Gao Yang is still there,Wang Lin is as a north“Barrier”Existence。

to be honest,It is a watchdog that comes with dog food.。Higher ocean did not expect this to have more loyalty,I only hope that they will die in the Northern Week in Jingjing.。
In the heart, I didn’t see Wang Lin and others as it is.“Oneself”。
now,Watchdoor dog does not want“Watch door”NS,I still want to enter the yard or even enter the house.,Really there is this reason!
“This is not,Hou Jing’s things are not far away,Can you have a wolf??”
Yang Wei immediately stood out,Almost reached the point of conditional reflex。
For Hou Jing,Many ministers present in the scene are impressive。When Hou Jing is rampant,It’s just more than ten years.。In addition to Gao Bo Yi“New generation”outside,others,Who doesn’t know how Hou Jing is?
If it is not Hou Jing, the big Liang Guo is covered with a lot.,Now the two Huai area is still in the hands of Liang Guo.,Also, there is no matter what Chen Bao first.!
if that is the case,Strategic situation between countries now,It will also become completely different。
Yang Yu’s words,Although there is only one sentence,But this sentence“Wolf”,I have already said something very clear.。
They are the most fear of these civilians,Don’t worry that Wang Lin becomes North Qi“Houjing”NS。and,I can’t do it, Wang Lin will also be a enhanced version of Hou Jing.。
Why do you say this??
Because Hou Jing is very roughly,but,Wang Lin, is very attractive.。Compared with Hou Jing,,Wang Lin personal credit is very good,Take the next body Huainan Water Piece,I recognize him for the boss.。
Not like the army,More like a community。
This organization structure,There is a very strong life in the underlying folk。you can say so,Wang Lin is going to do things,His energy is absolutely stronger than Houjing!
Especially his origin,Naturally, I am not dealing with the family.,At that time the vibration arm,I don’t know how many slaves have to kill the owner.,Participate in his army。
By the time,The grand occasion is absolutely more than Hou Jingn。
Own“Class stand”Convinced,Yang Wei’s words are completely gold jade,People standing here listening to him,There is a calculation,I should listen to his opinion.。
“I saw Wang Lin in Jingjing.,It is a modest gentleman,Have a letter。Yang Zaun said that he will be the second of Houjing.,I am afraid that some words are exaggerated.。”
Gao Baoyi, of course, what is the meaning of Yang Wei?,Just can’t tell this,It’s okay to say it.。
“Large manager,This is not a joke,If those messy soldiers entered the hinterland of Qi,Grab the burning all the way,I am afraid that it is difficult to curb it.。”
Yang Wei at this time,Compromise in the day of the day is completely different,Almost inch。
“Yup,Large manager,This matter must be careful,It’s better to go directly to Wang Lin.,Let him keep the portal in Jingjing.。”
The swallow is a big uncle standing at Yang Wei.。Or,In addition to Gao Bo Yi and his party feather,Everyone here will stand in Yang Hao。
Cake is only so big,More one more,Then you can share it.,This is a very simple truth。Whether it is for national security,Still for your own interests,No one will agree that Wang Lin enters the hinterland of Qi State。
Because this matter is for them,No benefits,Instead, the risk is very large.,Paying with harvest。North Qi is a high-quality,Even a wild homes,However, it will never be their。
This is like this.,Most“Worker”,Will not take the company’s things as their own things,Unless you are the boss。
“Too,Wang Lin is suspicious,but,If the other party is really attached,We are ignored,So how will people see us in the world??
If there is a thorn history in the future, it is attached to us.,See what we are now,Will it be cool??
At the scene,Take care of yourself,Regardless of state affairs!
Please pay too much!”
Gao Bao,Argade。
“Please pay too much!”
The minister also begged。
This is stissible。