He guessed that the captain had something on his mind,80% is related to the box in the pocket,Let’s not talk about broken。Find a place to sit down and pour some glasses of horse urine,You don’t want to listen after that,He will lie on your ears and talk forever。This way of drinking,Li Tianchou has experienced many battles。

Unexpectedly, the small market in the evening is more lively than during the day,Like people rushing to temple fairs,Crowded。Various food stalls are next to each other,Barbecue stalls with heavy smoke but scent is also everywhere,The stall owners lit up big bulbs to attract customers,The whole market is illuminated like daylight。
The captain led Li Tianchou out of the crowd,Stopped in front of a barbecue stall in a relatively off-site position,A small wooden sign beside the stall says“Guo Kee Seafood BBQ”,The boss is a strong middle-aged man。
May be due to location,The stall’s business is not booming,Such a good time,Only one man and one woman sat on the three long stools,Like a pair of young lovers。
“boss,Ten skewers of grilled wings,Ten oysters,Ok,Ten more beers。”Captain seated,Order loudly,Recovered a bit angry。
“Yoha,Wang Zhong,Haven’t seen you for many days,how?Got rich?”The middle-aged boss seems to know the captain well。
“Get rich,A little money in hand。Remember next time,Call me captain。”The captain’s nose crooked,It’s showing great style again。
“Ha ha,okay,Coming soon。”The middle-aged boss smiled honestly,Go busy。
This is since moving into the village in the city,The first neighborhood Li Tianchou saw that did not despise the captain,And also a small boss。No wonder this servant led him to come here to drink。
“Point so many,Can you finish drinking?”
“Underestimate my drinking,Tell you,Ten bottles are not enough,I’m drunk today。”The captain is proud,I started shaking my head again。
quickly,Chicken wings、beer、The oysters are here,The boss also opened four bottles deliberately。
“Li Ge,Got to know you,Is the greatest honor of my captain’s life,I will invite you to drink,I will do it first!”Talking,The captain picked up a bottle of beer,A neck,Boom boom boomed all in my throat。
This surprised Li Tianchou,I’ve never seen this guy so heroic,It seems that the captain is going to use wine to sorrow,The mood is extremely bad。
“brother,Drink,I’m all done,up to you。”The captain had a big alcohol hiccup。
“it is good,I did it too。But it’s OK,Let’s blow the first bottle,Drink slowly next,Not in a hurry。”Finished,Li Tianchou also poured a bottle。
“brother,Do you think I’m a fool?”A bottle of wine,The captain’s face was red,Even the eyes are red。