It’s autumn,I have another dragon pet!

I want the guardian to know what Zhu Minglang is thinking at this time,I’m afraid I’ll be furious。
The whole Nan family has worked hard for so many years,Only produced so little holy dew,Every copy is worth a lot,Pour the whole pig into the mouth,Can be a dragon!
Otherwise, why is the man Nan Taigong so old?,Still refuse to let go of the ownership of this century-old Saint Lu,To participate in the plan to defeat Li Yunzi?
First114chapter Li Xinghua
A few days before departure,Zhu Minglang simply stayed in this sacred forest of silver fir,The main thing is to train Black Mosasaur and Shenmu Qingshenglong。
Big Black Fang ate a dragon master class dragon soul orb,After nearly a month of digestion,It’s now a dragon general,And grow dark thunder scales!
Dark Thunder Scale is very special,When the Black Mossaurus body was attacked by an enemy,Will absorb most of the energy,Concussions including collisions will be absorbed by Dark Thunder Scale,Then will give the black mosasaur a heavy horn、paw、tail、Dark thunderstorm blessing on various parts such as the back……
This caused thunderstorms to occur in every part of Black Mossaurus,The power is naturally terrifying!
Besides,Big Black Fang comprehended the ancient dragon’s combat skills,Blood of fierce bravery。
This is a powerful ability that makes Gulong more and more courageous。
Tyrannosaurus is a top predator,When they maintain a high-pitched fighting posture,The blood will continue to increase its flow,Will keep boiling,Will gradually awaken their ancient will to fight,At the same time, the full potential is completely released in the fight。
Every time I tear an enemy’s wound,Smell the blood,Will make Tyrannosaurus a point。
Self-injured,Blood loss,Will make Tyrannosaurus a point better than before。
Constant battle,Constant killing,Conquer all surrounding organisms,Maintain the aura of the highest predator and Longwei,It will also boil the blood of fierce courage in Tyrannosaurus,Make power、defense、speed、reaction、Self-healing、Combat skills、A burst of capabilities!
As long as it doesn’t die,Just getting stronger!