“Top meaning?”

Chief Feng said that this is the top meaning,Huang Zhaoluan’s arrogance was half short in an instant——No matter how“Republic’s eldest son”,That’s just“son”,Is not“Lao Tzu”Is not?
Seeing Huang Zhaoluan’s short arrogance,Chief Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart,Hurriedly nodded:“But not?Moreover,Do you think that if it does not mean the above,Will we come at this time?”
It’s also!
Huang Zhaoluan nodded,It’s an endorsement of Director Feng’s words:The Foreign Affairs Office of Kyrgyzstan is quite familiar。
Since this is not the Jilin Foreign Affairs Office,Not even the foreign affairs department is tossing about,The hair that Huang Zhaoluan exploded was naturally taken back,Not only handed Lao Feng a cigarette,even“at last”Remembering to tell the secretary to pour director Feng a glass of water。
Director Feng’s moved tears filled his eyes:The person in the Foreign Affairs Office of Jilin Province actually smoked a cigarette here.、Drink tea,Dare you believe?This is good enough for me to go back and blow for a year。
“In other words,Let Mr. Chen go to the capital,This is the top meaning,Right?”
“Yes,Yes。”Director Feng nodded repeatedly,I feel more moved:When did the FAW big brother speak so nicely while handling foreign affairs??
Huang Zhaoluan pondered,Asked again:“Do you know what happened??”
He is still unwilling,Although the FAW up and down also know that the possibility of Chen Geng’s promise is infinitely close to zero,But there is still a case?it’s good now,even“just in case”The possibility is gone……
you ask me?Who do I ask?。Director Feng looked at Comrade Huang with a grimace:“Deputy Director Huang,This is the top meaning,What do you think……How much will the person giving instructions explain to us?”
Yes indeed,This is the top meaning。Aware of this layer,Huang Zhaoluan has nothing to say:Since it means the above,Of course there won’t be a lot of good mood to explain to you……Anyway, just follow my instructions honestly.,Why do you ask so much??
But it’s rare to not watch again“eldest son”Director Feng,Talk about Xing Zhengnong,Then said:“Actually the meaning of the above,In fact, let us breathe you first,Get ready,The next department will send someone to accompany you……”