Xia Jian sighed,So I went through the last time in the bath from beginning to end。Guo Meili,Can’t help but smile:“It seems that Mr. Xiao broke your good deed“

Xia Jiangang wants to refute。Lin Wei knocked on the door and walked in,When she saw Xia Jian,Smiled and said:“President Xia!I have been working here from now on,If you don’t understand, you have to ask for your help“
“Dare not,How dare i teach you。Your best master should be Mr. Guo,Of course there is nothing wrong with me being a consultant for you,Just a telephone consultant“Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Just when Xia Jianwu and Lin Wei were joking,The phone on Guo Meili’s desk suddenly rang,She finished the call,He said somberly:“President Xia!It looks like you can’t go out of the horse today,You have to go to Qingshan County“
“Go to Qingshan County?Why?“Xia Jian is a little puzzled。But since he resigned as the general manager of the startup group,I haven’t been to Qingshan County before。
Of course,Wang Yihua’s sister-in-law, Donna, had called him several times,The two people talked about most was Wang Yihua,But last time they called,Xia Jian heard Tang Na say that Wang Yihua should be out after serving his sentence in the next year。
Guo Meili sighed and said:“Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort is booming due to current business,Attracted the jealousy of some people,So people have been making trouble recently,The person who came today is very special“
“make trouble?Then call the police!I will only fight“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Guo Meili shook her head and said:“The people who came to make trouble were local villagers,They said the land was sold too cheaply,Let us make up for them“
“Is this Jane really a fool?Where else does this business。I’ll go with you,Call Xi Zhen,Let Lin Wei stay and sit in the office。We go now“Xia Jian said that people have got up。
Seeing Guo Meili,Didn’t say anything,I took the small bag on the table and chased it out,She gave Lin Wei a few words as she walked。Xi Zhen’s speed is also very fast,When Xia Jian and Guo Meili just stand in front of Da Ben,Xi Zhen has chased it down。
“President Xia!Let’s drive the company car!Your car is a private car after all“Xi Zhen suddenly said this to Xia Jian。
Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Guo Meili has rushed to say:“It’s still Kaixia,You finished applying for an oil card,Put more money in it,Give the oil card to President Xia“
Xia Jianyi listen,I think Guo Meili is good at doing things。He opened the car door,said laughingly:“I still have some money,Don’t worry about it anymore。Xi Zhen came to drive,Mr. Guo and I are talking in the back row“

Xia Jian must stay and wait,Because this matter must have a result。Stay alone in the hotel,Is a very uncomfortable thing。Wang Lin is away,Xia Jian felt very boring,So a man drove out of the hotel,Wander around in Pingdu。

It’s a pity that Pingdu is so big,There are only a few roads in total。Xia Jian thinks he hasn’t left much yet,He has already visited Pingdu City。
Inadvertently,He drove to the Xiping Village Agricultural Trade Company。Looking at this familiar place,Xia Jian hesitated again and again,Parked the car downstairs。
The window on the first floor seems to have been renovated,Seems to be a lot higher grade。Several young waitresses in uniform overalls are busy,Xia Jian took a look,So he hurried up to the second floor。
The layout of the second floor office is still the same。When Xia Jian went up,There are two or three people on the phone,The salesman here。
The door of Murong Sisi’s office is closed,Xia Jian walked over,Lightly push,I saw what Murong Sisi was checking on the computer。
Xia Jian’s body flashed,People squeezed in。Even Xia Jian’s movements are very light,Murong Sisi still found Xia Jian,She looked up sharply,When I see that the person is Xia Jian,The two big beautiful eyes were motionless。
“OK OK,I am not an alien”Xia Jian said and sat on the sofa。
Murong Sisi, who came back to his senses, laughed and ran over:“You are not in the wrong place!You haven’t come here for some days”
“I feel embarrassed,So it’s better not to come at all。Moreover,No time to come。Every time I arrive in Pingdu,It’s all busy like a car”Xia Jian smiled,Made several excuses for myself。
Murong Sisi teased Xia Jian,Said with a smile:“understanding!Your President Xia arrived in Pingdu,Not busy at work,Just busy with the big beauties around,Come to me when you have time”
Murong Sisi was talking,I became sad。Women are so emotional,For this,Xia Jian has a deep understanding。
“All right,Not to mention these useless。What’s your situation now,Is it fat??It seems that life after marriage is good”Xia Jian said,Quickly changed the subject。
Murong Sisi glanced at Xia Jian and said:“What look!People are pregnant”
“Yo!Congratulations,Almost becoming a mother”Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing。He is so sloppy,He didn’t notice that he was pregnant,Also said to be fat。This is really a joke。
Murong Sisi put the brewed tea on the coffee table in front of Xia Jian,Then he took a long breath and said:“Alright!Congratulations。I can see it clearly,Live a day,Just have a day!If it wasn’t for family urge,I don’t want to have a baby yet”
“People will grow up,Getting married and having children is the way to go。But some people are a bit early,And some people will be late,But no one can escape”Xia Jian patiently explained to Murong Sisi。

