Is sexual punishment a sexual perversion?

19 Jan

Is sexual punishment a sexual perversion?

Is sexual punishment a sexual perversion?

Maybe, for example, when men and women are very excited about sex life, they will bite each other. This is called “love bite”. This is normal; if you must bite the other side to bleed or even bite a piece of meat,Abnormal.

  Another example is “seeing people thinking about things”. This is a normal phenomenon, but if you leave people alone and simply fetish, even if you are intoxicated, this is “fetish”, which belongs to the scope of sexual metamorphosis.

  Those with mild sexual punishment are not sexual perverts.

For example, if a husband and wife quarrel, or if the husband makes the wife very angry, the wife is worried.

In the evening, when the husband was going to have sex with his wife, his wife was still ruthless, thinking: “If you don’t have sex with you, punish you!

“So he pushed away fiercely, or refused.

This happens from time to time, and it seems understandable that it cannot be included in the scope of sexual metamorphosis.

  Of course, this phenomenon is not considered to be pathological, and it is not considered to be correct.

Sexual intercourse between husband and wife is a very happy thing in which the emotions and the flesh blend together. If done well, and the two parties get great sexual satisfaction, then the relationship between husband and wife will be greatly enhanced.

On the other hand, if you have an awkward sexual life, or if someone rudely rejects the other party and makes the other party feel discriminatory and insulting, it will be very emotional.

Therefore, even if there is no emotion for the husband and wife’s sexual life, it should be explained and handled properly.

  According to our survey, 19% of the sexual crime motive of female sexual crimes is for sexual revenge.

Because they have been played and hurt by men, they think that men in the world are not good, and they vowed to play with men and punish and retaliate against them.

Therefore, he actively seduce the man and carried out physical sexual harm to the man during sexual intercourse, or caused the man to suffer, and caused the man to lose his reputation-this psychology and practice are of course abnormal.

  It can be seen that it is understandable that sexual punishment is performed in order to vent the moment of dissatisfaction, but does not harm the other person’s body.

But if things go too far, it’s not normal, but abnormal.

  Relevant experts believe that abnormal sexual behavior has nothing to do with genes, chromosomes, and sex hormones; they have no obvious differences in personality characteristics from normal people except for their distinctive performance in the way of sexual desire, object of sexual desire and sexual satisfaction.

But sexual metamorphosis is the same as disease. Psychotherapy should be applied to these people in time to rescue them.