When Li Hui Bell is preparing to experiment with the things that I have just realized,The phone ringtone is ringing。

It is a tall that call him.。
The other party said that he immediately understood what he had to happen.。
“Li big brother,You think about me.?”
Dawn listened to Li Hui’s words,It’s also laughing.。
“Hahaha wants,I don’t want to see you soon.,How about it?
Do you have time now??
Come here, here。”
“Forehead,The village is still developing?!”
Li Hui Feng, although the strength of his strength is confident,But he doesn’t want to expose too early.。
“Lee brother,I understand your idea,But isn’t I said to you before??
If you can get the above recognition,Don’t say your village,It is your entire county to go directly.。”
“Hey-hey,Li Dado I understand,I just want to build your strength.,After all, there is a sense of accomplishment.,If you use this big machine,Then I am not the person who has caused the burden on the country??”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Dawn is also a glimpse。
“Haha can’t see Li, I still have such a chest.,Row,Then don’t talk about this.,But you still have a lot of,After all, I will blow you out.,If you don’t come,That helper thought I was a deceptive,Even if you only come only a day.,Will you delay your plan in the village one day??”
Dawn said this day.,Li Hui is also embarrassed to refuse again.。
“Forehead,Press to reimburse the round ticket?”
“Hahaha ticket has been bought,how?”
“Li Dado bought a ticket,What can i say?”
soon,Li Hui’s mobile phone received the trip arrangement for Trism。
It is good to start the next day., Not the same day,Otherwise, he is afraid to take a taxi to the airport.。
Li Hui also understands,This time I am afraid that it will not be too short.。
Immediately, it is also arranged for all tasks.。
Ye Shuangli learned that Li Hui Feng so quickly went to the magic,Also a glimpse。
“Lee brother,Don’t use me to accompany you?
I am very familiar over there.。”
“Hey-hey,Need not,I am so big.,Can also lose it?
Ye Big Brother, you are now a pallet.,I have time to practice more times.,Good for your body。”
When Li Hui said, he gave the blindfold.。
Although it is his handwritten,But the content inside is definitely a lot of。