Cangxue Kingdom,It’s a relatively short-lived force,It was only established after the rise of the Lord Cangxue。

But the existence time is short,The strength is not weak,The Lord Cangxue even used some special treasures to transform the chaotic world of Cangxue,No more normal birth and destruction of the chaos era。
In a huge palace at the core of the Cangxue Chaos World,Lord Cangxue opened his eyes。
“Got caught。。Humph,What a waste,Nothing more。。。After all my son,But I refining the magic weapon of Tao is inseparable。”
“Lu Ge!”A sound of mind passed。
After half a breath,A chaotic fairy with sharp antlers appeared in front of him。
“Country lord,Is there something to summon Lu Ge?”
obviously,This Chaos Immortal is very surrendered to the Lord Cangxue。
But this is also normal,Lu Ge fairy is just a chaotic fairy who breaks through the third-class ancestor fairy,Although there is no gold core level after stepping into the world,But there is still a gap in the background。
The Lord Cangxue sheltered the Immortal Lu Ge who was weak in the world at that time,Lu Ge Xianren naturally return loyalty。
What’s more, the Lord Cangxue can be called the world perfection,And Lu Ge fairy is just a very ordinary Chaos fairy。
“My five sons,Cangjin was arrested during the training,That person is just an ancestor。”
“This is the jade pendant that resonates with Cangjin’s token!”A light blue jade pendant flies towards the deer fairy,Caught by him。
“Lu Ge,You help me save that kid!”
“As long as I can save my life,The rest should be polished。”
“Rest assured,I will bring the five princes back safely。”Fairy Lu Ge nodded respectfully,Ride a flying boat,Speed easily surpasses the limit of heaven,Sense the direction in jade pendant,Flew over quickly。
Lan Yi Xingzhong,In a shop surrounded by blossoming clouds。
An evil man in a white robe asked casually,“This fellow,Are you here to buy magic weapons or sell。”

A faint sandalwood wafts from a private room on the second floor of the main hall,On the couch on one side of the house lies a big man naked,The private part is only covered with a towel,Tattoos all over the body,It is densely packed and almost impossible to distinguish patterns and shapes。The big man has a wide face,It looks mighty against the beard,He is closing his eyes at this moment,Seems to be falling asleep。A semi-naked woman with only three small pieces of cloth covering her body,Kneeling for the big man。

A young man with a sharp monkey gill stood beside the couch,After Ji Li Gulu talked to the big guy,Half bent over,Waiting for the other party’s response。
The big man opened his eyes fiercely,“All gone?You fucking see clearly?”
“It’s true,In two cars。Seems to be in a hurry。”The young man answered confidently。
“In what direction?Is anyone staring?”
“Out of town,Seems to be going to Yunshan,The youngest is following。I’ll come back and tell you。”The young man’s quick answer,Obviously well prepared,Unconcealed pride。
The big guy huffed and sat up,I used my thick hands to make a rough face,Seeing the woman still kneeling aside,A little panic on the face,The big man grinned and stretched out the little cloth,Knead each other’s*,“Go out first,Come back later。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Nine Plot
Watching the woman wring her white ass out,The big man touched a cup on the bedside coffee table to light it,“People are gone,What about the three points of Yuxing?Is it still on?”
The thin young man turned his face immediately,I didn’t even have time to wipe my saliva,Replied respectfully,“Are all on,I guess it’s just to save face,bluff。”His waist bends lower while speaking,I’m afraid that the naive body that has reacted will be seen by the boss。
“bluff?How many do you know。”The big man spit out a thick smoke,“Find a few brothers to step on,Must look carefully。Pay special attention to Zhang Wen,And the one I heard is good at fighting,What is Baozhu?,Don’t be fucking foolish of me。”
“Hey,Hey。”The thin young man nodded and agreed,“Brother,I’ll go now。”
Big guy waved his hand,Bring the phone from the coffee table again,I thought about calling a number,“Big brother,Just now my people said that Yuxing’s people were out of town,Two cars are in a hurry……Correct,Can’t be wrong。”
“……Don’t know why,It seems to be all at once……Correct,Some of us follow。”

