The ten best acne-removing habits_1

18 Feb

The ten best acne-removing habits_1

The ten best acne habits

Acne is the pain of how many youths are less!

The most hateful thing is that after puberty, you may not be able to say goodbye to acne. Acne does not seem to be willing to break up with you completely, and always entangles you from time to time.

To get acne, you need to develop ten good acne habits!

  Acne is a big problem for many girls. If you try a variety of acne removal products and still don’t work, then you should see if you have adhered to the following 10 good habits to fight acne, each one may be youThe lingering roots of acne!

  1. Do not blindly take acne because there are many reasons. If you want to get acne and acne, you must first figure out why your body will develop acne. Only by completely improving the recovery incentives can you effectively control youth.The spread of acne.

Do not use acne products blindly. Using the wrong method will not only remove acne, but will hurt the skin.

  2. Maintaining personal hygiene Poor personal hygiene may be the cause of long-term acne.

If acne grows on the lower jaw and around the mouth, don’t wear clothes with a collar. The collar is a place where dirt and dirt are hidden. It is easy to aggravate the disaster due to constant friction with the lower jaw.

In addition, often keep the hair behind your ears, and do not leave bangs, so as to avoid the dust and oil on the hair gradually infected with acne.

  3. Maintain the habit of changing towels and washing the pillows. Most people do n’t know. In fact, pillow covers are the easiest place to accumulate dead cells, dust bugs, dust, dandruff and other dirty things, and it is easier to make contact with the skin during sleep.Bacteria breed and multiply.

Therefore, dermatologists vigorously promote and maintain the good habit of changing pillow towels daily, especially those with severe acne conditions, and pay more attention to this.

  4. Avoid hair spray. Spray the styling liquid onto the hair spray on the face. The styling liquid contains the fixative components. Once sprayed on the skin, it is easy to cause clogging of pores, and it is more difficult to clean the oil and dirt.

In addition, washing your hair daily and keeping your hair clean can also improve your acne condition and prevent infections.

  5. Pay attention to whether the selected used cosmetics contain oily hydrophilic formula. Friends who have acne, sometimes apply some foundations moderately, which can have a considerable degree of “concealer” beautification effect. However, when replacing foundations and lipsticks, you mustTake care to avoid oil-soluble products, so as not to worsen acne.

At present, professional make-up brands have developed water-based creams that are very suitable for oily skin. A small amount is refreshing and does not increase the fat burden on the skin. The best thing is that this type of dual-water powder has both foundation and powder.Function, don’t make crickets more obvious due to flapping powder.

  6, do a good job of sun protection measures UV rays in the sun, once passing through the acne wound, penetrate directly into the epidermal layer, black spots like ice chisels will form on the wound, even after the acne disappears, it still leaves an image likeDark spot-like burn marks.

If you are worried that the sunscreen is too oily, you can use a tissue paper to suck in your arms after pressing the sunscreen to absorb the excess oil.

In this way, it will not affect the function of sunscreen and prevent the burden of oil.

  7, the use of skin care products with oil and fat control function of modern cosmetics technology, has been caring about the real problem of oily skin.

In the past, most oily skin care products could only wash away excessive oils, but the oily skin care products launched since last summer also have the functions of “oil control” and “fat cleansing”, that is, use of biochemical or plant ingredients, Deep inside the skin.

Control the secretion function of the sebaceous glands, and “absorb oil” on the skin surface, transform oil, and shrink pores at the same time, reduce the secretion of oil.

  8. When acne is inflamed, patiently waiting to control yourself not to squeeze acne is really not an easy task. You can buy a tube of youth gel with powerful anti-inflammatory and acne-removing functions.When the hair has been or has been, use a cotton swab to apply the youth gel to the acne.

In this way, it can help dry acne and expedite the end of its life.

But please note: Youth gel can only be applied on acne. Do not apply the whole piece on the body, otherwise it will over-irritate the uninflamed skin and cause redness and swelling.

  9, the diet should be healthy If you want to make your skin less acne, you should take more vegetables and fruits with more vitamins, and ensure adequate sleep and normal eating habits.

Especially the MM who likes to eat spicy and greasy foods, it is the right way to be beautiful if you quit.

  10. A happy state of mind is a cure for acne. Do n’t think that you are the only person in the world who has acne. Remember, acne is only an episode in your life and will soon pass. As long as you deal with it correctly, do n’t letIt disturbs your emotions and you will find that it is fragile!