“Jia Chou?”The purple god will be taken aback,Then he looked happy,“Aha,Wu Na Lunhuo,Could it be that I don’t even know old friends?”

Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine Self-destruct
Jia Chou also spread his five fingers in the air and caught it,The giant sword didn’t even appear,Could not help but froze on the spot,Hear familiar sounds,The chaotic brain exploded,Countless fragments are flying and surging like a storm,A familiar picture across,That was the scene where he was fighting with a purple-faced god general when he was on Jiu Jin,Xin Jiang!
This guy is Xin Jiang!I am Jia Chou!We are fighting outside the temple?!So where is this?The fragments have turned into colorful pictures, constantly impacting the soul of Jia Chou,Suddenly it makes him difficult to cope,Splitting headache,Involuntary hands holding head。
“Hi!Silly big guy,You remember Lao Tzu?”The purple god will walk towards Jiachou with a big laugh,And the orange god will no longer grab a gun out of thin air,I suddenly found an old acquaintance,I’m naturally happy,A flash of light and shadow came to Jia Chou,Lift the fist and give the opponent a blow,“Remember Xinghui?”
Persevering, this punch hasn’t fallen into place yet,The orange god general’s arm is dim and has no halo,Then the whole body quickly faded,And the purple god behind him will shout,“not good,It’s a bit special again,Damn,What is this,Jia Chou?Hey,‘Lord of Seven Flames’what,sorry……”The remaining sound is still roaring like thunder,Hem Ha’s second general’s figure has already turned into a little starlight and disappeared。
What are you,Li Tianzhen’s face is depressed,Also helpless,Hem Ha Second General appears very short every time,Although it can be a starting point when it is critical,But it’s like a dragonfly,This supernatural power is too tasteless,Is there only such two idlers in the God Realm??When can the time limit of the summoned supernatural powers be extended??
It is expected that the croaking noise of the small and medium gold people did not appear,Every time,Little golden people will give advice,But this time it’s quiet in the divine consciousness,There is a grunt beside the sea of vitality,Li Tianzhen realized that the other party was gone,Can’t help but sigh,Sad。
This brief passage dropped the jaws of the instructor and Gu Changfeng in shock.,And the soldiers around are even more staring,Suddenly crossing into the outer space,It’s ridiculous!Fortunately, there was no uncontrollable random shooting just now,Otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable。Many people are trembling and want to leave this dangerous place,But I can’t help the huge temptation to stay and see what happened,If yes,No one left。
At this time Jia Chou has already squatted down in pain,Still seems to have not escaped from the torrent of memory,Li Tianzhi maintained enough patience,Standing not far away motionless,And the others had to stand quietly like Li Tianzhen。
Jia Chou suddenly hit the rock with his head,Rumbling rock collapse,Then the whole cave began to shake,Seeing signs of collapse again,Li Tianzhen had to stop drinking again,“Jia Chou,Can remember the Juwu Hall on the side of the temple?”
“Juwutang?”A scandal has finally stopped。
“Not bad,Every time,Who is the head of the Jiazi team in Juwutang?”
“Jiashu!”A ugly without thinking,The Jiazi team has the strongest strength in the class,He is also the only one who convinced Jia Chou besides the God of War。
“Then you remember who i am?”Li Tianzhen is talking,Reappearance of green light in hand。
“‘Seven……Lord of Flame’”Jia Chou finally recognized‘Blasting sword’,Looking closely at Li Tianzhi,Then cried,“I finally waited for the Lord,It’s just that Wenxin fairy is gone。”