Development "Signure Economy" to promote rural residence

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There are 1 Chinese historical and cultural name in Yichuan Township, and 1 Chinese traditional village.

In recent years, the strategy of Wuyuan tourism development, the country’s resource advantage, innovation and tourism development initiatives, the annual reception of more than 50,000 people, the annual scholastic tourism comprehensive income is more than 50 million yuan, and the cultivation has become a unique "sketch economy" ".

"We combine the construction of beautiful town towns, build the streets of the village, and build a nightly economic art gallery. At the same time, serve the construction of Huatai tourism leisure township projects, create an artistic art in the theme of vitality, theme boutique streets and art casual streets Water street.

Introduction to Duan Ping, Secretary of the Township Party Committee.

According to reports, in order to protect the ecological environment, China and Xuanxiang have put more than 9 million yuan in funds, carry out the construction of beautiful rural construction with the main content of the village, and enhance the comprehensive environment of rural people.

At the same time, the integration of more than 650 million yuan, in-depth treatment of sewage treatment projects, build 6 sewage governance pipe networks and terminals, establishing a sketch sewage management river long mechanism, implementing rural parallel pollution "Ten Remediation" projects.

During the construction of "China’s Hometown Township", the Lichuan Township is working to solve the problem of the people’s urgency and promote harmonious development. In recent years, the country has actively declared projects, and strive to set up 1 high-speed export in Yichuan in Yichuan. The original road is also included in the construction of "four good rural roads" county road upgrade project construction.

Fully promote the construction of peace, covering 52 snow-entered engineering points in the township area.

Established a sketch research and rectification, joint market, public security, fire, tourism and other departments, and joint inspections such as fire safety, food safety, accommodation safety, etc. of sketch base.

Strengthen the management of the owners and employees of the sketch base and urge the sketch of the base to guide students to enhance environmental awareness. (Reporter Zou Xiaohua) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.