Sichuan Guanghan: Fully build a new pattern of tourism development

Because the Guanghan "is" wide to Hanshui ", it is located in the" Tianshi ", the heart of the Sichuan Province, is a famous historical and cultural city."World Samsung Pile, China Airline City, Anyi Guanghan Tour", Guanghan City, in the creation of Tianfu Tourist County, carefully created these three cultural and tourist business cards, high quality promotion.There are 15 tourist attractions in the city, and there are five scenic spots, more than 40 tourist attractions, form "central leadership, whole domain development, multi-flowering" tourism development new pattern.The new color of the ancient civilization is in this year’s "June 1" International Children’s Day, the large 3D animation masterpiece "Samsung Pile · Glory Awakening" endorsement activity – Chengde Epoch and four cities linkage charity activities "2020 first" same cityThe "Youth Film Dublinary Competition" launching ceremony was held.

The animation has just ended the company’s success in CCTV Children’s Channel CCTV-14, and has harvested a lot of praise of the audience, and also boost Samsungdu civilization has become an important business card for urban super IP. Taking Samsung Piles, Sichuan Culture Tourism Temperates, with its brand charm of "The Soul of Cultural Tourism, the Soul of Cultural Tourism," The Window of the World ", will push the Guanghan Sichuan Xi Mingzhu to the Spotlight of the World Delivery Stage.

In order to create a three-star civilized business card, Guanghan City invests nearly 40 million yuan to upgrade the basic display and scenic facility of Samsung Pile Museum.

In this year’s "International Museum Day", the Samsungdu Museum "The ancient city ancient Chinese ancient Chinese exhibition" is developed.

The display through the new interpretation of sound and multimedia technology, comprehensively systematically showing the theme of Samsung’s cultural people and God and the brilliant achievements of Samsung Guo Guo Guo in various fields.

Among the three-star tourists, tourists from Chongqing increased significantly.

With the official launch of the "Pakistan Cultural Tourism Corridor" activity, Sichuan and Chongqing, the two places of the two places, Guanghan will provide 5,000 free travel three-star museum tickets for Chongqing tourists. This event will further deepen the cooperation between Sichuan and Chongqing Cultural Tourism, and play more boosting in the development of the tourism industry in Guanghan. In the future, Guanghan will build Samsungdu to become a world cultural heritage, world tourism destination and the world ancient civilization academic research highlands, forming a three-star resembling museum as the core, with a three-star heap site, Samsung Pile Culture Industrial Park as a "one core two wings" new pattern.

The "Flying Dream" "ACC Fei Street is not only better, but also has a cultural character." Recently, Mianyang tourists Lin Zheng Xiao family play Samsung Pile, specializing in the ACC flying street in Guanghan City.

ACC flying street is better than the neighbor world, Asia’s first Blue Sky University – China Civil Aviation Flight Academy is a special block with aviation culture, so that the fans can be "flying dreams" in this circle. The ACC flying street project is based on the development of air travel strategy in Guanghan City. It is based on the aviation privilege tourism and air culture show. . "Flying Dream +" is divided into four sections of flying stores, flying mills, flying spaces, and flight cabins. It is a comprehensive service platform of financong industry results and product display, model creation and teaching, creative incubation, college students’ entrepreneurship, has been province Class Class Space Title is currently declaring national public invasive space. Relying on the advantages of the aerospace industry, Guanghan City invests nearly 500 million yuan to build an aviation exhibition center, and as a surcharge of the Sichuan Air Show, leading the aviation tourism and exhibition economy. In 2017 and 2019, Guanghan held a Sichuan International Aerospace Exhibition for two consecutive sessions. Among them, the number of people in the 2019 Sichuan Air Show reached more than 35 million, and the comprehensive income of more than 12 million yuan.

At present, Guanghan City has constituted "Convention and Exhibition Center + Aviation Theme Avenue + ACC Fei Street" "China Civil Aviation + Xingyao Air + Xilin Feng Teng" "Yijia River Dam + Samsung Lake + Light" 3 + 3 Style tourism brand system. ACC flying street is working with Samsung Pile to jointly build the "Flying Sky" Guanghan Tourism Brand, let the air tour have become another golden signboard in Guanghan Tourism.

In the case of the city of Jingcheng and Jingmin, June 1, Guanghan Gaoping Town, Gaoping Town, Guanghan City officially opened, more than 280 acres of sunflower, as well as a colorful Gosang flower, Qing and elegant lotus lotus, Mutual fighting in the vast flower sea. Guanghan is attracting more and more tourists from the Sichuan plain scenery and comfortable human living environment. As a comprehensive cultural tourism resort integrating "eat living, tourism", the village tourism scenic spot of Yuguar River Bashang River Dam, Guanghan City, is a national AAAA level scenic spot. In recent years, it has invested 1.5 billion yuan to build a three rivers and lakes. Tourism ribilities such as sightseeing areas, happy water world, Sanjiang along the river wetland, attracting about 700,000 tourists every year, and the annual tourism income exceeds 100 million yuan. Lian Mountain Town, peach blossom, three-water town fishing, picking grapes, Duan Jiayuan appreciates Sichuan West ancient people … in Guanghan, the whole country tourism is not only the amount of expansion, but also the quality leap.

With "Chengcheng One, Jingmin" is the main purpose, Guanghan City has also built Samsung Taiji Square, Duck River Landscape Engineering, Glorious Engineering, Ecological Landscape Stack Road, Building Jinyan Water Court, Ma Hushen Wetland Park, North District City parks such as parks, further improve the living environment, enrich the tourism state, and improve tourism images. In the night, the Hua light flashes, and the whole house lake park is clearly clear. Guanghan City follows the tradition of "West Lake Night Moon", with the core of Huanhu Park, in series of Balance Department Store, Hankou Road, Yili Street and other cultural business circles, and build "Night Tour Yucheng" project. Among them, the Fanghu Park concentrated on the modern version of "Natural Landscape + Light Art + Culture Characteristics", "West Lake Night Moon", integrating Bayu Garden Culture into the lighting design, creating a night view of a wide range of cultural characteristics.

It is understood that in 2019, Guanghan City receiving 10,000 tourists, a year-on-year growth rate; realizing total tourism income billion, year-on-year growth%, continued to steady to Deyang first. Zhang Junyi, secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, said that it has a very important role in the establishment of Tianfu Tourist County and the National Tourism Demonstration Zone, which has a very important role in improving the tourism image of Guanghan, and promoting economic development.

By 2021, we will strive to achieve 12 million Chinese and foreign tourists, and the total tourism income is 12 billion yuan.

(Kong Jihong).