Anhui and counties: Xiaocheng Dagang sail

江 港. The Ministry of Publicity and the County Party Committee is in the Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In the context of economic globalization, the port is a core strategic resource that promotes regional economic development. And in the county, there is a unique resource advantage.

  Have a Yangtze River shoreline for 23 kilometers from the county, including natural and deep water, which can stop from 20,000 to 30000 tons of ships all year round. As a result, there is a natural endowment of the river hub in the world. Since the resource endowment of the county to understand the resource endowment of Deep Water Port, the dream of building Hong Kong is like a river beach is generally crazy.

  At the 12th plenary meeting of the Thirteenth Committee of the Communist Party of China last year, and the county has clearly proposed four "1 + 4" frame layout of the industry to build industries, modern agriculture, literature, and leading economy.

  In the "Outline" of Anhui "14th Five-Year Plan" this year, in the overall development of the construction of modern circulation system, it is proposed to build Wuhu Ma’han and Anqing Jianghai Junyun Hub. And, this year, the "Nanjing Metropolitan Development Plan" is also clear, will accelerate the construction of Jianghai Jianyun, Jianghai Junyun, Nanjing, the Yangtze River, and the Wuhu Maanshan River Sea Junyun. "Two plans mentioned the Wuhu Maanshan River Sea Junyun Machine, so it is imperative to build a Harbor, the machine is not lost.

"Li Shan, director of the county development reform committee, the unique advantage of the Huangang Port, must be a focus on the construction of the hub, integrating with the Yangtze River Economic Zone, the Yangtze River Triangulation, and the close-related port construction development of the Nanjing Metropolitan Circle. .

  Li Shan said, the next step, the Hi Jiangang will build a large-scale modern integrated logistics hub in port loading and unloading, stacking, storage, processing, distribution, ship proxy, cargo agent, building materials trade, e-commerce, information service, etc. For the Jianghai Intermodal Hub Center and the multimodal transport distribution center. Adhering to the green environmental protection concept, after the establishment of the Hangang Port, the bulk cargo cave, the bulk car warehouse is fully closed, bulk goods are all entered, and bulk goods have spray environmental protection facilities in each transshipment point. In addition, the main equipment of the port will adopt high-efficiency energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, the dock berth is equipped with a shore power system, and the terminal is equipped with an oil sewage collection system.

The rainwater sewage in the pier port area shall perform spray greening after collecting all the collection, and realize the reuse of water resources.

  The waterway will be developed; the dock is living, and the industry is full.

With a good harbor, how to build a modern port logistics system, developing the Hong Kong economy, is a new topic facing the county. Li Shan introduced that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and the county will promote the intersection of "building large platforms, promoting big projects, introducing large enterprises" in accordance with Hong Kong and Industrial, and invested in Gang, and introducing large enterprises. Integrated fusion development, letting China ‘s economy becomes a new engine that drives rapidly in the county economy and society. The development of the port is the development of a city, and the harbor is the same as the future hope. Such endowments, such a burden, such as the sound of the charge, the sound comes, continuously inspiring the green dreams in this city in the city. Heshi County, is becoming a priority of more and more people.

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