Shanxi focuses on network freight "big platform"

  Original title: Our province has strive to create a network freight "big platform" to empower digital logistics, accelerate the industry interconnection.

On December 18, China Taiyuan · 2020 National Network Freight Assembly was held, experts from national transportation, logistics, manufacturing, etc. At the meeting, the Shanxi Transition Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone Management Committee was awarded the Shanxi Network Freight Digital Industrial Park.

  In recent years, our province has attached great importance to the development of the logistics industry and the construction of the modern circulation system. Logistics new state development.

  The conference is "empower digital logistics, accelerating industry interconnection" as the theme, focusing on "Science and Technology Assistance Logistics Industry Transformation" The depth link is new to new opportunities and new development brought about traditional logistics development.

The on-site, the keynote speech, the policy interpretation, industry experts share, corporate experience sharing, the billing ceremony, etc., inviting industry weight guests to attend the meeting, and discuss in depth around hot topics, in order to promote network freight development. It is reported that this year, Huayuan International Luang Group has revised policy opportunities around the provincial government, and jointly launched the National Network Freight Digital Industrial Park, which provides a high-quality network. The freight system provides advanced business supervision platforms based on block chain technology, providing one-stop integrated park service for network freight enterprises and industrial chain service enterprises in the industrial park, and focusing on building the North China Network Freight Industry Cluster. With one-stop full-chain service, Shanxi Network Freight Digital Industrial Park has attracted a number of companies to settle in.

  On the same day, the General Assembly also lived on the logistics salon, 56 live broadcast, Yunxian Media, etc., so that more corporate guests share the results of the conference.

(Reporter Liu Ruiqiang).