Xia Jian is really tired,He lay down on the bed,Started to sleep without even closing the door。He has nothing to fear now。

I slept until dinner time,Xia Jian was called out by Ali,Said Luo Jun is back,Everyone have dinner together。
Xia Jian was struggling to get up,Then I washed my face with cold water,I felt a little awake before I went downstairs。At the table,Where are Luo Jun and Zhang Yong already sitting,The food is already on the table。
“Mr. Luo!”Xia Jianyi saw Luo Jun,And quickly greeted the past。But facing Luo Jun, who is nearly 60 years old,Xia Jian didn’t know what to say for a while。
Luo Jun waved his hand,Let Xia Jian sit in front of him。Then he took a breath and said:“I didn’t expect so many things happened at home recently,Really embarrassed。There is nothing missing from you?”
“Nothing is missing,Because there is nothing precious”Xia Jian said with a faint smile。
“Hey!”Luo Jun sighed and said:“Wu Qian made this happen,She is not after your other things,But which copper lion。Wanted to help you,I didn’t expect such a big trouble。Our old Luo family is a bit sorry for you”Luo Jun looked unhappy。
Xia Jian said quickly:“Uncle Luo is serious。It stands to reason that I’m dragging you down,If it wasn’t for me to borrow money from Luo Yi,There won’t be so much trouble”
“All right,Don’t talk about it anymore。Since which baby you donated,Then the trouble on you will be resolved soon。You should go back first!You can’t help you stay”Luo Jun looked serious。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Good uncle ro!what do you need,Just speak。I also have friends in U.S.,If you need a famous lawyer,Uncle Luo even speak”
Xia Jian said,Even the name Luo Jun has changed。He thinks they shouldn’t have such a split。
Luo Jun smiled sadly and said:“Easy to say,Let’s start eating!Everyone has been busy for a day,I heard Ali said that you still had dinner in the morning”Luo Jun said,So he took the lead by himself。
After Ali finished the last dish,Sit down and eat with everyone。Luo Jun glanced at her and said:“Ali!starting from tomorrow,You come to work in the group。Bai Li went to the office,She will arrange work for you”
“Don’t bother Uncle Luo,I want to leave here and go back to my hometown”Ali whispered。
Luo Jun glanced at Ali a little affectionately and said:“Don’t talk nonsense!Where do you go home,This is your home。Work during the day,And help me see the house when I come back tonight,Your burden is still not light。In addition, you have to take care of the vegetable plot in the backyard”
Luo Jun is here,I can’t continue。Ali take a look,Hurriedly smiled:“Uncle Luo I’m kidding,I have to stay here with grandma,So i’m not going anywhere”
First2259chapter Parting again

Knowing the autumn and one leaf rushed to the yard,See the giant corpse,Cover five corpses in the coffin,Slow down the spell of the hand。

