked at her.。
“breeze,You’re right,Just a sister curious,I really have to drink this tea this tea.?”
“Um,Not only can it be good,And Yunjie will be more beautiful than it is now,I can’t set up the man who will be fascinated by the next morning.。”
“Gill you mean, my sister is not beautiful now.?”
Praising by Li Hui Feng,Xu Ruzhen is also a happy smile that does not cover up.。
“No,Yunjie is now closed moon shame,But drinking this cup of tea back to sleep, the next day, will go home。”
Li Hui’s own, I don’t know how big is Xianquan.,But he feels the most basic skin should be very good.。
“You are so confident to your cup.?”
“Correct,As long as Yunjie believes,So tomorrow, Yunjie will be shocked.,I have a very scarce Chinese herbal medicine in this formula.,I have a few drops in my hands.,And the cup of tea, which is drinking today, there is a drop.。”
Xu Ruzhen did not taste the tea?,If you say the most, you are sweet.,What is really really found?。
If it is not the performance of Li Hui,And her side attack,I will only think that Li Hui is a liar.。
After all, an apple wants to sell one hundred pieces,A cup of tea can make people become beautiful,These words are simply like the heavens。
“Ok,Ok,Sister, I believe you.。”
Say,Xu Ruzhen slowly took the rest of the tea cup slowly drunk.。
Drink this cup of tea,She feels really having a feeling that I want to sleep.,At the same time, I feel that my warm feelings are getting stronger.。
This moment,Xu Ruzhen even suspected that Li took her medicine to give her medicine.。
“breeze,What is the Chinese medicine ingredients in you??
How do I feel hot??”
Yunjie, you can notice it so soon.?”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Xu Ru 芸 misunderstood。
“breeze,You give your sister.?”
Xu Ruzhen is strange that she is fever,But it doesn’t want to have the urge to follow Li.。
“姐,Don’t think so much,How can I give you a medicine?,You hurry now and go back to bubble a warm bath.,Or rinse,Then beautiful sleep,If you have any questions about the next day, please call me.。”
“breeze,I feel that my body is hot.,Don’t I don’t show anything like this??
Do you want to rinse your family??”
Xu Ruzhen felt that his skin has a burning feeling.,Immediately pay attention,Directly propose your own ideas。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Xu Ru will want to flush directly in his house.。
At the same time, he didn’t expect to have such a big response to people.。
“Yunjie,Then you go to the shed.,Then I will give you the door,You have to hurry.,At noon, my parents will come back to eat.。”
Xu Ruzhen forgot a place where Li Rong Feng refers to。
Actually just a small grasshouse,The environment inside is imagined。
If this is the weekday,I will not choose to go in.。
But feel that the feeling of the body is already in the hot feelings.,She also can’t take care of others.,Directly drill into。
“breeze,Give your sister to the water.。”
Li Hui said this,Also hurriedly played a large barrel who sent it directly。