The original "brand" of the two civilized cities in Yaohai District, Hefei City

The "Civilized Behavior Bank" in Yaohai District fully opened the construction. The volunteering volunteer service for Guotou is a new sign showing a city civilization.

"There is a time to be volunteer, there is difficult to find volunteers" is in Hefei to become actions.

Yaohai District, whether it is a "alley housekeeper" new era civilization, the volunteer service team, "civilized behavior bank", is created by the civilization of volunteer service as the core of civilization.

It is understood that the "Alley Manager" volunteer service team was born in Shengli Road, Yaohai District, was the earliest of retired old party members. They played the rest of the streets, so that the flowers of civilization were blooming everywhere, and now they have attracted it. The more newborn strengths are added. Later, "the alley housekeeper" jointly promoted in the Yaohai District and "left neighbor" and other civilized brands, absorbing more broad social members and has developed into an important volunteer service team active in Yaohai.

In 2020, in order to promote the implementation of the "Hefei City Civilization Behavior Promotion Ordinance" to cultivate a new style of civilization, good home, simple people, Yaohai District Select Tianchang Road Community, East Seven Community, Railway Station Community, Shangri-La 4 community pilots such as communities, coordinate the construction of "civilized behavior banks".

In this "bank", the masses store their own civilized behaviors, banks redemption is the integral rewards brought by civilized behavior, between one, and civilized behavior have been recognized, forming a benign The circular mechanism, even a habit of residents in the jurisdiction, enhance the social governance integration of co-construction sharing.