A faint sandalwood wafts from a private room on the second floor of the main hall,On the couch on one side of the house lies a big man naked,The private part is only covered with a towel,Tattoos all over the body,It is densely packed and almost impossible to distinguish patterns and shapes。The big man has a wide face,It looks mighty against the beard,He is closing his eyes at this moment,Seems to be falling asleep。A semi-naked woman with only three small pieces of cloth covering her body,Kneeling for the big man。

A young man with a sharp monkey gill stood beside the couch,After Ji Li Gulu talked to the big guy,Half bent over,Waiting for the other party’s response。
The big man opened his eyes fiercely,“All gone?You fucking see clearly?”
“It’s true,In two cars。Seems to be in a hurry。”The young man answered confidently。
“In what direction?Is anyone staring?”
“Out of town,Seems to be going to Yunshan,The youngest is following。I’ll come back and tell you。”The young man’s quick answer,Obviously well prepared,Unconcealed pride。
The big guy huffed and sat up,I used my thick hands to make a rough face,Seeing the woman still kneeling aside,A little panic on the face,The big man grinned and stretched out the little cloth,Knead each other’s*,“Go out first,Come back later。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Nine Plot
Watching the woman wring her white ass out,The big man touched a cup on the bedside coffee table to light it,“People are gone,What about the three points of Yuxing?Is it still on?”
The thin young man turned his face immediately,I didn’t even have time to wipe my saliva,Replied respectfully,“Are all on,I guess it’s just to save face,bluff。”His waist bends lower while speaking,I’m afraid that the naive body that has reacted will be seen by the boss。
“bluff?How many do you know。”The big man spit out a thick smoke,“Find a few brothers to step on,Must look carefully。Pay special attention to Zhang Wen,And the one I heard is good at fighting,What is Baozhu?,Don’t be fucking foolish of me。”
“Hey,Hey。”The thin young man nodded and agreed,“Brother,I’ll go now。”
Big guy waved his hand,Bring the phone from the coffee table again,I thought about calling a number,“Big brother,Just now my people said that Yuxing’s people were out of town,Two cars are in a hurry……Correct,Can’t be wrong。”
“……Don’t know why,It seems to be all at once……Correct,Some of us follow。”