The healthiest sunscreen method for green tea skincare

The healthiest sunscreen method for green tea skincare

Various researches on the benefits of green tea for health are constantly being developed.

A study in the United States points out that catechins in green tea have a strong antioxidant function. After applying skin care products containing green tea ingredients to the skin, unless exposed to intense sunlight, the skin will be sunburned, loosened and roughThe peroxide is reduced by about 1/3.

  The scientists asked the testers to apply catechins extracted from green tea and a placebo without any effect, and then exposed them to the sun. As a result, the skin damage of the former group was less severe.This proves that the ingredients in green tea have sun protection.

Another study showed that if it is possible to place green tea, it will have the same sun protection effect as applying green tea skin care products.

  Herborist Cleansing and Beauty Tai Chi Clay Green Tea Skin Care is rising around the world at the same time. Several major cosmetic brands have launched their own tea series skin care products.

The tea series skin care products launched by many brands are made by extracting and concentrating these two main ingredients in tea and adding active auxiliary ingredients.

The purified and activated antioxidant molecules in green tea skin care products have dozens to dozens of times higher protection and repair ability than vitamin C and vitamin E, which can effectively replace the damage to the skin caused by the environment.

In addition, in addition to the above-mentioned beauty effects, green tea itself also has gentle cleaning, anti-fire, anti-inflammatory effects.

The men’s green tea aftershave lotion introduced by Shiseido in Japan exactly uses these effects of green tea, while preventing men’s minor wounds from shaving from infecting, at the same time toning, skin care, and anti-inflammatory cleansing effect.

According to consumers, Revlon’s green tea products in the United States use the cleansing function of green tea itself, no longer add saponin, and are soft, refreshing, fresh and natural when used.

  Asian brands were launched relatively early, and the market response was relatively good.

For example, the green tea series of South Korea’s DE-OPROCE company, the green tea aftershave launched by Japan’s Shiseido, and the green tea cleansing cream of Shu Uemura, Japan are all well received by consumers.

Recently, European and American brands have also launched green tea skincare series, the United States’ Mizuo H2O green tea antioxidant cream, essence, and the world’s top brand French Lancome company’s green tea beauty series.