Dad Han Tianyu returns, but still nervous when he goes to the ice rink

“Dad” Han Tianyu returns, but still nervous when he goes to the ice rink
Han Tianyu, who was absent for a year last season, is back.Tonight, the speed skating and short track speed skating national team (hereinafter referred to as the short squad) in the Shougangyuan through the international competition trials, Han Tianyu beat Wu Dajing, Zhang Tianyi and other new players to win the men’s 1500m championship.There was no competition for a season, and the newly-advanced “nursing dad” Han Tianyu said a little nervously.Han Tianyu, who returned to the ice rink, admitted to being nervous.Sauna, night net Sun Haiguang photo This is the first time the short team has established a through-match. While giving young players a chance to hit, it also allows Wu Dajing, Han Tianyu and other old players to catch the pressure.Men’s 1500 meters, An Kai, Zhang Tianyi and other young players made rapid progress.In the Group A finals, Zhang Tianyi and other young players spent most of their time in the lead.However, Han Tianyu started to speed up in the last two laps, and finally won the championship with 2 minutes 23 seconds 153, Li Wenlong, Zhang Tianyi ranked 2, 3, and Wu Dajing ranked 7th.Han Tianyu won the first place at 1500 meters.Sauna, night net Sun Haiguang “I am very satisfied and I have played my skills and tactics.””Han Tianyu was very excited after the game. You have to know that this is his second game in the past year.In the Super Cup last week in Shanghai, Han Tianyu partners Zhang Tianyi, Zhang Chutong, and Wang Ye won the men’s and women’s 2,000-meter relay gold medal.1500 meters is Han Tianyu’s strength. He is also the first Chinese male athlete to win the gold medal in this event at the World Championships.Tonight, the score of 2 minutes 23 seconds 153 is still a certain distance away from Han Tianyu’s peak state, but he is already very satisfied. “It’s not about the best state, but it is superior to the previous level.”I didn’t expect such a result. I’m just back now, I just hope to make every effort to compare.”Thanks to the Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup and other competitions, Han Tianyu announced that there was a little tension before the team’s game.””In the past year, Han Tianyu married Liu Qiuhong and became a dad.The change in identity also made Han Tianyu feel the responsibility on his shoulders, “It feels different all at once.”” Taking care of the family and training hard at the same time, Han Tianyu said that the schedule is very full, and he will feel tired, but when he returns home to see the child, he is not tired at all.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wu Xingfa