“You have a heart.,See you on your own love,I will let you live more。”The monsters know that they don’t let the loved ones,Knowing the autumn leaves will not,Waiting for the monster buried,Capture is not late。
Five corpses buried,Giant corpse waved flat pit,Roll up the hurricane to make five coffins into a feet。
Know the autumn and one leaf head rat,Rush to the other side of the yard,Dark giant corrugation, don’t know what to report,Said hands,Little Wude。
“Wind and thunder,rise!”He hit a curse,Double hands push forward。
There is,Hourly crack huge gap under the foot,Always extended to the wall behind。
The brick stone wall door is open,Banglong moves along the ground,Carrying a huge force,Go straight to the giant corn。
Giant corpse is high,Disruptive,Although the body surface is bloated,But it is not the two stone walls to hurt.。I saw him waving,Huge power whistling,Sudden brick stone collapse,Put two high walls into smash。
At this time,Knowing the autumn and one leaf,Stadomy is also ready。
With his empty,The body moved in the big shiver.,It is still not moving in the same place,Only the mucus in the mouth continues to fall。
“Ha ha,Can’t run!”
As a trip that is just going down the mountain,Knowing the insufficient experience of autumn leaves,The nonsense in Luoi can be seen.。
“Heaven and earth,Ghost!”
Knowing the autumn leaves take more than ten curse from the arms,Don’t move the spell to the air,With his hands open,符 符 数 化 作 金,Burning hot flame,Booms on the giant corpse。
Flame tumbling,Hot waves,The body of the giant body shakes around,Fry,Waiting for a fire,Fly, there is no place of origin.。
“No way,I am not afraid of my spell.?”
Knowing the autumn and one leaves,Said that he was in the curse for a hundred years.,Why is it suddenly??
Look at the giant corpse, you can’t move.,Two embarrassment,As if it is sneaked,Knowing the autumn and one leaves,A fixed corpse,Who can’t stand?!
“monster,Eat me, a trick!”
He pulled out behind the long sword,Swordsman,Waiting for the sword to release Yingying Jinguang,The arrow is going forward to make a waist。
Truals are flata,But in the hands of the long sword,Rui Li Sword,Also specialized de demon ghost body,A sword swept,Easy and easily cut the giant corpse into two halves。
Ink green sticky stain splash,The giant corrugation earned the homes,The upper half is the intercept hole.,The lower half of the body is in the autumn and one leaves.。
Red ghosts rushing out from the house,It seems like a giant,Snake kiss open,Halve the giant corpse,Whistling。
“Cui brother,let me do it,Let me come!”
Knowing the autumn leaves to see an eye,It’s hard to meet a bad demon,He also counts the experience of actual war.,Can’t be embarrassed。
I only see him mind.,A big hole in a flask to the giant corpse,Upper half of the corpse chasing past。
“Cui brother,Know the autumn, he is no problem.?”
Ningchen is a bit worried,I have seen a sword in hand,Dare to ask Yan Tian’s Yan Chi,And moved to the city,Turning to the Lao Dynasty,Mao Yi Zhiqi Ye Ye makes him no confidence。
See the big scene,Ning Caichen feels that the effects of autumn leaves are generally,Neither gorgeous is not shocking。
“The giant corrugated is not his opponent,I am not chasing it.,What is easy to die?。”Liao Wenjie shrugged,He is very happy to solve the giant corpse half your body.,Can be like this,Knowing the autumn and one leaves will be very faceless。

The most special emblem is a red beacon,This should represent the lighthouse,Also polyline and digital label,The teenager can’t figure it out for a while,For the time being, the polyline is part of the channel,I can only figure out while watching。

