“I go,Your big array is really complicated,Just know the route to get in。”

“Uncle Five!”
“Grandpa Five!”
Comer,Is a Yuanshen Taoist of the Bai family,Seniority is not high,He is the youngest Taoist of the Bai family。
he,Good wine,Good formation,Like to drink wine,Self-named sommelier。
Li Ming is not good,But also like the formation,As the formation improves,He has also improved his understanding of other aspects of Tao,This is the characteristic of formation,Any Tao can be transformed into formation。
Delve into the formation,Can’t do it behind closed doors,To communicate with other monks。
The wine master,Is a Taoist friend Li Ming often talks about。
“Haha,Brother Ming Dao,This time I got a broken image of the formation from a monk traveling outside,I’m not asking you to help me check it out。”
“Oh,Array residual figure!Then come on,You little guys don’t run,Let’s take a look。”Li Ming still takes good care of these young monks。
If it’s another way,These realms are at most the little guys who feel the true meaning of Tao,There is basically no hope for understanding high-level methods,But in terms of formation, you can comprehend。
After deduction with this Yuanshen Taoist,It’s time for lunch—There is no need for a Yuanshen Taoist like Li Ming,But those weak monks are necessary。
Five little guys ran to have lunch,But Li Ming is inferior to Bai’s Tibetan Taoist Pavilion。
The Bai Family,Although the current strength is not strong。But there was a fairy,Background,Especially the Taoist background is not much worse than the other two top powers outside the Winter Youxian Palace。