After all, this is not only a problem that buries Liu Zhengfeng.,Also related to the death of Fei Bin!

Although the body has been processed,But Fei Bin is missing,Lushan School is impossible to react。
Chu Deirers are now also watching,Lushan Pai really wants him to trouble,I still want to take the left and cold“Cold ice”、“Cold ice”Woolen cloth!
Early-made preparation is……
Waiting for the Qu-Ni smoke to the holy,Chu Deirers immediately got to go to the Manduo Mandari。
As for the family,Chu Deirens only excuses that the smoke is encountered in the middle.,Ordinary girl who disappears with the family,To take a few days in the government,Waiting。
Liu Mo knows that Chu Deirers will take a few days.,Nature is a general wish,However, the Chu Deirers did not bother Liu Jiaren.,After all, Liu Zhengfeng is new.,People are also a strong spirit of people.。
Iron unparalleled is in the second day,Then Liu Que left,To avoid trouble,Liu Jia brothers and sisters accepted iron unparalleled opinions,No settlement,Just when Liu Zhengfeng is“Missing”。
With Liu Xin, I’m going to the Tiefu.,Liu family in Sanxiang,Not afraid of general thief。
In the afternoon, the rice is coming back.,Chu Deiren saw him to find Liu Mo,Specially asked two sentences,This knows that the last month of the moon……Mainly the external entry,Recently in Hengyang activities frequently,I even secretly kill the Shaoshan disciples once!
This is also very worried about Liu Fu,After all, they don’t know.,What is the demon?。
Chu Deirers taking advantage of no one in the courtyard,Togy smoke:“Non-,You teach the holy to lead the outside door,And Directors are very familiar?Don’t see the old agenda of the black wood cliff,Down is the exterior gathers。”
“Grandpa is unbeaten in the East,Not how to return to the black wood cliff,I don’t pay attention to teaching affairs.,Shenggu……Good to have a good time。”Between the smoke,Also hide the Shenggu。
After all, now in the eyes of the outside,Holy Aunt is not small,This is also a layer of confidentiality。
In fact, the so-called emotion is good.,It is Ren Yingying to get a song.——After all, let me have a new child.,Today, the holy god of the gods outside the gods is Yingying.,Also 178!
Chu Deirers are some guesses,Just don’t see it,I have a skeptive attitude,but……Jianghu Shengchuan Sun Moon God’s holy,Indeed that a double sword,And the prior to the non-smoke is also used in the sword,Chu Deirers feel“Have a good time”This should not be fake。
However, in the middle of the nature of the rivers and lakes,The major outer door of the Holy Aunt’s Day Moon God,Another daughter,The age is definitely not small……
That night,Chu Deirers look into the blackened Liufu,Celled,Come to the city outside the hill。
Practice 唢唢。
After all, Liu Fu’s owner has just passed away.,Chu Deirers have such a scenario in the family’s home.。
Two nights,The first night Chu deer is mainly refreshed with,After all, I didn’t have it for a few months.,And ancient and modern is still different,The second night is familiar with it.“Swordsman song”Spectrum。
唢唢 difficulty,Three points in lung capacity,Five points in ventilation,Before crossing, the Chu deer is actually very amateur in this regard.,But once a three or five hundred words,No one dislikes,Sufficient。
Now the Chu Deirens do not have special practice,But there is a good job,I suddenly reached the master’s level,I can’t hear gas.,It’s just that the method is still waiting to be practiced.。
Qu-frozen smoke knows that Chu Deirers are practicing“Swordsman song”,Naturally, I have to follow my heart.,Chu Deer estimated……She is a grandfather,Just usually don’t say it.。
certainly,Qufian smoke looks at the Chu Deee drums the gang to blow.,In fact, thinking is,If the Chu Deirers practice a seven string,She will be more happy……
Chapter 52 Loudly
Tonight Chu Deirers decided to understand a meal!
Previously just for the sake of waste,So I am familiar with it.,It is adjusted tonight.。
The fused part has been exhausted,But the Chu Deirers will《Different fault》And Wu Xianism“Unknown”Integrate,Nothing《Tianshi》,And probably less than four extensions。
More than Chu Dee people think more,After all, how much is the film,Not practicality,Chu Deirers are only summarized,Positive related to the fusion material practice,Other too many don’t know。
There are still many martial arts that Chu deer needs me.,but……Now“Heart”One of them is empty,I must first fill the empty one first.,Take the most efficient?
It’s also blowing twice.,then……Chu Dee’s painting style!
What is the faintness of the smoke?,Unbelievable look at Chu Deirers。
Although the curved smoke blows the slogan,But it will listen。
The Chu Deirers can only be considered“craft”,It is also not very skilled.,and“Art”The distance between the distance is still far away.。
However, this time, the color of the smoke,But I feel that the Chu deer drums the gang.,already“Art”Category!
In fact, Chu Deirers blocked,Remain,Just trying less、Lighter……