Actually the boy himself is in the void,And the starry world in the picture is a part or a slice of the whole void,He almost effortlessly found an unremarkable white light at the end of the northeast corner of the picture,Then the mysterious place,It’s also the chaotic land that the old palace owner said。
Obvious,Chaos Land is the farthest place the Old Palace Master can reach through countless explorations of the void,The teenager is eagerly looking for a place in the world of freedom,Only found this location,He can determine the specific location of the mainland ruins。
The teenager kept looking around to compare with the starry sky map,And carefully recall the trajectory of bubbles,Found the general direction,But unfortunately,Back in the direction,Stars are dense along the way,Meteorological,Don’t say meticulous,It’s hard to find the place where the free world once existed。
really,Finding a point in the vast void is hundreds of thousands of times more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack,So the boy reduced the flight speed of the cocoon,Facing the starry sky map,The whole person is quickly integrated into the picture。
Inadvertently,Fingertip touched the screen,A faint fluorescent emission,It is the star touched under the fingertips,As if suddenly lit up。
The boy noticed an extremely dim red dot in the center of the faint light,Even if he has an extremely powerful vision, he needs to distinguish carefully,To see the outline,The red dot seems to be a red lamp,Consistent with the logo,This is the legendary lighthouse!
Since the boy heard the word lighthouse from Big Eyeball and Qiu Kejian,This is the first time I have seen,Although only in the picture,That is also the mark left by the old palace owner himself,Youth believe,This little lighthouse actually exists in the real void。
Look carefully along this star,The teenager never let go of any detail,Unknowingly, the divine consciousness was integrated into the picture。
Suddenly,Refreshing young,It’s like passing through a barrier like a tulle,It seems to have come to another void world,The surrounding stars are zooming in,And my body is gradually shrinking。
Seeing the body keep growing,Like an inflating balloon,Several times I was about to hit a meteorite that came quickly,The teenager is a little flustered,I can’t stop calling in my consciousness,Strange,Regardless of perfusion with consciousness,The swelling of the body was finally contained,But the boy has grown to a size like a mountain。
It seems,Even in the sky chart,The body shape transformed by one’s own consciousness can still be controlled by consciousness,It’s just that this control is weak at first,Need to repeatedly strengthen the indoctrination to be effective。
Figured out this layer,Teenagers make themselves smaller consciously,No response at first,But gradually became more aware,The body is really shrinking。
So repeated experiments,The boy finally mastered some tricks,Also discovered the beauty of this starry sky map,Divine consciousness enters it to swim,It can be strengthened repeatedly,The young man had to admire the amazing talent of the old palace owner of the Yishui Palace。
One thousand two hundred and sixty-four chapters Master and apprentice reunion
at the moment,The boy’s actions in the picture are still clumsy,Time is too late,He simply dispersed the body of the condensed spirit,Instead, the tentacles quickly extend in all directions,It didn’t take long to find another lighthouse next to a bright star,The dim swaying lamp and the faint breath of the old palace lord,Just southwest of the first lighthouse。
The boy connects the two lighthouses,Got the simplest channel,It’s a pity that he can’t determine his position temporarily,I can only jump out of the starry sky map and join the research again。
At first there was no way,After the young man had a hard time,Divine consciousness simply entered the starry sky map again,Then come out again,Repeat several times,He was surprised to find that every time he appeared on the starry sky map, there was a very slight difference.,Prove that he is on the move。
Connect these tiny points into a short line,Finally got a reference,The boy discovered that this line, which was almost a small dot, was located to the northeast of the line connecting the two lighthouses,His trajectory is only slightly off,So immediately adjusted and started to accelerate。

“Small snow,Don’t listen to him,Our women insist on doing themselves.,You like it yourself.,Don’t care about others,But, do you like a small wind in Snow??”

Chapter 815 Ancient pub
Willow sweet can clearly see that Miao Xiaoxue is full of worship.,Full of the girl’s friendship。
But she also knows,Which girl does not,Which girl doesn’t make a dream,Just see people who can encounter that pair.。
But most of them can’t encounter。
At least she didn’t encounter,Even if you feel the right person,But people will change。
Miao Xiaoxue did not expect Liu Xu’s will suddenly asked such a problem.,Let her eat again,It is also fear,Some worry。
After all, she observed.,Feeling that Li Hui Rong and Liu Xiang are absolutely not very ordinary relationship.,Even the relationship between lovers is likely。
“No,I just want to repay the big brother to save me with my scorpion.,I don’t know how to thank you.”Ier,Miao Xiaoxue is, the more it feels a little panic.。
“Gigbling,fine,If you like to say directly to my sister,My sister will not stop you.,After all, I like someone very normal.,See you to scare you。”
Although the willow sweet is so saying,But my heart is still a bit no.。
I haven’t found my boyfriend yet.,Sweet sister, let’s talk first.。”
Say,Miao Xiaoxue will hurry again.。
See this scene,Li Hui Feng and Liu Xu are all loose。
Li Hui is also afraid that there is another girl who likes him.,If it directly refuses to always feel too hurting self-respect,But not directly reject,Time is a long time is unclear,It is even more uncomfortable。
I heard people, don’t like you.,disappointed?”
“Forehead,no,Sweet sister, your day, what is the day??
But I am still a little thoughts today.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said a little thoughts.,I saw Li Hui’s smile.,Willow sweet could not help but feel that the opponent also brought her body。
“screw you,The idea of the big day is also given me.,I will open the door here at night.,How about it?”
Li Hui has just sowing, there is no time to get the tea,Directly by Liu Xu’s words。
Cough“Sweet sister,Can you don’t think what I think so??
I have no so many ideas.,I think your hotel should go to our village.。”
Be said by Li Hui,Willow sweet is also shameful。
She didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng said that there is another thing.。
“Then you don’t say it directly.,Let my sister misunderstood,Go to your village sister thought,But there is no passenger traffic in your village.,I don’t make money,I went to you, let my sister died.?
Of course, your kid let your sister go to the water building?”
“Cough and cough, sweet sister,That’s right to talk to you?,I am not going to make you past now.,I am letting you first build,Or I invest,Then officially operate in May June.。”
Li Hui Feng this idea is not a day two days.,Originally he intended to let his father and mother go to get,I thought it was unlikely.。
Just encountered Liu Xujian again,And willow sweet actually turned into the boss of the hotel.。
sometimes,Things are such coincidence,Coincidental is incredible。
“The May June is,But you want to invest?”

