“senior,Thank you for your help。”

“Thank you senior~”About 30 meters beside Li Ming,An empty space suddenly distorted,Was previously‘Old man with white hair’Where did the two purple mansion monks who attacked and killed their heads appear alive?。
“Master Xie!”Compared to the man in the armband, he was a little staggered because of the influence of the magic,These two practitioners know this better‘senior’Strength。
Formation,Very mysterious,Easily forged the illusion that they were killed,The senses of the three-headed zombies are distorted,Even more covert his breath and easily fooled a real Vientiane person。
Personal strength,It’s even a direct fight against the Tianxi City Lord in the Vientiane Realm,How dare you not fear this terrible strength。
Don’t mention,He was indeed saved by the other party。
“This is not a place to talk,Don’t resist~”
Li Ming waved his hand,The body of Tianxi City Lord and many treasures around him were put away,At the same time, the divine sense seeps into the treasure,Keep destroying the possible spiritual imprint。
Then a white cloud condensed by starlight appeared,Bring these three Zifu monks,There is also a blood hoof package lying on the side,Fly directly to the northeast。
A few minutes later,A robe,The old man of Xianfeng Dao Bone appeared in Tianxi City。
The monks of the Long clan flew out one after another,Meet the supreme existence of the Long clan。
Even Saito,Will not completely offend the strong,Yuanshen Taoist,Long’s ancestor,Longzong Valley,Gu Daoren!
“You all come in,Tell me how Elder Tianxi died!”This Yuanshen Taoist flew into the mansion of the city lord of Tianxi City。