348 new construction in urban shantytown in Shaanxi Province

People’s Daily Online Xi’an October 27 (Zou Xing) On October 27th, Shaanxi Province held a press conference for the practice of "I do practical things for the masses".

According to the member of the Party Group of Shaanxi Provincial Housing and Construction, Li Weijun, deputy director, as of the end of September, 348 new construction of the urban shantytown in Shaanxi Province, the new start-up sets account for the annual plan.

Distribute 35,879 household lease subsidies, accounting for the annual plan.

Since this year, Shaanxi Provincial Housing and Construction Department has been in the center of the center, twist the "hurricane" problem of "rush to expectations", and studies the 14 specific people’s livelihood projects, and seriously formulate "road map" "timetable". , With small cuts, power, good effect, and strengthen the implementation of the Popular policy, and do a good job in the masses.

The reporter learned from the press conference that the Shaanxi Provincial Housing and Construction Department will printed on the implementation of the "Finance" of the Finance Department in the Finance Department and the "Beautiful Environment and Happiness Life Joint Creation". The national policy documents such as the construction of the old town of old communities, actively coordinate multi-resource and market forces, and successively strive for the central subsidies fund billion, provincial fiscal supporting billions, support urban old communities Renovation. As of the end of September, 3,423 new constructions in the old town of Shaanxi Province were started this year, benefiting thousands of residents. "We continue to promote the upgrade of service files, actively promote the ‘Internet + provident fund’ service model, the first to implement the provincial regulatory platform and the integrated service platform of the provincial supervision platform and the integrated service platform of the management center, have realized the main business work ‘one network, the collection office , ‘Crossing the provinces’ and ‘two places’, online processing rate is%, truly "Let the data run more, let the people run less legs".

Li Weijun said.

As of the end of September, Shaanxi Province gathered for housing accumation fund billions, with billion yuan, loan billion, accounting for annual plan%,%,%. A total of 655 deposit workers were handled for the extraction of the provident fund for urban old communities to install the elevator, with total total dollars, effectively alleviating some of the deposit of employees and installing elevator funds. In addition, Shaanxi accelerates the construction of 100 rural revitalization demonstration towns, and fully promotes the establishment of 200 beautiful and livable demonstration villages every year, and has actively carried out dynamic monitoring of rural dilapidated house renovation, will be low-income groups in Shaanxi Province. A total of 3,313 households is included in the rural dangerous house renovation program. As of the end of September, 3335 households have been completed, small towns have completed investment billions, and the sound models have completed 1008 households, starting from 942 households, and effectively solve the difficult things of the grassroots, the people’s troubles, Sanqin people Sense, happiness, safety is further improved. (Editor: Zou Xing, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see client downloads.