“is not it?”

“it’s me!”
Leo nodded:“Your son is in my hands!”
“what?who are you,Dare to kidnap the dragon,Don’t you be afraid of being chased by the dragon??”
“Don’t worry,I didn’t kidnap him,He came by himself!”Leo said lightly。“He doesn’t know the way back or your number,So I asked for help!”
“Who are you!”
“Leo!Presumably you should know me,Then know where i am,Hurry up to pick him up,Don’t let him die with me,I can’t afford it!”
Finished,Leo hung up the phone。
With Leo’s notice,Tianlongren’s speed is very fast,A large number of people came to the Foge Chamber of Commerce。
The headed man in a spacesuit,Obviously a Tianlong。
Terry Hood hurried to the front,Looking at my son,He has two sons in his line,It is difficult for Tianlong people to reproduce,Once something goes wrong,May end。
As for those impure-blooded Tianlongren descendants, there are quite a few,But Terry Hood doesn’t think those offspring are Draco。
“father,I almost died!”After Triande saw Terry Hood,Cry immediately。
He has never been so miserable in his generation,And was threatened by Leo many times,Almost scared to death。
“Not afraid,Have dad here!”Terry Hood coaxed the son like a baby。
Leo looked at these two people,Can’t help but roll your eyes,This Triander is over thirty,Make it like seven or eight。
Comfort your son,Terry Hood looked at Leo。
“You are Leo?”
Leo nodded:“Correct,Besides, all the people you sent were killed by me,If you want to kill me,Can send someone at any time,I continued!”
The pressure from the Moss family must be fully borne by him,Some pressure from the Tianlong people group,Must rely on Karp and the Warring States period。

It’s autumn,I have another dragon pet!

I want the guardian to know what Zhu Minglang is thinking at this time,I’m afraid I’ll be furious。
The whole Nan family has worked hard for so many years,Only produced so little holy dew,Every copy is worth a lot,Pour the whole pig into the mouth,Can be a dragon!
Otherwise, why is the man Nan Taigong so old?,Still refuse to let go of the ownership of this century-old Saint Lu,To participate in the plan to defeat Li Yunzi?
First114chapter Li Xinghua
A few days before departure,Zhu Minglang simply stayed in this sacred forest of silver fir,The main thing is to train Black Mosasaur and Shenmu Qingshenglong。
Big Black Fang ate a dragon master class dragon soul orb,After nearly a month of digestion,It’s now a dragon general,And grow dark thunder scales!
Dark Thunder Scale is very special,When the Black Mossaurus body was attacked by an enemy,Will absorb most of the energy,Concussions including collisions will be absorbed by Dark Thunder Scale,Then will give the black mosasaur a heavy horn、paw、tail、Dark thunderstorm blessing on various parts such as the back……
This caused thunderstorms to occur in every part of Black Mossaurus,The power is naturally terrifying!
Besides,Big Black Fang comprehended the ancient dragon’s combat skills,Blood of fierce bravery。
This is a powerful ability that makes Gulong more and more courageous。
Tyrannosaurus is a top predator,When they maintain a high-pitched fighting posture,The blood will continue to increase its flow,Will keep boiling,Will gradually awaken their ancient will to fight,At the same time, the full potential is completely released in the fight。
Every time I tear an enemy’s wound,Smell the blood,Will make Tyrannosaurus a point。
Self-injured,Blood loss,Will make Tyrannosaurus a point better than before。
Constant battle,Constant killing,Conquer all surrounding organisms,Maintain the aura of the highest predator and Longwei,It will also boil the blood of fierce courage in Tyrannosaurus,Make power、defense、speed、reaction、Self-healing、Combat skills、A burst of capabilities!
As long as it doesn’t die,Just getting stronger!