Getting a good nap is good

14 Jan

Getting a good nap is good

Getting a good nap is good

In the traditional way of keeping in good health, it is considered that a good night’s sleep is one of the important health treasures.

It is required to fall asleep at noon every day at noon. The main principle is to “sleep a lot at noon and take a nap at noon.”

  According to the sleep theory of the classic book of the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine, the child hour is from 11 pm to 1 am, when the qi is strongest and the yang is weak.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “Yang qi is lying down.” At this moment, rest and sleep are the best, and the quality of sleep is the highest, which can exert the effect of doing more with less.

  Noon is from 11 noon to 1 pm. At this time, the Yang Qi is the most abundant, and the Yin Qi is weak.

However, the work efficiency is usually highest when the yang is strong, so the lunch break is mainly a “rest”, as long as half an hour.

Because siesta are too long, it will disturb the body clock and affect night sleep.